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  1. How is Laurence Maroney an All-Time Pats RB? He hasn't really done that much at all, and is above average at best so far. Corey Dillon should easily beat him out.
  2. holy shit, you didn't obnoxiously put "sup" at the end of your post.
  3. I'm sorry, I don't consider you to be a good christian and a "true believer" if you are a hypocrite, a liar, a complete asshole, or any kind of general scumbag. I have plenty of religious friends and family, and they're all good people (and by religious, I mean that they understand their religion, and don't worship just because god told them to after they supposedly did lots of drugs). You have absolutely no fucking right to criticize someone's "lame excuse" if you don't know their situation. You are a racist, a douchebag, and a hypocrite. Player haters killed Sean Taylor? Are you serious? Did you even see the news or read the paper? And in response to your coast-to-coast traveling statement, the only reason one could have run into a lot of "player haters" is by being a dick. It's nearly a universal law in the US... you leave people alone, they leave you alone, unless you're not white or straight.
  4. Why do you pretend to be this holier than thou christian, if you say shit like that? That's just fucking stupid and insensitive. Beef's left testicle has done more for tecmo under less ideal circumstances than your idiotic roms ever have/will.
  5. Once an editor is out, I'm probably going to pump out my own post-season hack... I mean, I did the O ratings here, but it's not my typical style. Plus I enjoy rating the entire thing Ed and I were also kicking around the idea of running the first automated 32 team rom online league... we'll see if we get time though.
  6. Hester being better than 19re makes absolutely no sense at all. That's like saying that Willis Mcgahee should have 56 rec because he can actually catch... what about Bo Jackson having 19re on the original? I'm sure he can catch better than that... While we're at it, we should give Vince Young 63ms and Dante Hall 69ms.
  7. I think incorporating a fully featured play editor would be the hardest part (with graphics as a close second)... otherwise, everything else seems straightforward. I know most people wouldn't care for a play editor (I've given up on that stuff... too many variables to control), but an easy graphics editor would be nice.
  8. Heard that Ed is working on something for rosters... I was thinking about functionality for one big editor package. Some things that would be cool and/or necessary: - Team (colors, abbrev/ club name, etc) and roster editor - Schedule editor - Sim data editor - Graphics editor (menus, helmets, whatever else) - Playbook and play editor
  9. cx, you wouldn't be able to eventually stuff another team in there, would you? (kind of kidding, kind of serious)
  10. Thanks to everyone that helped with the project, especially the guys that got it going after the ratings were completed... BoFB (Defensive ratings) Cxrom (Rom hack and editing, playtesting) GRG (Graphics) Me (Offensive ratings) MrBeef (Project Manger ;-p, playtesting) MrNFL (Tweaking/updating of final rosters) Slim (Use of webspace for organizing) TomTupa (Roster updating and playtesting) Congrats to everyone; I can't wait to get this rom on a cart.
  11. Drummer, you should be a god fearing christian for halloween. I'm going as a jedi, my friend is jesus, and my other friend is mozart. The 3-some should be pretty fun. I just got a sweet lightsaber.
  12. I really don't know how to reply to that post. I think it speaks for itself.
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