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  1. 2018 Tri-Cities Tecmo Training Camp With the sun shining bright, and fresh air circulating the dessert region of Pasco, two teams opted to hold a best-of-three indoor-stadium air-conditioned exhibition series, to let some of the stallions out of the stable to stretch their legs. Coach Fairfield’s staff provided refreshments, and hosted team lunch and dinner for the visiting Coach Rifle and, what some say is, an over-paid squad of misfits. Boasting the 3rd highest paid linebackers, the 2nd highest paid QB in B.Ko$ar and “Mr.Money” himself, Bruce $mith ($7, #1 paid DL), the Chargers management has dumped money where other CFT teams, strategically, would not. On the training facilities, the Oilers cruised to a 35-16 Game 1 victory. A John Stephens injury may have cost Coach Randy’s team the series clincher, as Stephens was poised to have a big series running, catching and providing special teams contributions at both returner positions. The RB went down in a 28-21 loss to San Diego in Game 2, however, Randy guaranteed Stephens would be ready for the CFT season opener. The final training camp game closed off with Coach rdelifriaf converting on a 4TH&10 after 4 consecutive blitzes from the Polish Rifle, to get him within FG range. Bill “Worth the Money” Romanow$ki was just an inch short from his 3rd block of the game, when his team needed it the most on a 36 yard-attempt. Thus concluded the 2018 Tri-Cities Tecmo Training Camp (TTTP): HOU-SD Game 1 : 35-16 Game 2: 21-28 Game 3: 23-21
  2. Polish Rifle

    Stepping down

    Thanks guys. Love the HSTL and will be checking the boards as I look for the appropriate time to return.
  3. Polish Rifle

    Stepping down

    Unfortunately, I have to step down as the Brown's owner. I have been away from home for 6 weeks trying to keep up with the league but today is the first time I've been on a computer in almost two weeks. It's not fair to the other owners and I apologize to anybody who has been trying to get on a schedule with me. I tried my best to make this season happen but I knew it'd be a tough summer for gaming for me. Thanks everyone for the fun and I hope to rejoin when I get to Hawaii (home) later this year.
  4. Polish Rifle

    THE PEOPLE's Court - Oilers vs Steelers Desynch

    Welcome to my world...
  5. Polish Rifle

    HSTL 25 - SIG WARS

    Is the weakest year for sigs?
  6. Polish Rifle

    Easiest/toughest division

    We had three playoff teams in the AFC Central last year and I don't really look forward to playing Randy and daboys twice every season. Brad isn't an issue.
  7. Polish Rifle


    Posted at 2:39pm. Hahaha, that was awesome! I knew there was a reason you chose me as your best man for your wedding. Great minds think alike!
  8. Polish Rifle


    I'll play you Thursday when I go over to visit Randy. I play better with an audience.
  9. Polish Rifle


    Like I said Brad, don't start with me. You'll quickly find that I have all my bases covered and my claim that you're a liar will continue to be justified. I'll give you one more piece of evidence: 1st Offense - Warning zack 2nd Offense - Drop of five slots in next season's draft 3rd Offense - Trip to the back of the line for next season's draft picks 4th Offense - Forfeiture of playoff eligibility and/or boot 5th Offense - Mahatma Ghandi, Crocodile Dundee, and Djiboutied Where is my warning Brad? I can't see it. Please help me out.
  10. Polish Rifle


    You were not on at 7pm last Tuesday. I refrained from calling you a liar in my last post and just went the respectable route. Please don't go to battle with me. It's not worth my time or worth your reputation.
  11. Polish Rifle


    ????? I was on the last time we agreed on and even left you a message. Anyway, I'm sensing that you are wanting to be abrasive. Since you don't want to work with me, I'll see you when I see you.
  12. Polish Rifle


    You got a time for me in the next couple days for a double-header?
  13. Polish Rifle


    After 7pm EST
  14. Polish Rifle


    How is tomorrow looking? I'm pretty open.
  15. Polish Rifle

    Week 1: Jets @ Browns

    I agree. Fun times Bob.