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  1. Freeman McNeil, rb
  2. John Williams, RB SEA
  3. Jacob green,rufus porter, Eugene robinson
  4. Howie long, Riki Ellison, mike harden
  5. PHX OL, Garth Jax and Tim Mcdonald
  6. Group P Red won Toss He chose GIA/BUF I chose GMEN I won 28-14. We weren't able to connect and the game desynched, but we pushed through. Some big plays by QB Bills and a goal line stop helped the Gmen seal it.
  7. Discord Handle: MattyD Best time for you to play (eg. evening after 8EST, weekends, etc): Evening 7-10 EST Can you commit to playing 3 games in 10-12 days starting 2/15 (Y/N): Y Any planned vacation/travel between 2/15-3/31 which will prevent games being played?: No
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