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  1. Colts take DET DL/ Hou K
  2. Colts Select: KC QB/ PHI WR
  3. Colts Select: Broncos LB's/ Pats DB's
  4. 1. Discord Name: MattyD 2. Can you host? Not yet- working on it 3. Team preference (list 3 teams). Colts, Giants after that-doesnt matter
  5. MattyD (Pats) vs Hoff (Colts) Hoff chooses Colts, I won toss Final: Pats: 24 Colts: 6 GL to all in Thunderdome
  6. MattyD Not sure if I can host.. Ha vent played online in forever Est 7-10 pm Any time Fridays
  7. I am tinkering towards the yes side right now to coming to this.
  8. I wish! I will only be there Saturday, though :( I still want to team up to do that at some point!
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