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  1. Love to see if you have any interest in compiling TSB 1994-2010? I'd be willing to paypal some $$ for your time.

    1. broncofan7


      Hello QBVikings. I'm willing to pay you $600.00 via paypal if you produce the TSB juiced versions for 1994-2010. I have enjoyed your work myself and now I am sharing it with my 7 year old son. Thank you for your efforts.  

      Warm regards,


    2. qbvikings


      Hi Brian, thank you! I really appreciate it. I have 1994 started and about half way done. My issue is that my business takes all my time these days. I will try to get back to 1994 and a 2017-18 rom by the end of summer but can't make any promises. Thanks and everything I do on these is for FREE.

    3. broncofan7


      Well I'd like to reward you somehow for your time and effort. It's truly created hours of enjoyment for my son (and especially me!)