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  1. Maybe take something from Madden and assign potential. A potential - 1st Round picks B - 2nd & 3rd C - 4th & 5th D - 6th & 7th F - Undrafted So the random number you'd choose would be greater depending on draft position. I'd just make everything decline unless there's some general intelligence/IQ/awareness rating, that should go up with time (can't remember if this is in Tecmo or not, guessing not) Peak age for all positions would be 30 and the decline would start after 30. Brady would be an extremely rare case, one that would be tough to simulate. Runningbacks would be different. Their peak age would probably be something like 26-27.
  2. I'd be willing to discuss it. I'm totally game. I've always wanted to take the original 1991 rosters, do watcher seasons (or pick a team and play) and work up til today. Have a nice fantasy league going with the greatest football game of all-time. I agree with your thought process. An example would be a guy like Joe Flacco. Came into the league as a stud and hasn't improved much since being a rookie, but has put up good numbers. I think the ran works, you just need to account for age somehow.
  3. I understand the idea, but what you actually did is what I don't understand. As for age, why not add/delete that to the ran #? You could sort all players by age and make sure the youngest got a bonus for their ran # and the oldest got a penalty against their ran #. If that makes sense...
  4. Yes, I am very interested. This is also how I was going to do progression. Is there a way you take age into account to make sure the players regress as they age and improve more when they're younger?
  5. @Neerm - I would get destroyed in a league, haha. I'd like to do it offline just as you said, but what utilities are good for this? What rules do leagues use for progression/regression that seems to work?
  6. I was thinking I could start with the initial rosters and go from there. The "AI" (me) after the season would draft the rookies and retire the veterans (delete players that really retired, introduce the rookies). I haven't thought of a way to use progression, maybe I just won't. Probably won't trade or try to attempt a salary cap. Has anyone had success doing this sort of thing? Or could point me to tools that would help? TIA
  7. I think that's EXACTLY what I had downloaded before. Thanks a ton!
  8. At one time I had downloaded Tecmo Super Bowl and had all these teams from '67 to today. I'm sure it's still somewhere but I haven't found it after much digging. I remember playing this game as a kid and thinking how awesome it would be to trade Joe Montana to the Chiefs and things like that. Are there little programs out there that allow you to do such a thing? Also, has anyone made a progression/regression type system to simulate an NFL offseason? If you can't tell, I'm talking about using a CPU Rom and playing the game on my pc. Thanks if anyone can help direct me as I've been lost for a couple years now
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