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  1. hey Jeremy here from iowa are you doing tourney this year?  thanks

  2. hey, im old member looking to get back into leagues etc but i want to start with tpc first.  is there a tpc channel you can give me? i played for a couple of years then took break with kids etc and job.  im friends with a lot of guys on here and play live tourneys also hosted a tourney for a few years.  thanks


    also what other channels do i need to log into? does each league have their own channel?  thanks

    1. Hoff


      I see you're on discord so you're all set right?

      feel free to post on the HSTL wait list!


  3. if there is enough tecmo players ill play for sure.
  4. yea another great tourney guys, just wanted to thank everyone that drove especially! we had gerry from iowa city, luke and travis from nebraska, ira and excell from kc, and especially tom from minnesota. overall just a great bunch of guys at this years tourney. too bad i didnt play like last year but ira played a great tourney and played a lot of really tough competitors to win the 2nd title here at the venue. if i forgot someone that drove in sorry just wanted to say thank you for spending time and gas money on this event. means a lot to justin and I for sure.
  5. last year we got 24 exactly so double elimination was easy to do, if we get more this year probably do single elimination until final 8 or so then do double elimination, but we can play it be ear also, if i can get 3 more setups than last year we will have 11 stations to run games on then we probably could. pool play for sure to guarantee more games per person. also we might run calcutta auction for final 8 or so. hope to see you there should be fun..also we will have food but bring your own beer though. right now we have 11 signed up so far with over 2 months left until tourney...check out website I made, nothing special but shows past signups and registration page also... http://superiowatecmobowl.weebly.com/
  6. yea great tourney cant wait for next year...just a reminder justin and I are hosting in des moines on may 17 if you guys want to join. i think we will do the calcutta auction also, that was cool.
  7. yea that is a good idea, ill ask noonan also he lives in the area and maybe justin can drive down. but live practice is great. let me know what your thinking for place.
  8. hey guys just got back from harlan tourney this week, and we might try the calcutta auction at our tourney this year as well. here is how it works: last 8 players left in tourney we will stop play and have a bidding war per player...when a player wins the bid on that player say for 50 bux he owns him for rest of tourney and will split prize money with him but only if he matches half of what bid went for..for example Jeremy is player 1 and Pat who lost earlier in tourney won the bid for 50 bux..if jeremy chooses to pay half of the 50$ bid jeremy can claim half of what place i get..so if jeremy finishes first jeremy would get half of the purse for the first place finisher. we will pay out top 3 players for tourney and for calcutta. So at end of auction and all 8 players have a sponsor we will talley up all money and pay out 50% for first place, 30% for 2nd and 20% of pool for 3rd. so if a player does not match half of the bid he will not collect any money if he finishes in the top 3 but the sponsor or the person who won the bid will get all of the prize for that place. its really easy once we start doing it and will increase prize pool so i figured it will be worth it. what does everyone think?
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