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  1. Excellent !!. Thank you! . And again : AMAZING WORK!!
  2. Wow!! Amazing job there!! Almost Perfect...But I have to say it : WHERE IS MY CHICHARITO???
  3. 1. Something got screwed up there... Fixed! CFLrom - Working - Copy - Copy - Copy.nes 2. All Black?, well my advice would be: black& grey. There are many editors that can help you change the uniform's colors. I believe TSBM2000 has those 2 features (playbooks and uniforms). I am very stupid at pointing directions, but you can also search for TSB TOOL, and the TSB GENERAL MANAGER (java). Those are very useful tools for hacking what you want.
  4. Can conditions change during PRESEASON mode?
  5. The cursors for that screen start at offset: x215AE 03 02 2010 2090 2810 2890 3010 3090
  6. Ok, many threads in here often provide information which is very useful for hacking the TSB ROM. To do so, the author just needs to point an "offset address" and you can customize your ROM the way you like, based on the info. he is giving you. I think you already know how to look for an address in the rom's data, so: In order to change the background color of the MAIN MENU, I have this info: offset x1A850 changes the BG color of the Main menu (BOTH preseason and season menus) I will use FCEUX's Hex-editor to change the bg color. First I need to go to the address the author is pointing: x1A850 OK, It says 11, BUT what does that means??? To answer this question, first you need to understand that the game's data was stored inside "banks", let's say for memory purposes. This will give you a better picture of these banks I am talking about: http://tecmobowl.org/topic/11582-tecmo-nes-rom-mapping-project/#entry423556 Now, this table mentions that from offset 1A000 to offset 1C000 some graphic pointers are stored (It contains palettes data, to be more specific). Well, this table is very useful, cuz it indicates which type of data is stored inside these banks, so you can tell in advance, if you are looking for something at the right place or not... Well, now you know graphic data is allocated inside this specific bank (1A000-1C000). And I told you that this bank contains some palettes used in the game. But it does not makes sense, still... How does this value of "11" indicates that you are dealing with a color??, blue color exactly ??? Well, it actually makes perfect sense (at least for the programmers), but you dont have to worry cuz everything has an explanation. I am just going to say that NES programmers came with a simple way to standardize the color they could apply to any game: simple, right? 11 indicates it is in fact a blue color. Ok, now go to your editor at offset x1A850 and change the value "11" with any other color from the NES palette, lets say "27". If you go to your game's Main menu screen it will now look like this, cuz you changed its original color(11) to color #27: *Sometimes you need to reset your game in order to see the actual changes you've made happen. color#2B color#0F Now you can save the changes in your ROM and play it using any other emulator. To do so, use the "Save Rom As" feature on the File menu from your HEX-editor.
  7. I am going to make a couple of suggestions here (If I may): First, dont rush. We all started crawling at some point. That set of numbers you mentioned, would seem like a really big code to start with.... And: I recommend you to download FCEUX emulator (just because of its Hex-editor feature, among many other useful features, that will allow you to modify your ROM in "real-time") http://sourceforge.net/projects/fceultra/files/Binaries/2.2.1/fceux-2.2.1-win32.zip/download The way you use this feature is very simple, here is a little startup where you can actually see what's going on with your MOD: http://tecmobowl.org/topic/54998-removing-teams-from-a-rom/#entry361609 Maybe after watching you have actually changed something in your ROM, you can see almost everything is done the same way, and this will make things a lot easier.
  8. Sure, Here it is: ONEFA 2K2.nes I used the "10-teams-brackett" and then just removed the other 2 teams I didn't have the "star" icon problem at all with that method....
  9. 2. "AFC" pointers (d3af): x1EFC0, 1EFC6, 1EFCC "NFC" pointers (dcaf): x1EFC2, 1EFD8, 1EFDE
  10. Maybe this can be helpful: 1. For the Standings sequence after the "1991 Standings" (end of season) screen: You can input EAEAEAEAEA at each division's offset to avoid it from showing during that sequence: AE - x225FF, AC - x22604, AW - x22606 NE - x2260E, NC - x22613, NW - x22618 2. For the Division Standings : This TEXT: "EASTERN/CENTRAL/WESTERN" at x1eff5-1f00b, is "called-on-screen" by the 6 "pointers" at: 1. x1efc3-1efc4 (e5af)(corresponding Eastern-AFC) 2. x1efc9-1efca (edaf)(corresponding Central-AFC) 3. x1efcf-1efd0 (f5af)(corresponding Western-AFC) 1. x1efd5-1efd6 (e5af)(corresponding Eastern-NFC) 2. x1efdb-1efdc (edaf)(corresponding Central-NFC) 3. x1efe1-1efe2 (f5af)(corresponding Western-NFC) You will only be using EASTERN and WESTERN, so you will only use pointers e5af for EAST, and f5af for West. 3. I saw the wildcards often show the "star" icon, but I really dont know where did that "8teams-playoff" code came from, (starting at offset x23208, it used to be stored the data about the Wild-cards, but you have a completely different code over there....). I used the "10 teams playoff bracket hack", and from there I just made the mods. to remove the 2 teams at the bottom, to have a 8 teams playoffs (semi-finals), but I set the number of wildcards starting at that offset, so I can't really help you with this issue.... 4. There is a code that was also used for the 32-teams rom, where you could set both conferences to have 16 teams, however I cant find that code right now. (Maybe if you follow the pointers that were set for that code.... somewhere around offset 2CCB0) Anyways, I had this for the ProBowl teams: x20CC0 - (0D) is the number of slots (TEAMS) you can move to the LEFT x20CCA - (0E) is the number of slots (TEAMS) you can move to the RIGHT Cuz I dont have the info. of where this value (14 teams) is allocated on the og. rom....
  11. If you are trying to create a custom rom with 24 teams, you should really use TheRaja's method: http://tecmobowl.org/topic/54998-removing-teams-from-a-rom/ That way you won't screw any other menu, and you can change all the teams data using an editor. (hex editing too, of course). Here is a the link for a 24 teams' mod, based on all his posts: http://tecmobowl.org/topic/58392-need-some-help/#entry388348
  12. The easiest way to get rid off the helmets, is to match each team's palette with the background (make every color from those palettes black = 0F). To do so, just input "0F" from offset: x23D79 to offset x23E58. (that will take care of the first 28 teams). If you are using a 32 teams rom, input "0F" from offset: x23FF0 to x2400F. (that will turn every color of those palettes to black): After that you will see this has happened with your Team Data screen: The "TM" will still be there, BUT You dont want to mess up with that palette, so you will have to remove that mark "graphically" (using a Tile editor program). If you have used a Tile editor before, you probably know where the Big helmets are stored inside the rom's graphic data: Remove those tiles (delete them or cut them away) and save your rom. Now all you will see on Team Data menu is a black area, that has replaced the original Helmet templates (including the match-up screen at the start of every game):
  13. Wow! 32 Teams!. . Hey Man your 80's ROM is just amazing!! Thanks for making it!
  14. The main idea was to give "home field advantage" for the 1st-seed (32 Teams rom only). Tecmonster suggested to change the order within the Bracket. However this is only a partial solution, cuz we havent messed with the Pre-game screens yet (for it to make complete sense). I think the 28 teams rom is correct the way it is, isnt it?. I am asking because I really dont know. (of course those locations were pointed for the 32 teams. The 28 teams rom has different locations for them)
  15. Please elway, dont get me wrong here, what you are saying about having 3 Teams in a Division is totally correct: here you have a Division with 3 teams. If I were ghost, I couldnt be more grateful with you, just for taking your time. However, He is also concerned about this issue: This screen still shows some "removed" teams. (Even if you erase the name and helmet) Again, I am not trying to be "cocky" or something like that, your Mod works just fine. In the thread you pointed to, TheRaja explained to me which is the best way to remove teams from a rom. His method: remove teams from either ends (starting from the first team, or from the last team). This because it works for both screens: Rankings and Standings. The first thing you should probably consider to do, is what TheRaja mentioned: First re-assign all your teams and remove all the "unwanted" ones (depending on the number of teams you want to include in your rom) to form a "block" (a sequence with no "blank teams" in between). In other words, if you are planning to make a 20 teams rom, you might want to remove the last 8 teams for this purpose (or the first 4 teams and the last 4 teams, so that you don't mess up with the Standings/Playoffs so much). Jstout came up with a code for having 3 teams in a division working properly (graphics and everything). It works as follows: At offsets: x22FB6 - 22FD6 input the following code: EAEAEAEAEAEAEA A590C9 03 F007A5 9D A2 03 20CCAF201EA8A901209ACCA5901869 2D I am not the right person to explain this code properly, so perhaps someone with the knowledge will be able to. Then you can go to the Team setup for the Standings screen, at offset x23F6D (3F79B for the 32 teams rom) Where it reads: 00 05 05 04 09 05 0E 05 13 05 18 04 . Green values represent the number of teams each division has (the black values are for the first team of each division). The code made by jstout will only let you have 3 or 4 teams. So now you MUST input a value of 3 or 4 (not 5 anymore, or it will show a black screen) If you want to remove a team, BUT you don't have the right sequence for the teams, as The Raja mentioned, YOU WILL STILL SEE That team on the RANKINGS screens. Even if you remove that team from every game in the Schedule. For example you can remove the Jets from the Standings screen if you input the value 04 at offset x23F6E, However it will still be shown on the Rankings menu like this : ...even when the Jets didnt play a single game The 3 teams code still needs some graphic tweaks. So at offset x1F00E input this code: 61EBB0FC18B08261CBB08281B0B082A1B0B082C1B0B082E1 and at offset x1F08C, input this code: EB1423FF This will fix the Graphics for the Standings Menu: and you can make it 3 teams as well:
  16. If you wanted to make some new Rosters (using TSB TOOL) , Yes you must start inputting data from the Dolphins. FIRST 8 TEAMS were moved 1 slot down. Team showed as Dolphins on the TSB TOOL will be Team 00 (Bills in the rom). (dont even bother to modify the data of the team showed as the Bills, since that data wont be showed while playing the game) You must finish editing by inputting the data from the Colts over the team showed as Texans. (Texans' data will be overwritten, so yes you can place their data over the first team if you like..)
  17. I see the point in your comment about TSB TOOL. I also didnt know how to change Team´s names with it. (I cant tell if this is even possible with this tool..) However there are some other tools/editors that can help you with this. Sorry I am not able to link them, but I guess you can find them very easily. TSB Manager for Windows is probably one of the first tools created for editing TSB rom. (Mainly for names, uniform colors, and player's attributes.) General Manager for TSB is a Java based tool (I think this works on Mac and Linux too) used for the same purpose. I dont think any of these editors support the 32-Teams rom. Anyway they can help you with the first 28 pointers..
  18. I know there is a thread about the Pointers for this section (TEAMS' NAMES), but I dont know why the search for my browser sometimes freezes, So I could not find it in the Docs-Directory either. I think we all got used to the TSB-TOOLS/EDITORS, since they do all the dirty work for us. I dont have to worry about these pointers anymore. You also can trust all these editors when you want to change something within this section of the rom. These Editors help us creating some pointers "automatically". And most of these tools have been programmed so that you can not make mistakes when inputting the names. This means some editors wont let you "exceed" the "allowed" number for name's characters, simply because they will crash the game at some point. (If memory is exceeded or something like that..) Or maybe because the game was just not programmed that way: You can see here that you can input a longer name, But it just doesnt make sense ON SOME OTHER SCREENS: The game was programmed so that only 3 characters appear "correctly" on this screen. The pointers for this section are just above the offset you mention: They start at offset x1FC10, where it says $F0 BC. F0BC is the pointer for offset x1FD00. As you can see, pointers in this section "point" to their corresponding offset just by: 1. switching the bytes from the pointer: F0 BC -> BCF0, 2. then add the HEX value of 14010: BCF0+14010= 1FD00. Now at offset 1FD00 is located the first "text" that the rom will read for this section, which is "BUF." Right after the first pointer, comes the second pointer, it indicates F4BC, which points to offset 1FD04. On the "TEXT-window" from your HEX-Editor it reads "IND." Now The lenght of these words is determined by the pointers themselves: if you have F4BC (IND) and you have F0BC (BUF) You can see each pointer has a lenght of 4 characters; (BCF4 - BCF0 = 04) This means the game will read only 4 characters (letter, number, period, commas, etc) and then go to the next name to repeat the procedure. The important thing here is that you to know that the game reads THE POINTERS first to know the lenght of each text. Because as you can see the "CITY NAMES" (starting at offset 1FD7C with "BUFFALO") are no longer 4 characters each. The LENGHT is based on the "difference" of 2 "consecutive-pointers": If you want to change the length of the text BUFFALO you will first need to know its location. (you know that your TEXT-Window will show the offset just by clicking the first letter of your text): This text: "BUFFALO" is located at offset x1FD7C, which means by reverting the process that the "pointer" you shall find is: 2. Substract hex14010: 1FD7C -14010= BD6C, 1. switch resulting bytes: BD6C -> 6C BD. This is the pointer that determines the text location: 6CBD. * (You can go to offset x1FC10 and "search/find" this pointer) it is located at offset 1FC50. Now if you wanted to make text "BUFFALO" longer, simply add the number of letters you need to the NEXT/FOLLOWING POINTER. which is 73BD at offset x1FC52. I will re-name my city "BUFFALOES" so I will need 2 more letters: It read 73BD (which was the pointer to start reading the next team: "INDIANAPOLIS"), but since I will be needing 2 more characters for BUFFALOES, it will now read 75BD. Then write "BUFFALOES" on the TEXT window. **BUT by adding 2 characters to your first city, you also "shortened" the next city by 2 characters: You will need "adjusments" for ALL THE REST OF THE TEAMS. This is why TSB-EDITORS are so widely used!.
  19. I am almost certain there was a 2000 season rom with 30 Teams with 3 Divisions per conf. around here somewhere. (I searched some posts, but I just couldnt find it) If someone can point to a direction to this 30-Teams rom, it would be really appreciated. Now, If you want to create a 31 teams rom (by removing the Texans) you will find some issues when trying to re-arrange the 3 NFC Divisions, because of the Standings' screen, which means you will need to have a Division with 6 teams. Yes, you can easily remove the Texans, the way The Raja explained in his thread: The easiest way to remove teams from a rom, is starting either from the teams at the top or at the bottom. (in this case the Team to be removed is in the AFC, so you would be starting with the first/top team: The Bills) Then move all teams´data 1 slot down to fit the new setup (to include all the screens/menus of the game). However you would still need to make some "graphic tweaks" in order to have a correct Standings screen with only 3 teams (taken from jstouts rom). Anyway this New setup still can not represent the 2000 season (with 3 divisions). Probably the hardest thing to do then, will be Re-schedule, to reflect the season you want to. But if you use the TSB-TOOL, you will get this done in no time. I dont know if you can have a Division with 6 teams at all, but here is a rom with 31 Teams (Texans being removed): TSB 2007-31.nes *First 9 TEAMS have been moved 1 slot down. ( first team is unreachable now , but its data is still there)
  20. But I have tested it again today, and it still has an "effect" only on the Starters team. I agree with Tecmonster when he says this hack is huge, so dont get me wrong: As he mentioned before, if you give your QB1 a "high percentage" of getting injured, and he actually gets injured, you have to substitute him, but the QB2 will keep having the same value as QB1 ( he will "inherit" his percentage and therefore, he will be injured "very probably" too). You can act like if nothing had happened though.. That is really not the problem, the problem comes when you "change players" and put your RB3 as a starter (instead of RB1), so if RB1's injury-percentage is high (FF, gets injured very often), as explained before, RB3 will inherit his injury-value. Now, the real problem is that when the "Member change" screen is shown (after RB3 gets injured) the player injured is actually RB1!! He was not even on the field!!. This will continue happening to every player that takes the place of the Starter RB1, they will still get injured all the time, although they will never "actually" get injured ¿¿?? Same happens the opposite way (if a starter has an injury-value of 00)
  21. I remember I was working on the NCAA rom for this year, when I found these: I am really not a big fan of this NEW HELMET, I liked way more the "OLD-Fashion" helmets. Anyway, I came up with the "REVO Speed" design: Revo Speed.nes With some graphic tweaks, you can have all of your Teams to use this Revo Template (like I did with my mod): ONEFA 2K2 v.14.nes
  22. Does this apply to PR as well?, Or we still use this? http://tecmobowl.org/topic/7010-qb-and-punt-returner-ball-control/#p61757
  23. http://tecmobowl.org/topic/11820-adding-stats-to-the-end-of-quarters/?hl=stats Yes, I think there are many IN-GAME-PLAYBOOK patches. I cant seem to find out where it came from but it was called main.nes, (the first version caused non-stop "beeping" and "jumbled" graphics, although it sure worked fine). I dont know why non of these versions exit the Playbook-menu with the B-button, like all of the other menus. Here is a patch that works with the "B-Button" : IN-GAME-PLAYBOOK B.rar Dokilen, when I wanted to make a 25-TEAMS ROM, The Raja helped me a lot. Maybe he can help you too, since you seem to be creating a Fantasy MOD as well. Here is a 24 TEAMS ROM based in his ROM (in which you can see more clearly what he modified) (It also has both, the IN-GAME-PLAYBOOK patch that Dusto pointed earlier, and the HALFTIME STATS): 24 Teams.nes
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