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  1. I thought the format was great... Joe took allot of time breaking things down and getting pretty dam good match-ups... I think it was a great idea on his part... If Randy feels some of the match-ups are a little off he should give his input on the matter because he knows the game well so his input could be helpful... One thing about the match-ups is you can roll again if both players felt a particular match-up was bad... So both players had to agree... There is no way to always have a statistical advantage ... At some point no matter what format you use odds will be against you statistically....
  2. Hey nice write-up! That was a fun tourney... Another Castle was saying there planning on another tourney sometime in the near future....
  3. Tecmo Super Bowl 2 is a solid game head to head.... I like it WAY better than Tecmo Super Bowl 3 which was way to offensive ... Tecmo 2 you can lock it down pretty good... JUST don't put season trade mode on because for what-ever reason the game get's really offensive when you do that, It's almost like some kinda glitch... You can play 3 years season mode no problem and it play's great but just leave trades OFF... Take it from me because I've played about 50 seasons in that version... It's by far my favorite version other than 8 bit Tecmo Super...
  4. SNES all the way.... I had both and the Super NES version is the one you want...
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