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  1. DamPenguin

    Change touchbacks to 25 yardline

    For me this SET command was placing the touchback for P1 at the 23 yard line. Used: SET ( 0x25077, 0x38 ) Now it is on the 25 yard line.
  2. DamPenguin

    Game Clock - Start/Stop Logic

    Just a friendly bump. Was hoping that bruddog or one of the other great hackers could get it working for the P1 side as well. (Where the clock begins to run once the returner receives the ball).
  3. I've been working on this for some time now and thought I would post it to hopefully save any interested some time. Basically by using BAD_AL's TSBTool Supreme you can cut and paste team info to place the teams of your choice into your rom. Here are some important things to take into consideration before using these spreadsheets: * I chose players by their professional prowess rather than what they did in college (with a few exceptions; i.e. Nile Kinnick, Doc Blanchard, Bo Jackson, etc.) * I did not make any adjustments to the SIM ratings. Hope you guys enjoy! TSB NCAA Alumni Teams.xlsx Default Ratings.xlsx
  4. Brud your awesome man!!! Thanx!!!
  5. DamPenguin

    Conditions Writer Beta Release

    I downloaded and when I tried to run the setup i get: Severe Error This trial installation has expired What am I doing wrong?
  6. Basically the hex codes and locations of the changes you ended up making for this to work right. Thanks!! or did you already post it in the original post??
  7. bruddog can you give us the details of the changes you did to get this to work? This is GREAT!!!
  8. DamPenguin

    Need help with NCAA Helmets...

    Thanks pambazos, honestly I'm just completely lost. I haven't the slightest clue about programing and hexidecimals, etc. All greek to me. My wife and two year old are taking a little vacation... maybe I'll be able to give it an honest crack during this time.
  9. DamPenguin

    Need help with NCAA Helmets...

    Thanks guys... I'll review the info and give it another shot, hopefully I can figure it out.
  10. DamPenguin

    TecmoBowl.org presents Tecmo Super Bowl 2013

    Excellent! Great work guys!!
  11. I'm currently working on two custom 28-team NCAA Roms and for the life of me can't figure out how to do the helmets. If someone could put the correct helmets into place I would greatly appreciate it and would even be willing to compensate you for the time and effort. You can PM me here or email me at: [email protected]