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  1. I've changed almost everything over to CLE-SEA/WAS-GB both visually and functionally. The only issue I have now is getting TEAM CONTROL settings to work because I have absolutely no idea how it actually works, but other than that, it works. Tecmo Super Bowl 16 Team 6-5-2019.nes
  2. I didn't even realize that the standings were displaying like that, and it was a simple too. I had to change x23F73 to 08 from 0C and x23F75 to 0C from 10. Now there is a slightly different issue with one team winning 2 duplicate divisions. Here is a shortened gif of what it looks like. It even plays the division cutscene twice over. I'll try changing the AFC and NFC and see what happens. Tecmo Super Bowl 16 Team 3-21-19 - Fix.nes
  3. I can't even begin to piece together how to change the entire playoff structure. I am just stumped.
  4. I've run into a slight issue with my base 16 team rom project involving the Playoffs. The problem I've encountered involves the calculations of 4 divisions in 2 division conferences going into an 8 team playoff. Instead of getting 2 division winners and 2 wild cards per conference, it makes 3 division winners and 1 wild card by including the 12 removed teams and 2 removed divisions from both conferences in the calculations. I've looked through resources on here and I've searched through both the CIFL and Buck's Tecmo Street roms for where the calculations are how I can modify them properly, but I haven't quite found the right fix for the issue. Every fix I've tried to implement has either broken the rom or caused the Bills to win multiple spots. I've included the latest working version of the ROM in this post. Any info will help. Tecmo Super Bowl 16 Team 3-21-19.nes
  5. I'm currently in the process of making base 16-team rom and I've run into some issues. I'm curious about how to fix the NFL Standings menu. It displays conferences and divisions for 28 teams, instead of 16, and the cursor is off track on invisible options. The only roms I've seen this menu work properly in are the CIFL and Street Tecmo roms, both of which I used to figure out how to get 16 teams. I can't quite find the fix for it and I've very unsure of where, or even what it is. I'd also like to know if there is a way to eliminate the Pro Bowl entirely. For another project where a Pro Bowl is unnecessary. Tecmo Super Bowl 16 Team.nes
  6. Is there any info for editing the original Tecmo Bowl such as graphics editing and pointers? I see plenty for TSB, but not the original.
  7. Tecmo Action Bowl 2014 View File The 8-bit version of the newest, hottest pro football league is here. Play as one of 28 teams from the Action Football Federation and go through the real 2014 AFF season with star players such as... *Javon Jackton II *"Action Bowl IV MVP" Darius Justice *Mitsuharu Kobashi *Charlie La Rousse *Victor Albelda *Jesse Martinez *Michael Conde * and more... This game hours of fun with 15-minute quarters of tecmo time. Hardcore ball attacking action for more fumbles. Tougher defenses and faster running backs for some real big time gridiron football. Get your copy NOW! Submitter Justice Weller Colde Submitted 08/09/2014 Category Misc. ROMs (NEW)
  8. Is there a way to make/control the rate of season ending injuries in Tecmo? I'm experimenting with ideas and I'm wondering a "Nuzlocke" type hack is possible.
  9. Blue Field code for TSBTool SET(0x1a171, 0x01) SET(0x2c0c5, 0x11) SET(0x2c154, 0x11) SET(0x2c422, 0x11) SET(0x1a015, 0x11) SET(0x1a105, 0x11) SET(0x1a10D, 0x11) SET(0x1a305, 0x11) SET(0x1a30D, 0x11) SET(0x1a2f1, 0x11) SET(0x1a2f5, 0x11) SET(0x1a2f9, 0x11) SET(0x1a332, 0x11) SET(0x1a335, 0x11) SET(0x1a0b1, 0x11) SET(0x1a0b5, 0x11) SET(0x1a016, 0x11) SET(0x1acc1, 0x11) SET(0x1acc5, 0x11) SET(0x1acc8, 0x11) SET(0x1acca, 0x11) SET(0x1acd1, 0x11) SET(0x1acd3, 0x11) SET(0x1a017, 0x21) SET(0x1acc3, 0x21) SET(0x1acca, 0x21) SET(0x1accc, 0x21) SET(0x1accf, 0x21) Blue Field.nes blue_field.txt
  10. Hipsters got into retro games and then this happened. The prices will drop when the fad dies out, which it already is starting to. Though, the very best games may still be a bit high in price after all this.
  11. Unfortunately, Tecmo Action Bowl 2015 is canelled due to data loss.

  12. I would totally love to see the names put on the bottom of the screen, that is one of the things that seems possible. On top of that, why doesn't anybody make a (PC) fan game where all this stuff is possible? tacomanarrows has these ideas that would fit well in a customizable Tecmo fan game rather than the real thing.
  13. TB.org's latest hack got featured on an episode of Continue? in a Super Bowl special and it looks like it was filmed before MAGfest (and before the conference championships.) Check it out. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWkkU5Xq6HI Edit: They filmed the other possible matchup anyway... >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_S5s75cfaiI
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