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  1. i am unable to open these ,,, I would need to buy a zip program. Do you know if the correct amount of teams are in each year? Im trying to have these put to cartridge.
  2. Are there any ROMs for 1996 to 2006 that have all the correct teams?
  3. Hi, im a rookie who just signed up for this tourny & have a question. Can I put a RB in a TE slot? Thanks Shawn
  4. Well I got 6 in 4 QTRs & won 63-3. He got 8 in 5 QTRs & tied 3-3.
  5. I have been playing TSB on cartridge since the game first came out & have 10 total carts of different season thanks to you guys in here! I just finished playing a 2015 regular season game between the Seahawks & Raiders. I was the Seahawks & was using the MLB Bobby Wagner all game & picked off Derek Carr "SIX TIMES"! In all my years I dont think I have ever had 5 picks in a game when controlling 1 player so I thought 6 was amazing. Is it amazing or has this been done by you guys on a regular basis? P.S. Im glad I came on here tonight because I just read there is a tourny in Buffalo which is 45 minutes from where I live in Canada. Calling work now to get the day off!
  6. awwww man, I should have put the candles there!
  7. I see the store for this website now sells the TSB 14 game on cartridge! That's awesome! I have the last 6 years on cartridge thanks to all the hard work from you guys, thank you. Do you see any chance you will ever be selling past years on cartridge here? I would like to own around 25 other years to add to my collection on cart. thanks
  8. Man vs man tie Man vs Com SNES is better , the Sega COM sucks
  9. Im a TSB player who only plays with cartridges. I have 2013 12 11 10 & 9 on cart along with the original. I want 1983 & 88 on cartridge along with tecmo 2008 which would be the 2007 season. I have a crappy pc that wont take the emulator so I cant test the roms here. Can someone confirm with me if there is a rom with correct teams schedule & rosters for the 82 88 & 2007 seasons. So I can tell Leon which ones they are & have them made. Thanks
  10. In the hacked early TSB remakes the 80s & early 90's games are the same season/year they say they are. So the 88 season has the 88 schedule & the players scores are according to how they played that season.
  11. I looked at that once. Can you save multiple seasons on it?
  12. I was 8 in 78 & didnt really start to follow the NFL till around 83. I was a CFL fan in 78,lol. I do like you Elway idea!
  13. Walker has a slight edge in his attributes!
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