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  1. Feel free to contact me I can make a rom for you that will be a start
  2. Ok here is what can happen if im reading you correctly, you and your pals could do a tecmobowl draft with whatever rosters you would like current or old depending on how you wanna do it. then I could build you that rom. From there you could assign teams or whatever then with a NES Emulator you could sim seasons. now the Story stuff and page you speak of would have to be your creation. Like maybe a word press page where you create storys and post things. but the Story stuff you speak about is not something that comes along without some work. There are several leagues in this community that do things similar to what your talking about but none of that is simmed.
  3. Ryan11p S.D. 21 Tundrayeti Den 7 I got the ball first turned it over on downs followed by a Elway INT to Byrd Butts runs hits a big run S.D. 7-0 Elway takes over but throws another int SD long td pass. SD 14-0 Half Den gets ball long td drive ending with a killer quick pass to Jackson. 14-7 SD SD gets ball hits another long pass to go up 21-7 that seals the game 21-7 SD GG Yeti
  4. Shallahbey 14 KC Ryan11p 40 CHI Shallahbey won the toss to pick matchup Had some luck early got a safety of on a called pass 4 First play on O Anderson scores KC scores then Bears pull away big with 2 more unanswered Bears get ball at half score again game gets out of hand. Happy to come off the the Prime beating with a good Bears showing!!
  5. Ryan11p [email protected] Can host M-F After 5pm cst Weekends open
  6. This is a hard question. Its a double edge sword more tournaments means more exposure. I think the key to this situation has already happen, Having Madison Majors puts up that boundary. Its getting to the point that the small tournaments feed the Majors. If all we had was the Madison Major tournament the Tecmo Numbers and Madison number would decline. I think we kinda need those little tournaments. An average or newer player may have some success at a smaller venue and then feed into the bigger ones. Without the little guys not sure we keep getting bigger and bigger numbers.
  7. Mort you have my number, im very close to chicago. Would love to hang with the chicago guys. Tom does such a great job with his videos and is also a baller at NBA Jam love. Either way im down
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