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  1. I am on and can play XFL

  2. When can you play ATA?


    1. drake


      prob tom night earlier in the eve…I'm just checking out right now

  3. Rich Gannon is Awesome
  4. I was able to get the letters that I needed using the format I posted for the rolling text at the end of the entrance video. Is this format for other text? Also thanks Buck for posting I have heard great things and appreciate you taking the time to help me out.
  5. Very new to editing and due to some very awesome ppl I think I'm progressing so thanks specifically to Jeff Stout, Matt Knobbe, Pambazo88, Brudog, and TSBGOD. Your patience and time are appreciated more than you know. So while Pambazo88 and Matt took a lot of time to explain and teach me to edit text such as the: 0x016B8E NFL SUPER PRO FOOTBALL large text Pambazo88 told be he didn't know of an alphabet posted so I figured why not post one. I use FCEUX and have had 0 luck getting NESticle to work. I found it irritating to find each letter via PPU viewer so I hope this is useful to others. I must say I don't know the whole thing but starting one seemed like a good idea for myself anyway. Please feel free to fill in the gaps if you know them. I will at some point finish the entire alphabet these are the letters I used making the current rom I am making for Bits & Glory. So the Format will be 1st Line is top of the letter and 2nd is Bottom of the letter A- D0D1 CACB B- C- D- E- C0C1 96AA F- C0C1 CAA4 G- 909D 9295 H- I- C4C5 C6C7 J- K- L- 8400 96AA M- N- 8C99 8E9B O- 9091 9293 P- Q- R- 94A9 8688 S- CC9D 9ECF T- D8D9 9ECF U- 8485 9293 V- DCDD DEDF W- X- A0A1 A2A3 Y- AOA1 DADB Z-
  6. Im using Fceux but when I put the code above in the hex finder it says no entry found? what am I doing wrong here ? nvm bru explained
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