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  1. Can we get a skin made for D. Cook since he's da man?! Ppl thought I was crazy for picking him over Barkley in my fantasy draft, but this kid has skillz.
  2. Rather see Dalvin Cook on the cover ;D
  3. Great tourney @SammieSmith33. I will uploads pics soon. Thanks for putting this on. Tin Shed Pizza is a great venue for tecmo
  4. Millard's Mayhem I at b dubs was epic. Kingsoby1 and Sconnie Ale both showed up. Both were old school online players from back in the day. See you guys tomorrow
  5. Tecmo bowl underway. NHL 94 and nba jam up next.
  6. @Knobbe can you pin this thread? Millard's Mayhem is the premier Minnesota Tecmo Super Bowl tournament. That will include a Mike Tyson's Punchout - side challenge and a TapOff mini tournament.
  7. I remember this league. Cool concept! I'm in.
  8. 17-0 NO over MIN @Barletti was sleepy. gg bud, you a live console beast! much respect. bit
  9. It would help bring in more players by offering a bounty on a few of the top players. That way you can show up and win some cash without making the finals. Just a thought.
  10. Thanks for hosting a great tourney @Beef Juice. Great to see everyone. Maybe we can try group play next year. I can always help with that part. Thanks to Darth for streaming. Until next time. Peace
  11. Im in AZ on vaca for 2 weeks. I'm going to plan a meetup one night if anyone wants to game. $20 entry. Date tbd but within 2 weeks.
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