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  1. I had a great time. Thanks for hosting Noonan and to everyone that helped out with equipment, stream, scores, ect.
  2. hank, i thought tsb.org showed me a notification that you PM'ed me, but I dont see any messages

  3. PM me if you want to split hotel room for Saturday night. Extended stay is very close.
  4. 8-bit

    Las Vegas, NV - 4/27/19 - Tecmo Vegas

    I hear the MN crew rolls deep. When's this MN / Iowa tecmo boarder battle. I'm ready!!
  5. phil has a good bio. good bio phil
  6. 8-bit

    Phoenix, AZ - 8/11/2018 - Tecmo Phoenix

    Tell Ron to come on out. I'll buy him a beer 👍😁
  7. I'm looking to carpool if anyone is coming from MSP area.
  8. 8-bit

    Phoenix, AZ - 8/11/2018 - Tecmo Phoenix

    The rumors are true. I will be flying down to PHX for some tecmo action and a Sonora hot dog. Also, if I can find a donkey kong arcade cabinet I might go through a fist full of quarters to save the princess
  9. This was a great tournament hosted by SammieSmith. Amazing raffle prizes and mini competitions within the tournament. My 133 rushing yards with Wolfley in good condition was not enough for the special raffle prize falling short to some bruiser that managed around 150. If anyone has a picture of the raffle prize table and could post it or PM it to me that'd be great. Nice seeing everyone 👍
  10. 8-bit

    Minnesota Monthly TSB Meetup

    Bump. Sammie Smith and I will be hosting a monthly tecmo super bowl meetup at the Tin Shed in Savage, MN. This bar and grill has a side room for us and also great pizza. We will do a Round Robin into single elim or just a double/triple elim based on player #'s and preference.
  11. Looks like the tin shed has some tasty pizzas. 👍 I'm going to call a Minnesota matchup every time in respect of the viking elders. Skol
  12. Love me some dragon warrior. Beware of the green dragon. He lurks deep in the caves. Have a good tournament 🐉
  13. If you're on the fence about coming just come!! SammieSmith has a bunch of sweet raffle prizes and the peoples champ will be signing autographs.