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  1. Great tourney @SammieSmith33. I will uploads pics soon. Thanks for putting this on. Tin Shed Pizza is a great venue for tecmo
  2. Millard's Mayhem I at b dubs was epic. Kingsoby1 and Sconnie Ale both showed up. Both were old school online players from back in the day. See you guys tomorrow
  3. Tecmo bowl underway. NHL 94 and nba jam up next.
  4. @Knobbe can you pin this thread? Millard's Mayhem is the premier Minnesota Tecmo Super Bowl tournament. That will include a Mike Tyson's Punchout - side challenge and a TapOff mini tournament.
  5. I remember this league. Cool concept! I'm in.
  6. 17-0 NO over MIN @Barletti was sleepy. gg bud, you a live console beast! much respect. bit
  7. It would help bring in more players by offering a bounty on a few of the top players. That way you can show up and win some cash without making the finals. Just a thought.
  8. Thanks for hosting a great tourney @Beef Juice. Great to see everyone. Maybe we can try group play next year. I can always help with that part. Thanks to Darth for streaming. Until next time. Peace
  9. Im in AZ on vaca for 2 weeks. I'm going to plan a meetup one night if anyone wants to game. $20 entry. Date tbd but within 2 weeks.
  10. The trophy reminds me of the aliens from 5th element.
  11. @Beef Juice what time does the tournament start and do you have a guesstimate on the run time for amt of players signed up? The days inn looks pretty close as well only a mile away Thanks! bit
  12. I will be in Iowa City friday night gaming with @RodneyPizza and @Nilvah and roll into Dubuque the morning of the tournament. I'm thinking of crashing at Hotel Julien Dubuque if anyone wants to split a room. This hotel is directly across the street from the venue and $99 plus tax / night. If you're interested shoot me a PM on here. Thanks!!
  13. GROUP PLAY: WAR MACHINE V 8-BIT MATCHUP: PHX v DAL (WAR MACHINE WINS TOSS) PRE-GAME: This was an interesting matchup picked by War Machine, because he beat me with Dallas a few months ago while playing a tpc scrimmage. These teams are pretty much even, although, I think the cowboys have a slight advantage. Checking Brudogg's tecmo matchup spreadsheet we can see the cowboys score a 13 on the scale while the cardinals score 12, which gives the cowboys a 1 point advantage here. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1w0sntWyYUWOZ0xVncnGATONP57lnqFUZuIhDgYoh2Z8/edit#gid=626874606 First Half: The cowboys receive the ball to start the game and gain some nice chunk yardage from their passing attack on the first drive and put it in for a TD. I figured War would pick run defense to help defend against the cowboys running attack, so I tried to mix it up best I could to keep him guessing. The cardinals answer back with a nice connection between Rosenbach and Green for the score. 7-7. Later in the game Rosenbach goes into bad condition and Tupa comes in off the bench; which is huge for the men in blue and silver. Cowboys answer back to make the score 14-7. What was interesting about this drive was that War picked a bunch of my plays, but the Aikman to Novacek JJ connection was hitting and it saved me from taking a few sacks. Tupa comes in for a bad Rosenbach this drive and connects deep to Jones for 60 yards which results in a Johnny Johnson rushing TD (triple deke nhl94 style) 14-14 halftime. Second Half: Cardinals receive the kick and drive to mid field where they take a big sack on 2nd down and an errant throw on 3rd down results in an INT and change of possession, however, a fumble by The Babe running down the sidelines gives the ball right back to AZ. Tupa and Johnson take the ball down the field and Tupa hits Green on a nice pass 1 wr2 burn route from the 30 for 6 points. Cowboy's answer back quick with the deep ball to Irvin and a pass 3 JJ from the 15 to tie the score in the 4th 21-21 with 4 tecmo minutes left in the game. Phoenix shut down a lot of my big iso run plays with help from the drone coverage. Being able to stretch the field was key for the cowboy’s success this game. Cardinals put together a nice drive late in the 4th quarter to the 5 yard line, but an errant throw from Tupa to a wide open Green in the end zone results in AZ settling for a FG. 24-21, cardinals. The cowboys get the ball back with 32 seconds left on the clock and on the last play of the game, Babe, in good condition, connects with Irvin for 75 yards and the win with no time left. 28-24 Cowboys. This was a fun game that was back and forth and came down to the wire. GG War Machine. Thanks for hosting this tournament
  14. Discord Handle: 8-bit Can you host?: Working on it now Your time zone: CST Best time for you to play: Afternoons/Evenings
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