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  1. Tomzack Bowl tiers are Shweet. Not sure if I will be around, I'll chime in closer to 7pm. Nice job MadTown
  2. Carl Carter Krummie Walker
  3. CLE OL , Mike Johnson, Wright
  4. Haywood Jefferies
  5. Freddie / Ken / Lonnie
  6. Group C 8-bit vs Tails 8-bit picked Tails won the toss 8-bit called DAL v PHX Player 2 aka (Tails) Took PHX 8-bit got DAL This was a close game. Tails put up a good fight. He had 2 INT's, which put him in position to do some damage, but RB Smith was able to put over 100 rushing yards together and keep some drives moving. DAL had a nice 4th down conversion that ended in a scoring drive that was the difference. In the 4th Q DAL was short of the ENDZONE by some stellar D by PHX and had to kick a FG to go up 17-7. Tails was able to put together a nice final drive to score 7 on a picked play run 4 with the QB off tackle. 8-bit won/Player1 won/DAL won/ 17-14 FINAL GG TAILS, glrw
  7. Unfortunately I cant make it this year, but I'll be watching on the stream. I will be rooting for any MN players to bring home the title.
  8. With the 7th pick, the Hawks select Derrick Henry. Beastmode 2.0
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