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  1. In. One day while bored at work I watched and streamed a full COM season of the Vikings. I was like, hey, this is actually pretty exciting stuff here. Nice idea!!
  2. TTLHS - Playoff Teams per Conference 17 players per conference. Right now we have one conference, may have 1 more in future. True NFL playoffs are 6 teams per conference. What should we have for our league?
  3. Please vote for what you think the best league name would be for TTLHS. We are a Random Rom League 100% of the time. Each and every season.
  4. Any new requests will be put on waiting list in case anyone wants to drop out or not join next season. We could bump it up to 34 players next season if there's interest!
  5. This is being capped at 20 players per SammieSmith so sign up if you thinking about it. We will make a waiting list as I'm sure some players may drop off as we get closer to the tourney.
  6. SEASON 1 STARTS THURSDAY 7/9/2020 !!!! GL Everyone Deadline is August 16th to have 16 games in SUBMIT GAMES HERE: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dWfJX5s_xRj1oLSogocE_fV0MqmS6aKRzQaKie4guSA/edit?usp=sharing Bruddog Tecmo Matchup Info: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1w0sntWyYUWOZ0xVncnGATONP57lnqFUZuIhDgYoh2Z8/edit#gid=626874606 Random Rom V3 - 64 Matchups / Random Rom V4 - 128 Matchups For those that can't get enough Tecmo. We will switch off between the Random Matchup Rom V4 and Tapmeter Rom each season. Season 1 will use Random Matchup Rom V4 (must use first random matchup selected). Madison rules. Winner of coin toss can pick P1 or P2 before the matchup is spun. The season will last 5 weeks and have 16 games just like a real NFL season. You play everyone once. 16 games in 5 weeks is 3.2 games per week. All playoff games are due within 10 days of the season being over. We will fire up the next season when playoffs start to keep the pace of 5 weeks per season (10 seasons per year). Firm deadlines to keep everything moving. Top 6 teams make the playoffs. Condition Checker is allowed. 17 spots open. Same as TTL but a faster pace. (We can expand to 34 players if the demand is there) Big thanks to @bruddog for making all the magic happen behind the scenes and thanks to @Darth RockMan for his work in TTL. Here is the rom: TPC_TSB_tapmeter_madison_matches_rand_v4.nes Prizes will be handed out to 1st and 2nd place winners. TBD Players: 1. 8-bit 2. Da_Riddler 3. ACSlater 4. DPS 5. Thrash 6. Kmolnar 7. Shotgun 8. Johny MX 9. DJ Gatorshark 10. Chesty Puller 11. JJT 12. Eifersucht80 13. Sammie Smith 14. Nostra 15. heidenreich 16. Fox 17. Fulltimeslacker Waiting List or 2nd Conference for Season 2 if we hit 17 1. Yung Tel 2. Noyhouse 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Waiting List
  7. 8-bit

    Arnco Tap Challenge

    28x beating 16 tap cpu in a row video file 8-bit_28x.nsv
  8. Anyone can join. Attach the NSV file and # of wins in a row here. No more than 1 min between grapples. If you beat a 16 and still loose the grapple that is counted as a win. GL! How to use files: Put the .ns6 file inside your "states" folder within Brutopia. Load the rom and setup your recording. When ready to tap, press 6 on the keyboard and the grapple will start. Keep pressing 6 to load more grapples and see how many you can win in a row. Top Submissions (you can submit again and I'll update your best attempt below) 8bit: 28x Basement Nemesis: 3x Arnco: Nelson: TEST-CPU16.ns6 TEST-CPU16.nes
  9. 8-bit I can host and help ppl host Any team
  10. The tourney now has its own channel on the Tecmo discord server.
  11. Looking forward to this! Costco has the best brats with their Kirkland brand. I'll throw down on some food to grill if we have the tourney at your pad.
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