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  1. Thank you to the North Dakota crew, Butt Douglas, and my teammates Luke and Coconuts. That was a blast and the ND crew did a fantastic job hosting this year. The Wurst Bier Hall was a blast on Friday and I'm still farmer blowing that snuff out in the shower. Oh and just be glad it wasn't me in that photo or you'd all be blind.
  2. Maybe I'll try playing naked. Wait...I don't want to put you all through that. On a lighter note Butt and I may find a dead hooker under one of our hotel room beds. After all we are only paying $60 a night.
  3. I have to say that Daboy was unstoppable for most of the day. Quite impressive. Meanwhile I need to work on actually winning a game.
  4. Thanks to the whole Madison crew for putting this together and a special thank you to Knobbe for putting up with our drunk asses on Friday night. It was great meeting all of you and I must say that the competition was incredible and the sportsmanship was second to none. Butt Douglas and I will be back next year for sure. Hopefully we will do better than a combined 2-4!
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