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  1. David, this being my first experience with the game stream proper, I have to say it's top-notch quality featuring some luscious faces to look at in regards to Mr. Bailey & Mr. Knobbe. I always wondered what it was like on the other side of the screen, and it's far superior to some professional streams I've seen out there. And I'm not just saying that out of guilt for the time you drove me to and fro the Badger Bowl looking for my wallet that was on my hotel bed the whole time.
  2. I care!! Am I the .5? I understand completely. Heck, I'm not sure I've ever qualified myself as more than a lucky "participant" (not competitor, not player, etc.) I started studying it out of college boredom and writing nostalgically (word?) about my childhood with it before I realized it was a "thing" and went to check it out. It's probably not the smartest thing to only play Tecmo once a year, and play it at Madison, but I still have a helluva time and am lucky to have rubbed shoulders with some of the names above. I'm generally sore about missing this year after basking in these recaps, just had too many things bumping up too close to each other, but as long as some of the rumors I've heard about aren't true I'll make my triumphant return as 8th seed in Group ## next year!
  3. Wife: "Is there a Madison tournament this year?" Me: "I think so..." Wife: "Are you going?" Me: "Should I?" Wife: "Yes, please god, yes, you need to get out of the house, go, is it this weekend? Next weekend? WHEN IS IT"
  4. Who could forget his career-defining roles as "Criminalist", "Resident" and "Disdainful Man"
  5. I think the Tecmo Gods picked the wrong guy to write a Tecmo book
  6. Also, on my behalf, be sure to thank our cab driver Charlotte for the wonderful company as we soared in the night across the agonizingly straight gravel roads, of which it seemed our 15-passenger van would go all the way to the edge of the earth and fall off the side.
  7. As wtf as that photo is, I feel I have to come on here and show respect for how expertly and classy it was photographed. Subtle; it says so much with so little (clothing). And respect also for the event as a whole. What a great night and great addition to Tecmo lore! Your hard work paid off, North Dakota! I'll be back to visit the Hall of Fame with my nephew, once he's old enough.
  8. My Priceline negotiator booked into the Vista Inn off 94, probably not good proximity to anything at all but I know how quickly Fargo hotels can book up...
  9. Have the rosters been filled out? My travel buddy and fellow Semi-Pro Tecmo player Lodgefather has also emerged out of hibernation more grizzly than ever
  10. Wow! I am humbled. It would feel much more fitting to try and help Minnesota make it to a final game before ultimately choking.
  11. GNNAAARRGGHGHGYYAAAAAARRRGHHHH WHOOO WAKES BUTT DOUGLAS FROM HIS PEACEFUL SLUMBER??? RAAWWRRGGH *THRASH* *SMASH* *BUBBLY FART* Ok I'm settled down now. Usually I hear my name when it's called in the wilderness, but somehow I missed this entire thread. Someone needs an extra team member? This seems like my kind of tournament--I'm usually only good for one quarter before I naturally implode under nerves, self-doubt and a lingering sense of constant failure brought on by my father growing up.
  12. Love this, as a younger sports game fan this was my jam in the mid-90s before Tecmo took over. Expos are my favorite in the original game, nice to see the '94 team (which got robbed by the dang strike) get some representation. Interesting to see no teams were at their best in 1987 though (as a Twins fan I would have picked 1991 for them also, just something I noticed).
  13. One last thing: after spending 12 hours surveying both rooms of a combined 256 competitors and watching ample amounts of Tecmo play, I have concluded that: Flo is the greatest Tecmo player of all time.
  14. Once again, for the third year in a row, the highlight of my 2014 so far was the Gathering of the Tecmalos. Not going to talk about my games because...well, #1 I played Mort in my first game and #2 Dave was giving me googly eyes from the stage and cramping my style. But really, can't say I've ever had a better time losing a Tecmo game than I did against Mort. Class act, and still the one true Tecmo icon I still get sweaty palms around. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who bought one of my "literary" experiments. Hopefully most of you got my personalized letter and chicken-scratched autograph that I probably should have practiced before arrival. I really scrambled to get it done for you guys because I love you all so much and you deserve it; so as it states in there, excuse my typos and glaring technical errors. I've wanted to be a writer since reading ghost stories under the sheets as a kid. If you want to know how much I love Tecmo...then just consider that I somehow whipped up a story about it for my first ever published work. JOSH...if you ever apologize to me again for allowing my book to be a prize to the Tecmo Elite, I will personally sign up for another Tecmo tournament and devalue it with my poor performance like I always do. But of course I'll do that anyway for Tecmo XI. Severely disappointed I couldn't join the party at the Plaza (I still owe Leonardite a shot from IX...trust me Leonard, I don't forget!). Really need to get into the ND fold somehow...I went to UND, does that count?? Hopefully next year the Tecmo gods will push back Daylight savings an extra day so our ghetto bus doesn't leave so goddamn early in the morning. Keep in touch! Can't wait for the Mount Olympus that is the Madison Tecmo Tournament to open up again and let peasants like me inside to rub shoulders for a day.
  15. Thanks for the shout-out Flo! It's the best I could have hoped for considering MORT is in my group
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