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  1. I will buy everyone who beats me a shot, as is tradition. Good to see Ira signed up! Buck? Luke? Nick L? Where you at? (says the guy who hasn't shown in 3 years)
  2. I miss you guys too. I'm definitely maybe gonna try to hopefully attend the Lincoln Tourney barring any kid birthday party emergencies. I haven't touched an NES controller since the last Madison the Holzy bros ran. Rumor around Lincoln is that the Godfather is pulling out all the stops for this one.
  3. Glad to see you guys are still doing this tourney, good group of guys. Got some big hitters there this year too. I just wanted to say I watched a little of the stream and it was excellent. Well done gents!
  4. Gonna try streaming in 15 minutes if anyone is bored & wants to blowup my chat. https://www.twitch.tv/karl_hungus_33
  5. It actually worked pretty well. Pretty basic like meat said, but the picture and sound were good. Apparently you can't do 1080p unless you have a PS4 pro but the 720 looked fine. Seems like using your phone or laptop is the best way to keep up with your chat. I don't like the way it resizes if you have it on screen while you play. I think i'd get a camera if I was ever to get serious, not that i'm attractive but I'm guessing people would rather see you than not. We played fortnite and actually got two squad wins in a row, which for us is pretty good. My friends had to enable their sound, otherwise the PS4 party can't be heard on stream but it was an easy setting fix. I'll probably keep messing with it some but overall was happy with how easy it was. I'd like to research it more and see if you can add things easily without having to remote in from a pc. But having music, auto chat messages, subscriber notifications, etc. would be rad. Next time I might tweet it out to see if I can get more than 4 viewers at a time.
  6. I've been toying with the idea lately and was wondering if anybody else around here has done it? I'm not the most tech savvy cat but it doesn't seem that bad from what I've read. So if you are getting twitch friend requests from me, it's because i"m actually logging in again finally.
  7. This is true, my kids need a father anyways. But seriously you and Lou are welcome to stay here anytime.
  8. Sadly no, at least not in the foreseeable future. Haven't played a game since Madison 16. I can't host anymore and unfortunately I've lost that love and feeling. I'll try to check the boards more often, sorry I've been a bit of a tecmo hermit. If we can ever play TSB on console, I'll be back. Hoping the Nintendo switch stuff can make that happen sooner rather than later. Can you imagine a world with lobbies of hundreds or a few thousand people looking for tecmo games at any one time online? Leagues, stats, ranked matches, no stupid discord or AIM, your phone buzzing 16 times/day at work cuz Gats wants to play. #IWantToBelieve
  9. He was mine too! Partly due to winning my family's football pool in 86 as a kid. I had the poster of him that you could order out of sports illustrated with the white border which i'm pissed i can't find an image of online anywhere.
  10. Congrats Toolie!!! Sounds like a good time. Did you run the reverse at all?
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