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  1. PACKERS Green Majik qb 1 = option 2 qb2 = 13 ms 75ps 31pc 38ab rb1 = option 2 rb2 = 44rs 38ms 25hp 50bc 50rec rb3 = 44rs 38ms 25hp 100bc 25rec rb4 = 81rs 25ms 69hp 50bc 19rec wr1 = option 1 wr2 = 31rs 38ms 13hp 56rec 50bc wr3 = 25rs 31ms 25hp 50 rec 100bc wr4 = 25rs 31ms 13hp 31rec 50bc te1 = 25rs 31ms 50hp 31rec 69bc te2 = 31rs 19ms 63hp 44rec 50bc ol = option 3 ol = 25ms 50hp ol = 31ms 50hp ol = 25ms 56hp ol = 19ms 50hp dl = option 1 dl = 31rs 44rp 50ms 56hp 25int dl = 25rs 38rp 44ms 50hp 19int lb = option 2 lb = 31rs 44rp 50ms 38hp 19int lb = 25rs 31rp 31ms 44hp 38int lb = 19rs 25rp 19ms 63hp 19int db = option 2 db = 25rs 31rp 44ms 38hp 56int db = 31rs 38rp 50ms 44hp 50int db = 38rs 44rp 56ms 56hp 50int
  2. SEASON 3: the Herschel of Minnesota (44ms / 44rec) 1) CHI - 9TD, 525 yd 2) ATL - 4TD, 339 yd 3) SF - 4TD, 292 yd 4) NO - 4TD, 215 yd 5) DEN - 5 TD, 303 yd 6) DET - 6 TD, 402 yd 7) PHX (lost) - 3 TD, 167 yd 8.) NE - 2 TD, 311 yd 9) PHX - 4 TD, 132 yd 10) TB - 6 TD, 272 yd 11) CHI - 5 TD, 221 yd 12) GB - 3 TD, 187 yd 13) DET - 6 TD, 462 yd 14) TB - 7 TD, 450 yd 15) RAM - 2 TD, 150 yd (Herschel injured 4th quarter !!) 16) GB - 5 TD, 208 yd DIV) PHI - 4 TD, 259 yd NFC) SF - 2 TD, 195 yd (oooovertime !!) SB) BUF - 2 TD, 224 yd 84 TD. 5316 YD. Most yards so far !! Like the last season, I did a quarterly condition check for four players: -- Herschel never went into excellent! (16b 50a 9g) -- AC went into excellent just twice (14b 49a 11g) -- Whiskey Wade never went into bad! (31a 35g 10e) -- Gannon was excellent 19 times, and not in bad until the NFC champ (4b 18a 35g) Whiskey Wade threw for 5800 yd including playoffs, 75 TD and a glorious 34 INT. Gannon threw for 940 yd, 9 TD and 8 INT. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Ranking: YD -- 1) Herschel (5316) 2) Rison (5243) 3) G.Anderson (4957) TD -- 1) Rison (91) 2)G.Anderson (85) 3)Herschel (84)
  3. SEASON 2: Gary Anderson of Tampa Bay (50ms / 50rec) My second effort for a 100 TD, 6000 yard season. Here is how it panned out: 1) NYJ 7TD, 456yd 2) CHI 6TD, 343yd 3) GB 7TD, 529yd 4) BUF 7TD, 431yd 5) DET 2TD, 189yd 6) PHI 6TD, 334yd 7) NO 6TD, 263yd 8.) GB 3TD, 157yd 9) MIN 3TD, 191yd 10) DET 7TD, 458yd 11) ATL 4TD, 204yd 12) NYG 4TD, 132yd 13) MIA 3TD, 147yd 14) MIN 7TD, 445yd 15) CHI 3TD, 88yd (lost) 16) IND 7TD, 461yd DIV) NYG 3TD, 127yd (lost) 85TD. 4957 yd Nuts! Failed again. I really needed a deep playoff run to have a shot at passing up Bad Moon's 91 / 5243. In addition to TDs and yards I decided to keep track of player conditions, not only for Gary but for Vinny, back-up QB Jeff Carlson, and Mark Carrier. Not that I was trying to get yards with Carrier, but I was curious how his conditions faired since he is Tampa Bay's main weapon. I played 17 games, or 68 quarters. 1) Gary went in 'bad' condition for the last time in game 7 (by quarter: 10b, 23av, 31g, 3e) !! 2) Carlson stayed in good for 16 quarters straight from game 7 to 11 (9b, 16av, 25g, 17e) 3) Vinny was in 'good' for the last 9 quarters (10b, 22av, 25g, 10e) 4) Carrier, who enjoyed the best conditions of the four, was in good for 7 quarters straight, and in excellent for 7 quarters straight (2b, 9av, 35g, 21e)
  4. @Paul Street Thanks! Here are the plays I usually rely on when my main game plan is to chuck it deep to to my wr1 (top). Yep I use r&s z fly as my pass 2, but that's more of a scoring play for when I'm on the 10-15 yd line, since the wr1 will cut off his route and jump for the ball if the pass is timed right (called a 'JJ'). Yep the only game I lost all season was to the Niners. I shoulda respected the San Fran !! They were just so juiced and 3 TD were not nearly enough.
  5. Recently I wished to get some mad deep JJ practice to my boy Andre Rison. While I was pouring on the stats in season mode, I began to wonder: could I reach 100 TD and 6000 yards receiving with Bad Moon? I decided to include the playoffs to increase my chances. Here's how the season went. These are all receiving stats, all with Rison: 1) KC 8TD, 433 yd 2) MIN 9TD, 395 yd 3) SD 7TD, 433 yd 4) RAI 8TD, 530 yd 5) NO 6TD, 321 yd 6) SF 5TD, 409 yd 7) PHX 2TD, 224 yd 8.) RAM 2TD, 182 yd 9) SF 5 TD, 195 yd 10) WAS 4 TD, 223 yd 11) TB 3 TD, 112 yd 12) NO 5 TD, 267 yd 13) GB 6 TD, 334 yd 14) RAM 5TD, 285 yd 15) SEA 3 TD, 180 yd 16) DAL 4TD, 184 yd DIV) CHI 6TD, 311 yd NFC) SF 3TD, 225 yd 91 TD. 5243 yd I didn't make it! I would have gotten closer had I advanced to the Super Bowl of course. Bad Moon is a beast, but I want to try this again with Anderson (chi), Anderson (TB), Sanders (DET), Gray (DET), and Bentley (IND).
  6. This is great! Since as of now there is no roster list from game FAQ. For 1993 roster, does John Elway really have a 44hp? Interesting!
  7. @Bolt Ding ding ding on the #48 Lionel! The other guy wears #29 for an NFC team. A safety opposite a pro bowler.
  8. Yo yo yo, sorry, had a good nap though. There are two original TSB defensive backs who are not given a first name, only an initial. Who they be? Note: I'm not talking about JB Brown for the Dolphins. That be his real first name (sort of) !!
  9. hints: 1) rushed for exactly 100 yd 2) more Green Day than Zappa (?) 3) AFC Team x Wolfley x Don Smith x Joe Caravello x Robert "rico" Drummond x Mark Green Answer: Ivy Joe Hunter? (Billie Joe Armstrong ...)
  10. When I think about Tecmo Jam Cleveland 2019 I get so excited I have trouble breathing. It's a goal of mine to spread the Jam love as much as I can this year. At each Tecmo tourney I go to, I hope to bring a Jam TE Genesis set-up. For added flavor, my friend @Dan S and I run a challenge where we take any and all contenders. We offer our opponents a tier advantage, but if they play us straight up they can win money off of us. So far it has been fun to see the interest there is out there for Jam. Another goal I have is to do a video series on the Retro Sports Gamer channel (@allamerican1569) called NBA Jam Rules. I'll be doing play-throughs of NBA Jam and NBA Jam TE on both SNES and GEN. I'll be offering tips and promoting the Jam tourneys this year -- Tecmo Jam Cleveland and Tecmo XV in New York. @TecmoClevelandif you need any help spreading the word, let me know. You can also find me at Joseph Readitnweep Moore on FB.
  11. Super excited about Barry Melrose next weekend!!! This will be my second time coming to an Edge of '94 event. Last year was a total blast. Got a lot of NHL games in and had a lot of fun watching a very competitive finals. I am excited to play in the Friday night Tecmo tournament for the first time. During Tundra I was pleased to find there is a strong core or solid Tecmo players in the Green Bay area. I hope the GB guys are ready, cause the Chicago boys are looking to make some noise!! I'm also looking forward to all this pizza that is being mentioned. Looks like I just need to bring some coconut water and I'll be good to go . Props to @trojan1979 / Troy for always having awesome sponsors, prizes, and an overall well-run tournament. I'm looking forward to seeing what all Edge VR Arcade has to offer. Last year I played some nifty VR games - one of them was a flying sim. I was too chicken to follow through with it, but I'm looking to be braver next year! See you all next weekend !!
  12. Yessir, I will bring the Jam. And a sharpy, so we can make our official stakes thingamajig. I'm cutting and pasting this from the Equalizer 2 thread: / / / / / If you are coming out to The Equalizer 2, consider entering the NBA Jam: Tournament Edition (Sega Genesis) challenge against @Dan S (DPS) and myself. We are NBA Jam studs and we are putting our money where our mouth is. Defeat either me or DPS in NBA Jam: TE in a one-on-one battle and you could win up to $25! Here are the rules: 1) Challenger may select ANY team of his choice. 2) Challenger selects how many tiers advantage he wants to have against us (5 total tiers). The tier handicap determines the level of the stakes ($). 3) We select our team based on tier disadvantage. 4) One-on-one match with standard settings: 3/timer speed, 3/cpu difficulty, tag mode ON, Tournament Mode ON Stakes: * Winning with teams from the same tier = you win $25! $0 paid if you lose. * Winning with 1 tier difference = $20. $0 paid if you lose. * Winning with 2 tier difference = $10 for a win. $0 paid if you lose. * Winning with a 3 tier difference = $10 for a win. $5 paid if you lose. * Winning with a 4 tier difference = $10 for a win. $10 paid if you lose . Tiers: Example: Challenger takes the Knicks from tier 2. And they want a two-tier advantage. This means we can choose any team from tier 4 or lower. The stakes are $10 if the challenger wins, with $0 lost if they lose. So come out out and take our $$$ !!!
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