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  1. Nintendo Power starts calling listing it in the Paks "Coming Soon" in April 1991. By May, they say to look for it in time for the football season. But one issue includes an apology from the Editor that some games come out late, so a cover feature on Robin Hood was published long before the game finally dropped. ---> April 1991: Pak Watch: Coming Later ---> May 1991: Special half-page "Just around the Corner" article. "Look for Tecmo Super Bowl in time to kick off the coming football season." ---> June 1991: Pak Watch: Coming Soon ---> July 1991: Pak Watch: Coming Soon ............... Top 30: Game 28. Tecmo Super Bowl (438 pts.) ---> Aug 1991: Pak Watch: Coming Soon ............... "August Issue Game List" ---> Sept 1991: ----- ---> Oct 1991: ----- ---> Nov 1991: ----- ---> Dec 1991: ----- ---> Jan 1992: Four-page feature on Tecmo Super Bowl I have no idea what the "August Issue Game List" means. Some issues have a game list; some don't. Also, the Top 30 list in July 1991 may be a typo, because Tecmo Bowl is a regular in the list.
  2. Too late to sign up? Hit me by email if there's still space -- [email protected] I'll be w/o internet Thurs through Mon, and can start playing on Tues. Dave (Balloneous Assault)
  3. Instead of me assuming, would you mind giving a definition of "popcorn?"
  4. Oh man, I live in Brooklyn and would kill for some local tecmo. When's the next one?
  5. Hi, I've got a couple q's about the tourney: 1) Rule 6: Lurching. It appears that the DT lines up across from the Center, the DEs line up on Guards, and the O-Tackles are left free. Does the lurching rule mean that a DE must go outside only their assigned Guard? Or does a DE have to take it further and go outside both the Guard and Tackle? 2) Does the lurching rule apply to PATs and FGs? And does lurching apply to the two shotgun draw plays (where the OL opens wide, to allow the RB a hole)? On those two run plays, can a Defensive Lineman enter that hole? 3) Rule 8 says that disputes are settled by Josh and Chet. But what are the actual consequences of a rule violation, such as lurching or visiting the "change screen" three times per half?
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