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  1. actually i got no time for this shit... doubt this will be a big suprise to many of you, but I am DONE with the STRESS which is organizing TECMO (cft, pnwtc, etc.)..... I tried to create something for you guys that would last (CFT) before I bounced, which I knew was coming, but real life and my family are way more important to me---today, and forever---and I'm not confident anymore CFT was gonna take off anyway (but gl, give it a try if you guys want)..... I'm done, organizing and playing.......... last words: FUCK IT, I'M OUT! {manyo360, RIP: 2011-2017} PS--DT you still got two options for the Everdrive; Kamp I sent you a text about what to do, I hope Brookston and Bruddog can be fairly compensated with some of the proceeds, but up to you
  2. while it is ~TRUE~ that Johnny J fumbles a lot, what most guys dont understand is that this fact provides even moar undeniable *PROOF* of his Tecmo Greatness..... for its only the GREAT Tecmo backs that seem to fumble a lot, for two obvious reasons: (1) they stand as fucking giants compared to the rest of their team, so you feed them the rock, repeatedly... then, (2) the subliminal extrasensory ☆JUICE☆ starts flowing thru the controller, into your veins and up your arm, crawling like an electric snake into your brain and shutting down all inhibitory impulses like "get OOB" or "take the first down" just RIDE THAT RAINBOW PONY MAN, FUCK YESSSS....... then the next conscious thought you possess is a vague sense of alarm, the balls out, and the other teams recovered it... you start breaking out in a cold sweat, wipe the saliva off your chin, rub out the stains in your pants, say "man up, play some fucking defense" and get johnny johnson the ball back... cuz he didnt fumble, THE GODS DID: just their way of letting johnny know "them wings sure is pretty boy, but we warned you bout them wax hands now"
  3. its on... just waiting on ya to bug me a little more about it... thread and email tomorrow!
  4. Cascadia Fucking Tecmo League <update>: CHECK OUT THE FIRST POST OF THIS THREAD for Calendar Updates and other info. From this point forward, this tborg thread will primarily be intended by myself for releasing {official} CFT news and updates, as well as functioning as an Info Center (mainly via constant updates of the first post) including such details as each season's schedule, league documents, etc. For more detailed back and forth within the League, The CFT Discord Chat Room is currently the happening place for things of that nature. Development of the League Website is in preliminary discussions with brookston fowler... more info released as it is realized. Tecmo Gods Uber Alles!
  5. An attempt to summarize some of the ideas proposed in the first congressional congress of Cascadia FUCKING Tecmo yesterday on Discord: LONG-TERM LEAGUE FORMAT IDEAS: "1960 Dynasty Mode" --- We each control one franchise; we draft our players from 1960 NFL/AFL rosters; we play 10-game regular season w/ 2-round playoffs (~7 hour tourney "season"); before the playoffs begin we roll for the next season's stat gains (w/ kamp as Gains Guru); during the post-tourney "offseason," via the league website we draft rookies, make trades, acquire free agents, etc.; basic overall format similar to NTF (http://tecmo.us/ntf/main/main.php) UP FOR REVISION: Whether or not we mix the AFL/NFL players and play inter-conference games (which NFL did not do until 1970, other than the Super Bowls beginning 1966). "1977 Full-Beef NFL SImulation Mode" --- We each control 2-5 franchises, starting around 1977, w/ each team consisting of its historical NFL roster, and player ratings aligned to each player's actual performance from that season; we play full schedules, with each "season" being completed over the course of multiple league sessions (unknown length of each tourney session). other proposals??? SHORT-TERM LEAGUE FORMAT IDEAS: "OG TSB Salary Cap" --- We draft players from the original TSB using a salary cap spreadsheet... play a season. "OG TSB Team Draft" --- We do a draft for all of the original TSB teams, then roll to see which team we control... play a season. other proposals??? CALENDAR SCHEDULING IDEAS: We are all in basic agreement that we don't want to play (or should severely limit, at the least) any seasons/sessions during real football season. Also, rules and procedures will be put in place to account for owner absences, voting to re-schedule any seasons/sessions, etc. "JANUARY TO JUNE" --- We play one season/session on the 3rd Saturday of each month from January to June. other proposals??? All of the above proposals are in the draft stage... feel free to propose new ideas or revisions to the above. Discord chat is probably the best way right now, but here works as well.
  6. @kamphuna8 @Tick @DT. (and... @XtraLargent?) Please vote on what the salary cap should be: $85, $100, or $115? (If someone thinks the choices should be different, by all means make your case... I haven't thought it out in absolute detail.) When you look at the salary cap spreadsheet (linked at bottom of first post in this thread), the far right column shows the sum of all the values for each row... so as you can see, $85 gets you a bit below middling, $100 would be about the middle, and $115 allows you a few luxury purchases. Some notes about the spreadsheet and rosters: For this tournament, you will not be allowed to re-align your defensive players or OL... they must stay in their OG alignments. QB/RB/WR/TE of course can be moved around, so long as they follow standard game rules for rushing the ball, etc. And not sure what to do with kickers and punters, since they are not on the spreadsheet... perhaps give everyone a 50-kicker and punter? Suggestions accepted... "WR" includes TEs. Injuries may or may not be a part of this tournament... I have to look into the possibility. There will not be carryover condition changes, as dynastyphile does not support it (I think).
  7. ***COMMUNIQUE OF THE REVOLUTIONARILY HIGH COMMAND #1*** Diatribes, Declarations… and a few Updates My brothers, the Tecmo Revolution… is HERE. You will not be able to stay home, brother. You will not be able to plug in via the internet, connect virtually to an opponent, and feel like you’ve “done good battle.” The Tecmo Revolution will not be sponsored by tecmobowl.org. The Revolution will not be hosted in the darkest corner of your local sports bar. The Revolution will not be live-streamed, and sure as shit, brother, you should know RIGHT NOW that the Revolution will not be played on ANYTHING less than the finest cathode ray tubes and OEM equipment. The Tecmo Revolution will not be plotted on a spreadsheet or probability table, for the Tecmo Revolution, my brothers, is undeniably and irrevocably what it is and always has been: THE TRUTH. The Revolution aint no noob run-around, mashing buttons or back-and-B’ing….. the Revolution will be LIVE, aint no place for that bullshit! My brothers, the Tecmo Revolution will NOT be televised, for the Tecmo Revolution… is HERE. · ROLL CALL: White Tick, Kamphuna, DT and MadManyo… all we got, all we need. Last week, e-mails were sent out to several prospective CFT-members in northern Cascadia, but none of them have replied with even a “no thanks” so it must be assumed they are LOST in the hot mazes… fuck em, the Revolution rolls on. Next I will focus my recruiting on the grimy nooks and crannies of backwater Lewis County… I know they’re out there, I just got to face the arduous task and dig em out. · CFT #1 on March 11: Count on it, hell or high water. Tourney will start at either 3 or 3:30pm, and shouldn’t go too deep into the evening. In Centralia, but if any of you want me to bring it up north I got no problem with that. We are going to do the salary cap idea for OG TSB… next week I’ll post the procedures for drafting and submitting your team, as well as determine the salary cap (90? 100? suggestions requested). We will play a season, upload our game stats to dynastyphile, give glory to the gods, the usual… but also, and in my mind more importantly, get some LIVE input (and voting) on the direction of the CFT from this point forward. Bring all your wildest ideas to the table. On my end, I will draft a League Constitution, and we can haGGle out or ratify the ideas therein, as necessary. The BASE CADRE will be formalized and mobilized as we grease these burgeoning wheels of Tecmo Revolution. · <OFFICIAL> ANNOUNCEMENT: The April 1 PNWTC6 will be the FINAL non-CFT tournament conducted by @gomanyo360… all future tournaments involving him in a coordinator capacity will be run under the CFT flag, and no other…… CASCADIA FUCKING TECMO: stomp terra, and death to the robotz.
  8. IN hopefully that Enforcer poster will be up for grabs for most INTs in a game or something
  9. been a few weeks now but gottdam here I AM! still PISSED OFF for greatness! still MAD as phuq! all GLORY to the TECMO GODS! pigs and giGGs and all that illy shit, by gods i will deliver for them a GLORIOUZ VICTORY in the next one!!! &glrw
  10. I ask anyone, anyone at all that sees this..... What should we name this league? I just can't come up with anything more plain jane than PNWTL (Pacific Northwest Tecmo League). Name should probably represent something with geographical location and the fact it is a league.... but maybe that's my logic choking out my creativity, accepting all suGGestions!
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