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  1. All these big nfl moves make me excited for the next version!
  2. Gurley is sitting. also, in case launch 5.5 is coming out, Swearinger is picked up by Arizona
  3. @gojiphen malor I just wanted to thank you so much for giving constant updates to these ROMs. I have a lot of fun simulating matchups (com vs com) from the current weeks to see who makes it to the bowl!
  4. and....i just saw the sticky that i posted in the wrong spot. sorry guys.
  5. thank you! so if i change the quarter length in game from 5 to 6 in the options menu, it will have no effect. is that right?
  6. never mind. i found my answer that it does please delete
  7. im not sure where to put this question. i like to skp vs skp the season. i am wondering if the quarter length time affects sim play at all (the number of plays available to the teams) Thanks!
  8. wow! Mack to the Bears, this next update should shake things up!
  9. Well, it would be boring if the playoff teams were the same from last year!
  10. im COM vs COM the season. happy to see cleveland beat pitt in week 1 hoping the packers will fare better in this season
  11. indeed! some very interesting picks that occured. cant wait to play your post draft rom!
  12. thanks for the update! regarding the 2018-19 schedule update fixes do you recommend that i start the season over if i started it on your previous rom? did you just change the order of the games, or did some teams play more or less than 16 games?
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