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  1. Bummer. What about removing all bye games and keeping it a 17 week schedule with 17 games for each team? would that work? or like add the 18th week games onto week 17s slate of games? Or is there a max number of games allowed per week? i will try to play around with the schedule to figure something out. it might not be pretty but it could work in a pinch
  2. My only advice would be using the roster updates over the 32 team ROM that way, we get trevor lawrence thanks for the work on this though. this rom has a nice charm to it
  3. love the ROM! skp vs skp the reg season and com vs com playoffs packers over colts!
  4. so stoked for this! I assume it will be sometime after May 12th when the new nfl schedule will be released
  5. Im having a lot of fun with this! playing COM vs COM here through the season. through week 2, theres a mix of strong favorites and some surprises, which is perfect! AE: Buff 2-0 ne 1-1 nyj 0-2 mia 0-2 AN: balt 2-0 pitt 1-1 cleve 1-1 cin 0-2 AS Ten 2-0 Hou 1-1 Ind 1-1 Jax 0-2 AW LV 1-1 KC 1-1 Lac 1-1 den 1-1 NE Philly 2-0 dallas 1-1 wash 0-2 nyg 0-2 NN Chi 2-0 GB 2-0 Min 1-1 Det 0-2 NS TB 2-0 Atl 2-0 NO 1-1 Car 0-2 NW: SF 2-0 ariz 1-1 Sea 1-1 Lar 0-2
  6. Love it! Played the first game of the season, and the texans beat kc 21-19 in a very close game looking forward to stretching out the season com vs com sim for a couple months to tide me over for the real thing
  7. dont tease me like that! Edit: OMG, thats tommorrows date! just noticed
  8. I'm sure your ROM is just fine. Post it up and then your watch has ended and you can finally rest (jk, no pressure. Just super excited!)
  9. Thank you!! (personally, I dont care about correct jersey numbers ) I am excited to COM vs COM this season!
  10. Thanks for putting the 2020 schedule out @SBlueman!! Any chance for a 2020 ROM with rookies added?
  11. doing a com vs com of the season, and I really like it! Im repping my favorite teams (Packers) and they are 1-0 so far im sure that wont last, but a man can hope Edit: just lost to the bears 38-7 lol The scores are very realistic and varied, which i appreciate. Have seen 42-35 and 9-3, and everywhere in between on week 1
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