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  1. Hey thanks for this. Is there some sort of walkthrough how to get everything setup by chance?
  2. What is this Tsb III Legends Version we're speaking of? Is there are cart? Can I get in on that? lol Tsb III is a superior game yet it doesn't get any coverage. I wish it got yearly updates like Tsb I does. Does anyone know of some hack version you can get ahold of to make changes? I'd do it myself if someone can point me in the right direction.
  3. Hello, reviving a dead horse here lol. But me and my family and friends have been playing TSBIII for a long time and wanted to throw some theories out there. Agility: I think agility does have a factor in movement. I believe it's the ability to maintain maximum speed while changing direction. If a player is running left to right, he will maintain his MS if he goes diagonally up/right and diagonally, down/right. But if he changes direction that is sharper. Say running to the right and then you go directly up or directly left, the game resets to the rushing power speed. Avoid Rush: I always thought Avoid Rush meant the QB's release and how quick it was. Feels like when a QB has a low Avoid Rush he needs the full animation to throw the ball, but if he has a higher AR then he doesn't need the full animation. (Haven't been able to prove this, just observation and theory) Coolness: I always thought Coolness had some sort of correlation with Passing Accuracy/Pass Control/ Avoid Rush. If a QB is under pressure and his throw animation gets interrupted by a tackler, his Passing Accuracy and Pass Control is decreased, and more likely of the pass to be overthrown or not caught. Coolness I think maintains those numbers while Avoid Rush triggers the event. Body Balance: Definitely is correlated with spinning, but i also think it determines how big a player's hitbox is when carrying the ball. Characters with high BB seem to be more 'slippery', meaning you have to get deeper into the sprite to trigger the grapple animation. Quickness: I think this is how fast a player reacts when being controlled by the CPU. Players with high quickness, is when fooled by play-action, flea-flcikers, or draw players, seem to make up their mistake faster than with players with lower quickness. I understand that picking a pass play will determine how the players defend that play but sometimes they still get fooled even when picking a pass play and if they have good quickness the faster they are at getting back to the receiver they were supposed to cover. Same with linebackers and draw plays. it's hard to prove since the formation and play you pick factor into this as well. Anyone think any of these theories hold water? How is it possible in this day and age that we can't look up the code of these things and figure out exactly what they mean? Lol it's frustrating. Does anyone know how trades work? It's also very mysterious but does have trends.
  4. Does anyone know the significance of the attributes for this game? I saw the RP/RS/MS controversy, but what about the other stuff? What does agility and body balance do? Whats the difference between Passing Accuracy and Pass Control? What does Avoid Rush and Coolness do? What does Quickness mean for all the defensive players? Is there absolutely no logic at all when it comes to how trades work? I don't know if any mods have been able to really dive into what the hell some of this stuff means, but any help would be appreciated. Gonna be starting a league soon with some old friends.
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