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  1. Congratulations to Shawn S. @stalltalk for his impressive win in this year's New York City Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament. He led the Bucs to a 17-3 win over Brian R. @Bad Moon Rison in the final. Jim T. @powerade took down Louis B. @red98sethuthut in the third-place game. We were unable to stream from the event this year, but @suicideking81 recorded a lot of games and is planning to make those available soon, so look for that forthcoming. Here is an interview I did with the champ and runner-up: I did a few other interviews throughout the day that I'll follow up with as I get them uploaded. Here also is the final bracket: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oCDiyPhMO6ETU9dIN6EtxcPyO9H-pLhVVMjZmQxlV8M/edit?usp=drive_web Thanks to everyone who participated, both those fellow NYers who joined us and those who traveled to be with us. Thanks to Brian, Ryan K. @hoigaard, and everyone else who put in the work to make this event so much fun. And lastly, thanks to Raven's Head Public House (http://www.ravensheadpublichouse.com/) for both saving our butts at the last minute and for providing a great new venue for our event.
  2. deadfaulkner

    Good Baseball Game?

    Never played Slugfest, so can't help you there. Probably my favorite baseball game of all time is MVP 2005, the last year that EA had the MLB license. But that one is definitely more on the realism side, and it might be the kind of game that you are tired of. I really enjoy MLB Power Pros for Wii. It's got a really cool-looking, 3d-cartoonish art style, and has some really cool gameplay features. Think Japanese-role-playing-game-meets-RBI-baseball. I still play it after all these years.
  3. One thing that I always thought would be cool for defensive backs would be a sort of "shutdown corner" attribute - something that factored into the completion algorithm that increased the likelihood of incompletions but NOT interceptions. I do a lot of editing rosters based on historical players, and there were a number of great DBs throughout history that didn't get a lot of picks. And speaking of that, I would love to see a separate attribute that determined how quickly/slowly a defensive player "vacuumed" to the receiver after the ball was thrown. Maybe it'd be called "RECOVERY SPEED" or something.
  4. deadfaulkner

    save states question

    Save states are useful for studying the way the defense responds to certain plays, particularly pass coverages. There are a few defensive patterns for every offensive play, and it's a big advantage if you can quickly recognize which one is being deployed.
  5. I have it on good authority that TecmoPsycho won this - congrats, and good work on cleaning house in 2015!
  6. deadfaulkner

    Emuware has gone offline

    Not sure if this is even the right forum for this, but I was looking for TSB3 editors when I noticed it, so I'm putting it here. I recently had a hard drive crash on my main PC (which I've since repaired), so I was looking for TSB Manager 2000 and TSB3 Manager, both of which I'd historically gotten off Emuware. However, Emuware has been giving a 503 error for some time (at least a month I've noticed it). Both of these programs have updates that give a lot of added value, in addition to their base programs, and so they're really useful for anyone looking to edit the SNES games. I've already unearthed TSBm2000 (with updates) from an old email I sent, and I'm sure I can find TSB3m somewhere on one of my other PCs. My question: can we host these utilities here? Also, I know that there was a lot of other stuff up there - does anyone remember what else was on Emuware that we don't already have hosted?
  7. deadfaulkner

    So here's an interesting glitch (image inside)

    Growing up in Western NY State in the 80s and 90s, this was probably my most powerful fantasy.
  8. deadfaulkner

    My Review of the Game

    I would think you'd talk about stats-keeping too - it was absolutely groundbreaking for the time. No more notebooks to keep track of your season stats!!!
  9. deadfaulkner

    Best Ever NFL Names

    I always thought Kim McQuilken was a great name for a terrible quarterback.
  10. deadfaulkner

    Rather sizeable WTF league announcement

    I was rather late to the WTF game, but I really want to thank everyone who made me feel so welcome in such a short period of time. I had at one point decided I was going to leave Retro and Classic (staying on in 2.0) simply because I was overstretched a bit, but I doubt I'd have actually done it when the time came to let my teams and players go. I just got too attached. That makes it sad for me, but at the same time, I am pleased to see new direction in online TSB. I hope I'll get to be a part of it again at some point!
  11. Sorry about that; I got called away in a pretty big hurry in the middle of this week to deal with a family emergency (someone else's family). Sorry for the inconvenience!
  12. deadfaulkner

    Detroit standings error (commish? read in)

    I just noticed the same issue - I think it is that game, since the Rams have one win too many. It's weird, because I believe this was fixed at some point
  13. deadfaulkner

    WTFC 2003 Wk 15: Seattle @ Denver

    Gonick had Ahman Green going early, as he busted off a couple of big ones on the first drive of the game, including a touchdown run of some 30 yards. A missed Broncos' field goal had Ah-man (as I was starting to call him) rolling again, but this time it was the passing game that did Denver in - keying on the run left guys open all over the field, and Seattle completed a long pass to Pickens that brought them to the one yard line, scoring two yards later on another sweep to Green and go up 14-0. Denver managed a balanced drive just before half featuring runs to Chris Brown and passes to a variety of receivers that resulted in a touchdown to narrow the margin to 14-7. Then the Broncos drew three points closer with a successful field goal on its drive to start the third quarter. 14-10, Seahawks. Seattle appeared too much on its only drive of the second half. Although I called a number of gonick's plays, he still managed to drive down the field methodically thanks to a ridiculously healthy Ahman Green and several open receivers owing to my fear of the aforementioned running back. However, as he entered the red zone, a completion over the middle on a 2nd-and-5 play near the 10-yard line would spark the end of the drive. A fumble. I took over at my own 8 yard line with three and a half minutes left, trailing by four. Chris Brown ran for five on first down. On second, I survived an ill-advised throw under pressure into an area patrolled by a ludicrously fast Ed Reed. On third, I caught Reed cheating just too far ahead and Brees found a diving Steve Smith for a first down near my own 40. After a called play and a stalled run, Brees found Shawn Bryson underneath for another third-down conversion. But an incompletion, a great diving stop by Reed, and a called run later, I faced 4th and 3. I got completely lucky to find Eric Johnson for a JJ down the sideline. Two plays later, I got lucky again. Thanks to a timely open-field block to spring Chris Brown free from John Lynch, when gonick had been outtapping me all game, I was able to go in for the go-ahead score with 19 seconds left to play. I got outplayed and won thanks to one timely turnover and scoring at the death of each half. Much props to the better player and team, gonickmontana and his Seahawks. But I'll take it!
  14. deadfaulkner

    1993 Week 9 Detroit @ Rams

    I uploaded this game, but when I went to confirm the site was responding like the "Yes" button wasn't working. I must have clicked it 3 times because the stats are now tripled in the game screen, and it appears that season stats are tripled, too. I'm attaching the file here so whatever correction necessary can be made
  15. deadfaulkner

    Perfect Tecmo Super Bowl QB Rating

    This just came up for me in relation to TSB 3. I tried it out, and it actually doesn't work to just use the passer rating formula without the limits - it comes out slightly off what is displayed in the game. I'm assuming they used the same passer rating formula for all four games, but I can't quite figure out what it is. any ideas?