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  1. Never played Slugfest, so can't help you there. Probably my favorite baseball game of all time is MVP 2005, the last year that EA had the MLB license. But that one is definitely more on the realism side, and it might be the kind of game that you are tired of. I really enjoy MLB Power Pros for Wii. It's got a really cool-looking, 3d-cartoonish art style, and has some really cool gameplay features. Think Japanese-role-playing-game-meets-RBI-baseball. I still play it after all these years.
  2. I don't know if Ken Stabler plays Tecmo, but in this video Tecmo plays Ken Stabler. This reenactment of the Holy Roller play from 1978 is a teaser for the upcoming installment of the Tecmo Legacy League ahead of its own 1978 season. Be sure to check out at http://www.scottzolak.com/tll/index.php. We're just about to begin the 1977 playoffs, so visit the site for live games, historical news article, stats, and more
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