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  1. This is an amazing idea!! Thanks for this I look forward to checking it out!
  2. Very cool, thank you again for the detailed info! I remember trying to play with the uni's a bit in the editor, even trying the darkest blue, but it wasn't dark enough. I think I had trouble with anything but white/black which was a bit frustrating.
  3. Thank you for the discussion and interaction, I wasn't trying nor did I intend to come across as looking for an arguement. Yes I was talking about the 2014 ROM, I apologize for posting in the 2013 thread, I'm at work and didn't realize that is what I had pulled up. It makes more sense seeing that it was intended to be an alt. jersey color that was worn fewer times. Thanks for explaining that the effort was inspired by not having them in the same black/white uniforms all of the time, given the variety NES color palette and the fun combinations/creativity of the other NFL teams, I can see why the white/black uniforms would be considered boring. While I am personally not the biggest fan of Chicago's Orange top/black bottom jerseys, those could also be an option for an alt jersey in regards to avoiding the black on black. I think it really stood out more this year because of the changes to the end zone and the players and marker dissapearing there. Given your history and time spent with Tecmo I know you know the flashing marker was part of the game, I was just expressing that I didn't like it when it's solid. The flashing marker was a personal preference, I can't speak to how much/what type feedback you would recieve if you color mashed more of the teams and by default removed it. So I appreciate your reply but given the sarcasm of your PS I have no idea how much you actually care or listen to this feedback, but none the less thanks for not ignoring me because I posted in the wrong thread.
  4. The Bears have worn Navy/Navy jerseys twice in the teams history, the first time was October 7th, 2002 and the 2nd was December 31st, 2006, so while yes that look has happened in real life, it's only been twice and not in 7 years which means the game is not accurate. I understand the sprite limitations and it's easy to fix on the rom on the computer, I also understand that Chicago has to have the dark helmets, so white jerseys would have to be the default. Could you elaborate on what you find boring or match up conficts, as opposed to ink blots that dissapear into the end zone? Two of the same color may work on lighter colored team jerseys(I'm not saying it does, but I don't know), but black on black looks bad and the african american players skin completely blends in too, so you really can't make the players out and you lose the flashing number too which was a tecmo staple. So outside of style and design choices the games functionaltiy is compromised when you can't see your recievers in the end zone, much less tell who you have selected since everything is black. I would think having teams be as accurate as you can make them given the limitations would be priority over what an editor would personally find boring. I understand the need to compromise but is there not a way to do it without breaking the game?
  5. Hi! I wanted to offer some feedback on the Tecmo NES Cart. I've been buying them for a few years and I think they are great! The only issue I have is as a Bears fan, in the original Tecmo they had a white top/black pants uniform color scheme that stayed the same for home and away games. On the Tecmo Update that is being sold via the NES Cart, they have been black top/black pants, which makes the "1" and "2" over the player not flash, as well as the players looking like black blobs and especially on the latest cart they blend into the end zone and you can't see them which really hurts on passing plays. When I run Matt Forte he looks like dancing ink! :0 Chicago also has not worn a dark/dark color scheme for 6 or 7 years so outside of the in game issues it's not team accurate. My request/feedback is, is it possible to have the Chicago Bears represented in the same uniform color scheme of white top/black pants on the NES Cart version as they were in the original? Also, thank you for all the work and time everyone puts into keeping this game going. The helmet logos are amazing and the game really plays and feels like Tecmo was still putting out the 8-Bit version. I blow my friends minds when they come over and I ask if they want to play Tecmo Super Bowl and then they realize after I turn the game on, it's up to date!
  6. Thanks for the reply guys. I have to look into how to edit a rom, so I can tailor the Bears unis. I know one pack had them in the orange shirts, which I wasn't a fan of, and they only wore them in 2 games per season. With the Nike changes, the orange jerseys for Chicago are no more. And the other pack had black pants, jerseys and helmet which made them look like the falcons. I appreciate the feedback!!
  7. Greetings Tecmo Friends. I had a question about Tecmo Uniforms that I thought I would ask here to people who make the various great roms. I know in the original Tecmo Super Bowl, the Chicago Bears had black uniforms and helmets in game, even though the helmet before the game was navy blue. I haven't dove into the editing of the roms so this may be a silly question, but is the navy blue not an available color for uniform selection? The color available may need to go to another team, I just thought I was ask as the black used for chicago is not bad at all, and something I'm used too from the original. Also, I've noticed that rom makers have a tendency to give the Bears black top/black bottom uniforms, which they have not worn in years, as opposed to the original back top/white bottom and white top/black bottom uniforms. Chicago has white top/white bottom but that may look bad in game. It was just something I was curious about, I love the roms that are updated every year, so I don't intend this as a critiqe, I was just curious. Thank you for any reply.
  8. Hello everyone!! My brother and I used to go to my Mom's and spend the weekend, back in the early 90's. In 1991/92 we started playing Tecmo Super Bowl on the NES with my step dad and uncle. I was the Bears, my brother was the Redskins, my step dad was the Giants, and my uncle was the Rams. We would get to her appartment on a Friday after school, then we would set up our season and begin playing. We had a blast and it became a tradition. We even tried upgrading to Tecomo Super Bowl for SNES, but our teams all sucked on the rest of the Tecmo games, so nothing quite could capture the magic of that NES game. I was thrilled to find that people are still playing Tecmo Super Bowl, and I love that people are updating the rosters for the new seasons. Tecmo Super Bowl 2012, the one with QB Colts, does a great job of capturing that Tecmo magic and the players who are good in real life, and Tecmo good in the game, great job! So today in 2012, I have my brother over to my house with my step dad and uncle, and we still play Tecmo, this time on the computer. But I wanted to say thanks to all who have contributed and made it possible to experience that fun all over again, almost 20 years later!
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