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  1. thanks a lot ... seriously you took my stuff on purpose...? that's tight i appreciate that if you want me to do your color update lemme know without a doubt!! Merci it's a wonderful game !!!! btw i saw other cats doing stuff like colored pass/run plays menu or wildcat plays... if you can do the same it ll be great ...or maybe i'm demanding a lil too much anyway thanks and you're welcome anytime!!
  2. Cool update ... Glad to see that the colors are juiced too hahahahahaha !!!!I feel blessed to see Tebow on a roster !!!! Good work keep it up !! merci a tous!!!
  3. HAHAHAAHAH... Merde; You gave 'em those name on purpose ? Volant - Freins - Armes - Guerre HAHAHAHAH Fromage, Boucher HAHAHAHAH Gris, rouge, bleu HAHAHAHA Man you Crazy as hell !!!! i love that !!!!! i love dat simpsons vs space mutant style font !!! BTW DOWNTOWN STABLE is for real with nune but the great ICEBERG SLIM on deck !!!PREACH!!! The world is filled with pimps and hoes , we're just talkin' about those i knowzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! he puts it down, pimping slyle hahahah !!! you're crazy and i mean it!!! great hustle!!
  4. HAHAHAHAHAH ...funny as hell...i love the playbooks it reminds me a lil like college or street plays...great job I wish i could have those plays on NFL roms but i dunno how to do it...still nice move on this one!!!!!
  5. Hi ....as always i bring to the table my lil' contribution by changing colors ! All colors were changed as the 91' throwback jerseys and stuff..but i don't think that all the HOME and AWAY colors match on each other so don't hesitate to tell me what's wrong it will help me to get this color hack as perfect as possible... THANKS to Xplozv and those who could make this hack so fresh so clean!!!! ...Ca troue le cul! ( Kick A ss!) yeah!!!!JBI Pimp'd OG-Style 1.1.nes JBI Pimp'd OG-Style 1.1 Juiced.nes
  6. WOW ...Putain de merde!!!!I can't hardly wait to see what comes next ...Really good job!!!! For real!!!!This rom is like a tidalwave on my face...great hustle!!!
  7. Et Voila !!!!! As promised for my man BRANDONJ47 and to all of you, the original rom of the BUCK's Tecmo Super Bowl + Color upgrade.... A few changes about 2 or 3 colors for best matching on Home and AWAY Jerseys and OF COURSE....... NO SIMS touched with a new pimped color flavour...all original all good ya dig!!!!!! MERCI encore à BUCK pour cette rom exclusive et un "big up" pour toi BRANDONJ47 ;-)HOPE TO ENJOY ONE DAY TO PLAY ON YOUR TOURNAMENT WITH Y'ALL!!! TSB 2014-15 ORIGINAL BUCK et PIMPK'd up .nes À PLUS!!!
  8. OH mon dieu ... i admit i screw that up but not on purpose...i thought it would be good that way...sorry about all that you guys!!!! if you want me to fix that it ll be without a doubt ,still i think i ll not messing up with buck's rom no more...especially with sims!!! So please BUCK do the thing right one more time and sorry it was a accident Also i propose you to do the color changes rite after you've done the sims from scratch...if anyone want some colors to be changed on some teams pls let me know!!!!! A bientot !!!
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Pas de soucis tout le plaisir est pour moi!!!!!!!! C'est du bon travail ce que t'as fait la!!!!! Ain't no thang i really enjoyed this hack so i hope you like the uniform colors i 've changed , also i managed to get all the games with a home /away colors that's pretty tight now don't hesitate to modify some of my color i don't mind at all!!! PEACE!! TSB 2014-15 Super Bowl buck.nes
  10. Here ! If anyone could enjoy this lil color upgrade? you're welcome to test this rom improvement Thanks to "BUCK" for this wonderful hack ! You're the man!! TSB 2014-15 Super Bowl buck.nes
  11. Hi everyone ... I ve changed a few things on that version ... don't get mad at me ,still i think those upgrades are nice... A few players heads also some more accurate numbers and the colors as well so every game has its own Home and Away colors that match ...so far i did my best to do so. Except for the Nfc west, i don't understand why i can't make a color change on certain games ...though it works pretty well. Just i want you to know that i play on a powerpak with a twin famicom and an old CRT TV so i think the colors suits better that way for a composite signal so.... Thanks again to all of you that still make this game so special 'till that day ...MERCI MERCI BEAUCOUP!!!!!!! Tecmo Super Bowl -A 15.nes
  12. I m waiting to see that great thing you're working on ...Here, it's your last rom that you've done of course this is the last season ...back then i have changed the colors ...hope that will help you ... i wanna see what that MANZIEL ll be able to do. NFL TECMO SUPER BOWL XLVIII 2014 FED.nes
  13. That's what i used to change team colors...I'd like to create my own game with my own playbooks change the colors of the post in their true wellow color and much more ... unfortunately i didn't have the good tools to get my imagination goes...so i don't think TSBtool is used to create playbook so if you could tell me if there is anyone else that can advize me in order to get this game more faithful ...it' would be tight.... thanks again to everyone that find the game is worth playing on those new colors and shoot out to QBVIKINGS!!!! Also if someone could explain me what ""juiced"" or ""vanilla"" means? ...i think it's about the difficulty or game speed ..though
  14. Pas de soucis mek...! ""By The Way i'm french so i hope my english ain't that bad"".... You 're welcome ... still i'd like to change playbooks ,could you please tell me which program or software can help me create new trick plays . Thanks and i hope you guys will be able to finish this game to make that 14 - 15 season more beautiful than the previous one!!!!! I think i ll be working on change the players head to get it more accurate ..tell me what you guys think about it!! By the way i'm french so i hope my english ain't that bad!!!
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