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  1. TSB 3 is my favorite and really the only version I play
  2. The video & the screen shots looks great. Amazing work I can't wait to play it
  3. I guess anyone with inside knowledge of TSB3 could answer this. What triggers the year end awards? O & D player of the year, MVP & All American team? it isn't always the player w/ the best stats so does anyone know what triggers it?
  4. I simmed a few seasons & Ohio State Linebacker Grant is a monster. 160+ tackles every season
  5. I played a couple of games today Both as Ohio State v Alabama & then Kansas St Alabama passed alot Kansas State ran alot Alabama's D was much better than Kansas St's Both D's were all over my backfield all the time you might want to look @ the Zone drops, it appears @ times players bail almost out of the screen even on runs @ the snap of the ball. They eventually recover but they give up a lot of ground In my most recent game against K State they had a fake FG & a fake Punt on the same drive I ran the right side run play in playbook 2 probably 20 times & to be honest it really grew on me. on that play you control the runner & a blocker
  6. Thanks for the updated rom Thanks for the ability to draw up some plays I will shoot them over to you shortly I understand your reasoning on the blocker controled plays. I am one of those people that you hate, I played & played TSB 3 until I could exploit every flaw in the CPU's game. I think I would enjoy those plays if the O line run blocked a little better. I just played a half w/ Ohio State & it seemed like backside players breaking in are killing the plays when I run them. I'll play some more & try & get a little more accustomed to it. Saw another fake punt, I know I keeping bringing up the same thing but I really like it. I like the variety & I like seeing the CPU w/ a mind of it's own.
  7. I may be in the minority but I am not a huge fan of controling the blocker(s). I prefer to just focus on watching the running lane develop while I run the ball. I'm not saying it isn't a great idea it just really isn't up my alley.
  8. I like the feel of the game & smarts of the game. the CPU feels like a much better opponent than the old days. Can you tweak Alabama's play calling? I played against them again this morning & they hardly ran the ball.
  9. thanks for the updated game I watched a game & played a few quarters of another it looks like the new plays have opened up the O. Ala vs UGA (Game I watched) combined for 35 points & over 250 on the ground not to beat a dead horse but I think the linemen on the running plays will be an issues. it kind of kills some plays because you have penetration so quickly. Is there a way to just assign them a space to block? like zone blocking? The CPU controlled D audibles a lot (about 12 times in the 6 quarters I watched or played) very cool. I saw another fake punt as well. really like. the game looks great, the different D alignments & the offensive formations really make it look slick
  10. I think part of the problem I was expierencing w/ the O line during running plays is it looks like some of the linemen are pass blocking instead of run blocking. I watched a game & @ first I thought the linemen were pulling & getting cut off but the more I watched the more I realized they were pass blocking. it doesn't happen on every run but it does appear to happen on some & it makes the play go foul in a hurry.
  11. I just watched a game between Oregon & Alabama. 8 total interceptions & both teams rushed for a combined 9 yards. Awesome Defensive game.
  12. Is it possible to upgrade the O Line? I dont know about everyone else but on running plays I have defenders on me b4 I get the hand off. I am still working on my passing skills, Just trying to get used to it so I really can't say what is money & what isn't. I might have to play seasons w/ Michigan state just because I like the mid field logo
  13. I played another game this time as VT v Wis & I crushed them The more I play the more I like the D. I am pretty excieted to see what develops on that side of the ball
  14. that is correct, on the run plays the line engages quicker & often times defenders are already breaking thru when the hand off is complete. But on pass plays the lines don't engage right away & by the time they do the defenders have already made their stunts so you can see a clear path.
  15. ALA QB McCarron had 34 carries for 286 yards in nearly 4 quarters of play. I can't figure out how to post a screen shot so you will have to trust me on that. pretty much any pass play works, you can see the D seperate b4 they engage & you can pick a lane. As far as the fields go I think the Logos look great, fantastic work all around.
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