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    If you wont me to play a season of your mod and post feedback/stats let me know and I will as time permits.
  1. IM 3-0 but the third game against atlanta was 35 31, the ai can play really well at times and then totally stupid same game lol. because of that to have fun at this i always give the ai the ball at start of game and back at half (punt 1 time), this kinda gives them 1 bye for stupid play and slows you down a bit esp if you fumble any which i usually do at least 1.
  2. Downloaded played season game with dallas won 30-23 on 7 min quarters i fumbled twice in bad spots and was a bit rusty, they actually ran great jennings (17/159 yds. couple tds). i should roll with dallas maybe a season with wheeden and without dez in would be tough. I didnt gun to dez every play try to handicap myself a little. Great job much appreciated, did you speed up ai any, they were pretty quick on running game i thought.
  3. Awesome, dude I thought you were gone, so glad to see you post new updates and in a single file. I havnt played in a few weeks but with season starting I will, probably try your pre-season Dallas team first. If you havnt tried QBVikings style mods just do it, they are very fun to play seasons on.
  4. Great job keeping that archive site
  5. Sounds good, I appreciate your taking time to explain, hopefully he will check in sometime.
  6. Did you quit the forum?, if so thx for the roms, came back to post an update and noticed thread was gone?
  7. On my list to try, I like to play Dallas or a less than great team for the challenge, will have to look up the Dallas stats/players from that year. I should get a detailed season of this started in the next 2-3 weeks and will do some game recaps.
  8. Final Carolina season recap Ok so next playoff game was Carolina at Detroit and early on Stafford ran the ball and is injured,lol. That was enough of an edge to win, I choose all run defenses forced a couple of punts and stayed ahead, final Carolina 35 Detroit 21. Will have a screenie included. Next game NFC champ. Carolina at the Giants, tough match-up on paper and it played tough as well.recap Carolina drives C Giants drives G C1---Cam rush td--------------------------------------G1---Nicks rec td C2---int(Rolle)-------------------------------------------G2---Punt C3---INT(Rolle)-----------------------------------------G3-punt C4---Halftime--------------------------------------------G4---INT time expires 7-7 at half C5---int(aku?)-------------------------------------------G5---Cruz td rec C6---Cam td rush---------------------------------------G6---Bennent td rec C7---INT (Rolle 3rd)-----------------------------------G7---punt C8---Punt return time expires Final Carolina 14-----Giants 21 Well, They covered everything, usually in tecmo you will catch a few wide open guys down field, the few times I had something close to open it was picked. The last Rolle int I thought Steve Smith was well ahead(he was) both players do that giant leap thing and guess who gets the ball. I maybe should have run more but giants de was really fast. Cam had a great rushing game, without that , I would have lost bad. That kinda game tempts you to do a replay, but I wont to give credit to the Giants, they earned it. Good season though. Giants end up playing Texans in 2013 Superbowl, screens included. Great job on the rom, yeah rbs are really fast and qbs, will give this another go at some point.
  9. First playoff game pits Tampa bay at Carolina TB drives TB Carolina drives C I go into this somewhat worried as Tampa kicked my butt in regular season but Ive improved alot on how I run team, turned out to be a wild game. TB1---Blount td rush-------------------------------C1---(Pilares 90 yd KO return) Cam td rush TB2---(Parish nice 75yd ko return) FG--------C2---Pilares K/O return TD--first of year TB3---fg attempt)))))blocked! then Blount picks up ball runs in for TD ----------------------C3---Cam rush TD TB4---INT---------------------------------------------C4---time expires for half TB5---Punt--------------------------------------------C5---fumble on punt return TB6---V jackson recovers fumble scores TD----C6---Next drive another good return/pilares Cam rush TD (3) TB7---TO on 4 downs (not sure why they went 4 here)--------------C7---D williams td rec from short field TB8---QB fumbles from blitz sack-------------------C8---FG TB9---V Jackson td rec------------------------------C9---Cam TD rush (4th) :!: TB10--time expires, was less min to go. Final Tampa Bay 31 Carolina 45 Nice playoff start, I mainly scramble Cam on pass plays and have gotten much better at not throwing if covered and still getting yards. Special teams got crazy this game, Pilares seemed really quick on returns and the TD I zigzagged back and forth to just stay ahead of 3 chasers. Big key was I got short fields alot and took advantage with tds, I thought TB really messed up when they went for 4th and 10, with alot of time left in 4th q. and I scored quickly from that. Next up Detroit who had a great regular season, should be a challenge. Playoff screen recap, a couple extra showing I finished last or near last in defense but did pretty well in offensive rankings for season, also lead rush chart for league. I was 12 in offensive rankings but only Saints gave up more total yards. I think I would have ranked high in redzone offense, they should track that,lol.
  10. Final season game Carolina (11-4) at Saints (4-11) Carolina drives C Saints drives No C1---D williams td rush----------------------------No1----Colsten picks up fumble and runs in TD C2---Stewart TD rec--------------------------------No2---INT C3---D williams td rush-----------------------------No3---FG C4---Cam N rush td---------------------------------No4---Henderson TD rec last play of half C5---fumble on punt return------------------------No5---Sproles fumble recovery TD C6---miss fg ------------------------------------------No6---punt C7---TO on 4 downs--------------------------------No7---Time expires at my 30 yd line. Final Carolina 28 Saints 24---------------Saints a chance to win at end but defense holds up. 6 sacks on Brees even with dropping back, pretty close game was surprised they have just 4 wins. I finish season at 12-4, but Detroit was 13-3 best over all record of all teams. I added screenies of Amazing Stafford numbers (4200+ yds), leading passer and Johnson over 2k yards rec. Tough choice between the 2 of league MVP for that season,lol. Stafford ends up with a whooping 176 passer rating, he prob. get mvp,imo.
  11. Next 2 games, both high scoring, the speed of everything really favors the O. Carolina at San Diego Final Carolina 35 San Diego 28 next was closer full recap---- Oakland (10-4) at Carolina (10-4) Oakland drives O Carolina drives Ca O1--Mcfadden (was in beast mode) rush td----------------------Ca1---Cam rush TD O2---Mcfadden rush td--------------------------------------------------Ca2---Stewart rush TD O3---clock runs down halftime-----------------------------------------Ca3---Cam rush TD O4---punt--------------------------------------------------------------------Ca4---fumble O5---Mcfadden rush td (3)---------------------------------------------------Ca5---Cam td rush (3) O6---D hagen rec TD------------------------------------------------------Ca6---Cam rush TD (4) O7---DH Bey td rec---------------------------------------------------------Ca7---time expires (miss x tra point) Final Oakland 34-----Carolina 35 Fun game, they couldnt stop Cam who I ran a bunch even on pass plays, I couldnt stop Mcfadden who was fast as lightning. We both scored on every drive but 1, the missed xtra point was the difference. Oakland has a great shot of going far in playoffs if Mcfadden stays in good shape. I t looks like at high speed both teams get 7 drives each on 6 min quarters on average and if they both score all 7 times then it could be 49-49max but turnovers/punts change that. I cant see many low scoring games with offense able to move so quickly. I hit that 49 a few games back and Wash scored 49 on me also, I guess with alot of TO it might be possible to go higher but not often.
  12. Week 13 recap Carolina (7-4) at KC (7-4) great record for KC so far Carolina drives C KC drives KC C1---J Stewart td rush----------------------------------KC1-Gen. Mccluster td rec C2---Cam N TD rush------------------------------------KC2--J Charles td rec C3---Lafell td rec------------------------------------------KC3---Time expires on drive/half C4---Stewart rush td-------------------------------------KC4---INT C5---Stewart rush TD from kc 1yd--------------------KC5---Hillis td rec. C6---Stewart rush td (4th of game)--------------------KC6---fumble/charles C7---Tolbert td rec-----------------------------------------KC7---TO on 4 downs KC 8----Game over/time expires D williams hurt early on, and Steve Smith still out had me concerned but Stewart hit beast mode and Cam was good, both were fast and ran them alot. Lafell kept coming open in middle of field 8/164, all I really needed those 3 gave me. Made a de switch to James Anderson last 2 games and he gets a timely pick this game, he has better int/agility and Im dropping back most of time now because the rbs have really gotten so fast, cant blitz much at all unless team has a crappy rb. Even calling all runs defense they still break at least 1-2 long runs a game, super fast but Im adjusting.
  13. OK picking up at Carolina (6-4) at Philly (4-6) after 2 really rough losses from Denver and Tampa bay on a 3 game skid here. Did AI go into turbo? Carolina drives=C -----Philly drives P Steve Smith still out:::: C1---Lafell td rec.---------------------------------P1---Havili Rush TD C2---Stewert td rush-----------------------------P2---DESEAN J rec TD C3---Lafell td rec---------------------------------P3---Punt C4---int----------------------------------------------P4---M Vick 80 yd rush td C5---D wiliams rush TD------------------------P5---FG C6---J stewert rush td---------------------------P6---Havili TD rec C7---Punt-------------------------------------------P7---Time expires with Philly at my 20 Final Carolina 35 Philly 31 run out Held on in a wide open game with some big plays on both sides. Was sweating as Philly drove down the field at end but last play was able to get them to run out clock after about a 15 yd pass I kept rec in bound by giving him extra yards and they just missed getting a shot at endzone. I also was asking who the h__l is the unstoppable beast Havili for Philly lol. Screenies included.
  14. Game recap Carolina (6-1) at Washington (2-6) Carolina drives=C Washington drives==W C1---Punt Punt is blocked! W1---d Young Punt block returned for TD C2---TO on downs W2---d Young TD rec C3---FG W3---Morris TD rush C4---int from blitz throw W4---Garcon td rec C5---int from blitz throw W5---fumble on run C6---punt punt is blocked! W6---punt block returned for TD (kERRIGAN) C7---Int W7---Riley td return off pick C8---Olson td rec miss x pt W8---morris td rush Final Carolina 9 Wash 49 Wow total implosion, Wash seemed fast as lightning this game 7 out of 8 drives were tds of some type., several blitzs forced bad throw ints, someone ran fast in and blocked 2 punts both run back for tds. My de couldnt stop them run or pass. I think I was feeling very relaxed until this game, now on edge after getting run-over, lol. Couldnt believe skins were 2-6, best team Ive played so far. Next up Denver. Screenie included.
  15. game recap Carolina (5-1) At Chicago (4-2) Carolina drives Car Chicago drives Chi +number Car1---miss fg Chi1----punt Car2--fg Chi2---punt Car3---Lafell td rec Chi3---punt Car4---fg Chi4---punt Car5---miss fg Chi5---Hester fumble Car6---TO on 4 downs Chi6---Booker fumble Chi7---drive but time exp Final Carolina 13 Chicago 0 Great defensive game, I couldnt run as Chicago had very quick upfront guys and both team had numerous good sack/blitz calls. I saw 6 sacks for my team, and 7 for Chicago (Urlacher 1) Chicago had 3 long drives but bad luck on fumbles and time ran out as they were within my 10. Steve Smith went out but Lafell in beast mode made the big plays for me to win the game. I wiil take the shut-out against a tough team to score on. Final stat screen included.
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