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  1. Hi, I've been playing a lot of 3 lately, and here's what I've been doing - 1. It depends some on player health/ability, but I use nickel mostly as a good all-purpose D, dime on sure passing downs, and goalline from my 3 yd line on in or the occasional 4th & 1. If my linebackers are way better than my secondary, I'll use normal more often. 2. I rarely audible on D, but I know some like to go from nickel/dime to normal/goalline to "blitz" the safetys. 3. I'll audible pass to run often when they show dime formation, and conversely when they call normal, I'll pass, especially on 1st downs. Hope this helps!
  2. Thanks CC, I'll let you know if it happens again, and thanks for passing along the ROMS...
  3. Cheap - Yes, it was MAN v CPU, and the first time I've come across it since playing TB3. I would love to get the '80, '81 and '82 ROMs, too - I've had a blast playing the '76 - '78 seasons...
  4. Update - I tried to replay the game & the same thing happened with Joe Washington in the second qtr! I guess I'll skip this game altogether...
  5. I double checked, and he wasn't in either returner slot - also, I couldn't move to the other screen when it happened. I love the TLL rosters, by the way - I can tell a lot of love and work went into them...
  6. No, it happened after a routine running play...
  7. I've been playing man vs com using the Legacy League 1979 rosters, and as Miami leading in the 4th qtr against Baltimore, Joe Washington was injured for the Colts. The screen came up for the com to replace the injured player, but it didn't - leaving me stuck on that screen until exiting & wiping out the game. Anyone else had a similar problem, and are there any fixes?
  8. Yes, in the downloads section, you'll find some rosters of different years to download - I'm playing the 84 season on SNES now...
  9. Wow - I'm especially excited to see AI changes, and I appreciate the difficulty of tweaking those ratings and responses. Whenever a beta is ready, I'm sure the world will beat a path to your door...
  10. You can get some great late 70's roms from the Tecmo Legacy League sites - I'm currently playing 1977...
  11. Speaking of the Genesis & SNES versions, what differences are there between the two?
  12. " we realized long ago we are hacking the least favorite tecmo game out there. but we always saw this game as having the highest ceiling. we are so close to having the game we envisioned when we first started out." -DH I have a feeling that if you can accomplish even %50-%75 of the changes you're envisioning, this version will see a MAJOR spike in popularity. As a true bridge between NES Tecmo and Madden, I think it would be too tempting, even for the NES diehards...
  13. Apparently, JamesBaker has deleted his membership on the site, but not before voting random posts of mine down (in totally unrelated topics), presumably because I gave the thumbs down to his screed about "work ethic" and his subsequent sort-of excuse. Geez, stay classy JB. Anyone else who had the temerity to disapprove of those posts might want to check their reps...
  14. Hot damn! The more I hear, the more I like - the idea of AI actually reflecting player ratings is positively nipple-hardening! Well, ok, maybe that's overstating it a bit, but is IS exciting...
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