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  1. Hey guys, has anybody ever thought about making a Blitz the League 2 version for TSB?
  2. I'm thinking about starting one with 8 fictional teams, with fictional players. This is what I have in mind: SMASH Football Alliance (SFA) is a Tecmo Bowl Kickoff simulated football league. The league has two conferences, Atlantic and Pacific, with 4 teams in each. Draft Each season, a draft will be held and all players will be available for the draft. Player Attributes After each game teams will receive points to increase player attributes. A win gives a team 6 points, and a loss 3 points. These points are used before the next game and can't be accumulated during several games. Training Camp During training camp, teams will receive 15 points to increase player attributes. Teams can also schedule exhibition games. Teams will receive points based on game results that can be used to increase player attributes. Regular Season During each season, all teams will face each other, playing two games against each conference rival, and one game againts each team in the opposite conference for a total of ten games. The regular season schedule will follow this format: CG - Conference Game CG ICG - Interconference game CG ICG Midseason Break CG ICG ICG CG CG At the end of the regular season, the top team in each conference will face the second placed team in the semifinals, with the top team having home field advantage. The winners advance to the championship game.
  3. Hey guys. Some of you know that there is a cheat for Tecmo Bowl Kickoff that allows you to give max points to players. Is there a way to creat a cheat code that will allow to give same numbers to different players in the same team? Thanks.
  4. Hello all. I've been wanting to make a TSB Blitz the League rom. This is what I would like to do: - Change the NFL conference and division system and replace it with 3 divisions. - Change the amount of teams to 24 and put 8 in each division. - Only have a 3 man OL. - Change the team logos, helmet logos, put the Blitz the League logo on the 50 yard line and Blitz the League wording on the end zones. Can somebody give me some direction on this, maybe let me know what I need to accomplish this, or a hand in general? Thanks.
  5. Hello guys. I don't post often and I'm not sure if this is the forum for this question. Does anybody know if a random player generator for Tecmo Super Bowl exists? I would mainly use it for Tecmo Bowl Kickoff, since I want to customize all the rosters to have fictitious players for a fictitious league. Thanks for reading.
  6. Here is my save with all 2013 rosters. These ratings are based on Madden 13 and the depth charts are from www.ourlads.com. The depth charts are from monday of week 1. In this save, the max rating is 75. The way I come up with player ratings is taking the Madden rating, dividing it by 99 and then multiplying it by 75. The .dsv file must be in the battery folder and the rom must have the same name for it to work. Bomborolo NFL 2013.zip
  7. Here's the file. I didn't make any other changes after I finished it. This file goes in the battery folder and the must have the same name as the rom. xpa-tbko-bomborolo 2012.zip
  8. I finished editing all teams and players but I'm using preseason depth charts. I will wait until the preseason is over and work on any roster changes and then release the file.
  9. I've been using each team's depth chart page. Once the season is about to start I'll compare what I have with the depth charts again, but that should be less work.
  10. I have no idea. I'm using a rom and emulator.
  11. Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm working on a file with this season's rosters. I have been doing it all manually. The teams that I have completed so far are Baltimore, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pitsburgh, Buffalo, Miami, New England and New York Jets. I plan on doing Denver, Kansas City, Oakland and San Diego today if I have the time. If anybody is interested, let me know and I'll post the file when it's finished.
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