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  1. I admire Mega Man for it's insane difficulty. Those games were very good at the classic anger and frustration followed by throwing the controller up against the wall or down on the floor after dying over and over.
  2. Hey Kieth I wanted to give you a huge thanks for all of these. They are easy to use to be drawn out on graph paper, and that can be used for crocheting patterns in blankets or with knitting or stiching arts/crafts. This has just helped me greatly in creating a blueprint for someone's wife to make a blanket for her husband who's a Rams fan. Big thanks man!
  3. I came across the SNES version of Tecmo Super Bowl II (Special Edition) that I see on Ebay going for around 50 or more dollars, but I got mine for only 20 dollars. The guy at the game store had no idea what he had that day!
  4. Most notably, Final Fantasy Tactics. It's a lot like that game with a chess like board where you move your units around.
  5. I think I will, thanks for that recommendation, it looks fun!
  6. This was a brilliant game and made the 3DS very worth playing in my eyes. I've never played any other games in this series but the whole moving characters around on a chess board like environment with tactical combat was pretty fun. The game felt refreshing and challenging where so many new games today can be finished so quickly.
  7. Will win a Super Bowl with Cleveland if Eric Metcalf stops fumbling.

  8. You guys may want to wait, since Miami is due a new helmet this year according to the rumors.
  9. AMAZING! That looks better than the actual logo itself!
  10. I agree, Brees is far, far better than Eli. To be honest I'd take him over both the Mannings IMO.
  11. I hear the Dolphins are changing their logo now too. Like there was anything wrong with theirs back in the 70's and 80's. It has now made me truly believe the teams with the best logos are the old school ones: K.C., G.B., Oakland, Dallas, I'd even take the Browns no logo at all over this.
  12. Talk about becoming the laughing stock of the NFL What in the hell were they thinking?

  14. I would love to see this put in the SNES version, awesome!
  15. Are you really working on a 32 team version of TSB 3? I think that is awesome!!! At least we'll FINALLY get something on the SNES with 32 teams!
  16. This is a great rom, I love it!
  17. Great rom but have to agree with you on the Niners I wish someone would edit the first Tecmo Super Bowl SNES 1994 rom with the Niners wearing those white pants. They should use those uniforms as an alternate, they looked great with the black stripe and shadowed numbers.
  18. No way!? MrNFL don't do the SNES roms anymore? Damn that sucks. I'm a huge fan of the SNES editions.
  19. I'm hoping we get an SNES rom soon.
  20. After seeing this, I figured you guys may want this template to do SNES cartridges too. I loved these covers they are awesome!! Would like to see one of Warren Moon one day
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