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  1. The tipped interception in Tecmo Super Bowl 2 happens very often. It's been discussed on this forum a couple of times. There is ways you can tip it and chase it and manage to catch it, however very difficult, but possible. A few years ago I had a tipped ball end up in a reception to the receiver it was thrown too. That game is crazy as hell. My favorite of the Tecmo games for it's harder difficulty.
  2. Minnesota's defense is incredible in this game. One of the most underrated teams.
  3. Seriously? A tipped interception in this game? Never seen it happen before TSB II on the SNES is notorious for this
  4. I haven't been able to much SNES in the past 8 or 9 months for a lot of personal reasons. I have been so busy this past year working and getting back into music and setting up a recording station. Though lately I've had off time so I started playing the SNES again. I started a season playing every game, as I enjoy to do, when the cartridge accidentally got pushed in with the power on causing a reset, nice as you please. Since this reset happened, the behavoir of the teams in the new season seems to be identical to how they were behaving during week 8 when the reset happened. This is what happened in my first season before the reset Raiders - Started 5-0 and were kicking total ass until they ran into the Chargers and got destroyed 41-17. (7-1) This Raiders team was winning nail biter games, which was crazy as hell. The COM was nearly beating me every week. Then I played them with the Chargers and destroyed them, and the next week they were back to struggling like an average team. Falcons - Started 0-4, and then won 4 in a row in blow outs. Defense was playing lights out all of a sudden. (4-4) The Falcons are a great team in this game if you can handle their pass happy offense, and it was firing on all cylinders. Chiefs - Started out average at 2-3, but won the next few games, including a blowout 41-10 over Green Bay. (5-3) The Chiefs struggled on offense and was barely winning games until this blow out over Green Bay and then they started to look hot. Jets - Started out 2-2 and broke into a streak of 3 game wins with a high flying offense. (5-2) The Jets were topping an average of 300-400 yards a game before the cartridge reset. Now this is what happened with these teams AFTER the cartridge reset. (I am at week 5 currently) Raiders - Again winning nail biters, yet was destroyed by the Chiefs (45-14), they are playing like an average team. (3-2) I played against the Raiders as I did the other season when the Browns game came up, and the last season where they started 5-0, they injured Kosar and won 31-21. This time they won 28-21 on a nail biter after stopping the Browns from scoring on the final drive. Defense was all over the place. The defense played hot as the COM until the Chiefs game where they got dismantled by 40 points, now they're like an average team again. Falcons - This Falcons team started out juiced for the season playing hot like they did in my failed season. (1-4) The first two games (Detroit and New Orleans) went into Overtime where they lost by field goals. Their defense limited Barry Sanders and limited the Saints. Vs San Fran, they got a 13 point lead that they melted away to lose by 1 point, then vs Pittsburgh they lost by a field goal after trailing 24-0 and rallying to score 21 points in the fourth quarter. I have never seen the Falcons play like this where they can score and rack up big plays on constantly. Vs Chicago, they win in a blow out 38-7 (I like Atlanta this season, going to play out them and see what happens in the playoffs) Chiefs - Blow out team just as they were last season, (4-1) Minus a loss to Houston where I chose Moon. Trailing 28-3, they came back and made it closer at 35-24, where they got hot after a turnover. This Chiefs team can't stop scoring. Barry Word runs all over the place just like he did over Green Bay in my failed season, and the defense gets turnovers often, just as they were doing before the season reset. Vs Denver, they won 50-12 in a game where Elway threw 3 interceptions, and Bernstine fumbled twice, all of which lead to scores (offense barely mustered 250 yards in this game) Jets - Holy batman, this team can score some points. (4-1) The Jets offense is a scoring machine this season. Boomer Esiason is the QB that got me to 300 yards passing in 2 quarters (the quickest). These guys cannot be stopped. Outside the season opener loss to Denver (28-30, they were hard to stop then) they are extreme. Before the season reset, they were a high scoring offense that racked up yards, and points even with backup players. Nagle came in after Boomer went down and threw 300 yards as the COM vs me when I was the Giants. Alson in the last season; they managed to keep up with Buffalo and force OT, in the game where Boomer got hurt in the first quarter and Nagle played like a God. This season though, playing with them, I just don't understand how they play so hot. Even if I put in all backups, the backups catch everything, and Pat Chaffey runs well on handoffs. They had a three game win streak where Boomer threw for 300+, no interceptions and scoring 40 points in each game (Vs the Dolphins, they won 47-9, vs NE they won 45-7, and vs PHILLY they won 48-41) All four of these teams picked up their behavoir they were undergoing when the season reset. I could make the same observation with a few other teams,but I haven't paid attention to them like I have these. Cartridge resets half way into season, then start a new season, and these teams are flying high. It's crazy! Never seen the Jets and Falcons play so tough. It's like they are the 49ers and Bills this season!
  5. Most of us on this board are referring to the SNES version, but if you do find crazy glitches on the Genesis, please share
  6. Well, he's more accurate than Bono, and I managed to pick up Mike Croel since I let him go.
  7. WR becomes QB I'm playing on my SNES with my new cart of this game and tonight the strangest glitch happened to me. Redskins/Chiefs. I did a trade mode season and let Bono go to Washington and made my man Blundin that starting QB. After half time, Bono disappeared in the stats all together when I went to check them, now WR REDSKINS 82 is the starting QB Bono is no where starting at all anymore. EDIT: Now WR Redskin 82 turned into Gus Ferrotte. Bono just disappeared all together. EDIT 2: On the state screen WR Redskins is the QB who went 50% completion for 49 yards. LOL EDIT 3: Bono has disappeared all together, he's not on the roster anymore. Pictures for proof. Sorry the quality is crap but here is my proof, also check out the stats on that WR, 1200 yards in one game LOL have no idea how that became.
  8. Thought we could make a thread compiling all the glitches we've discovered from this game. This place is the only thing on the internet I know of that has experience and lists these glitches. I think we can find enough glitches in this game to give some of those well known glitch fest games a run for the money.
  9. TSB II on SNES is my favorite. It's the hardest of the trilogy, and the only one with 3 full seasons to play with. I still play TSB III a lot. In my eyes, it's an easier version of II, with two major improvements; the COM no longer does that stupid 2 point conversion randomly when down only by 7 points, and the 2 point conversion itself has a full playbook and not just 4 bad plays to choose from. But on the downside, the field goal has become confusing, the computer is too easy this time around (Try II and you'll see the computer is actually tough) and it's the most glitch filled of all the SNES games. But the glitches are one of the reasons I love this game. TSB II don't have that many glitches. I'm in my 4th season and only discovered like 2 or 3 of them and they aren't even worth making a topic over.
  10. That has happened to me plenty of times before with the original game. Can never explain it, it's hilarious. The game does what it wants to do from time to time.
  11. I would like to make a TSB 1996 one day. Just switch Cleveland out as Baltimore. The expansion teams are already there. Would be awesome to play with that stacked GB team and that one good Carolina team before the 2000's.
  12. I wouldn't know, I turned it off after that, it was glitching like crazy
  13. Whatever happened to Brian Sipe, how come he don't get all this media love? I was talking to a Browns fan last month that I met locally, really nice old man and we were talking about the Browns and I asked him who he'd prefer; Sipe or Kosar? He said Sipe was the better QB and the 1980 team to him was a bigger heart breaker than both the 1986 and 1987 teams. In his words "Red Right 88 could have been prevented, 1986 and 1987 were failures on all counts". Sipe's best year was 1980 and was far better than both of Kosar's 1986 and 1987 seasons. 1980 should have been the Browns' year. They had that magic to them, and they gave the Raiders the toughest game of that post season. The Raiders managed to win by 10+ on San Diego and they stomped all over the Eagles. The Browns could have done that too that season. Compared to 1987, even though the Browns were good, you do have to admit, they played like shit against Denver. They let the Broncos run it down their throat, and even when the game was tied, they couldn't stop Denver. Blaming that entire game on Earnest Byner is not fair. Just my opinion, not trying to take away from Bernie and I know I might upset the Cleveland fans, but Sipe does at least deserve a little praise yet he gets none whatsoever. He's the only Browns QB in the Super Bowl era to win a season MVP. I think if Marty had Sipe back in his prime, the Browns would have put up those same impressive winning seasons, and probably even better. Bernie played 9 years in Cleveland, as did Sipe, and still Sipe out lasted him when it came to franchise records in statistics. Just imaging Sipe in his prime on the Schottenheimer Browns teams would have been an upgrade to Bernie but I still think they wouldn't have won it. And finally, let's be totally honest about those late 80's Browns teams. The Browns would have been DESTROYED by the Giants and Skins in those two Super Bowls, and everyone should know that. Even if they barely out lasted Denver, does not mean they wouldn't have got their asses kicked in the same way by much better NFC teams. They would have been demolished by that Giants defense in 86, that defense was one of the best ever. In 87, I highly doubt they would have been able to handle Washington's receivers when they couldn't stop the Broncos receivers for half of the day. I don't think the Browns would have stood a chance against Washington. Denver got shredded to pieces by no name Timmy Smith on the ground, as much as Cleveland struggled with Denver's receivers, I find it hard to believe they could have out lasted Washington in that Super Bowl. I'm not saying that to be harsh, but I find that 1987 Browns team to be very overrated. Everywhere you look, you hear about how Earnest Byner is the devil and how this is supposedly the best Browns team ever, but I'd take that 1980 unit over them. Strike or not, it don't matter, both the 1986 and 1987 team would have got their asses kicked hard by much better NFC teams, just as Denver did in the big one. It was still the era where the NFC flat out destroyed AFC teams, and those NFC teams were all across the board far better than the elite AFC teams. The 1980 Browns could have and probably more than likely should have beat the Raiders. Just look at how the Raiders romped over everyone after that. Now compare that to how Denver got stomped into the ground so hard in those Super Bowls. I don't think the Browns would have fared much better against those NFC teams than the Broncos did, but the 1980 Browns, I actually think were the better Browns team.
  14. Winning the Super Bowl in Tecmo with Bernie Kosar was perhaps the greatest feeling I ever achieved in TSB I SNES. Then I remembered he's the original Kerry Collins and that made me feel a bit sad.
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