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    Starting lineup resets

    TSB3/SNES - Original version of the game. Maybe I've just missed it when looking through all the thread titles..... Mildly annoying "problem". Starters get reset during season play: 1 - reset between each week 2 - reset after injured player recovers. Has anyone corrected the roster resets? I make a player in the SuperStar Editor. Put him in the roster where I want him (in a starting slot). Computer decides he's not good enough to be a starter and benches him automatically in favor of another player (who then becomes the default starter) on the roster because of performance ratings. I have to go in and set the created player back into a starting position after: 1) the beginning of the game when playing MAN or COA. 2) every week when I use either COM or SKP. Having the computer go behind me and change things because it believes a better player is available is irritating. Not to mention SSE players don't develop if they don't get playing time. Just wondering if this has already been addressed and I just didn't find it? Thanks guys! -Jimmy
  2. tanker3278

    Changing the base offense

    I'm sure this question has been answered somewhere else (where I haven't found it yet), can someone answer or put up a link to the answer for this question: My favorite team (Detroit) has a 1-back setup for its default base offense (1 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE) in TSB3. I want to change this to a conventional 2/2/1 so I can use a standard manning roster (no RB & WR trading places on the roster). What program will allow me to do that? I've already played using a trade to put another RB into a WR slot, but that screws things up when an injury occurs. Thanks, Jimmy