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  1. Dont know if its possible but it would be cool if there was a way to randomize the playbook memory between plays. Basically every time the play select screen pops up its eight random plays to pick from. Maybe have it shuffle between all the teams playbooks in a random loop or something. This would open things up during com vs com games, we would see all kinds of different plays being ran. Is this possible?
  2. glad you got this rom going, gonna give it a go over the holiday weekend!
  3. one more... QB throws ball instead of taking sack and runs less SET(0x28A39,0x4C3C8A)
  4. Dont know if you got these? none of this is my work im just digging through notes. Multiple Fumbles....this lets more than one fumble happen per play SET(0x2AE10,0x00) Fumbles Always......reminds me of rugby SET (0x2BF04, FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF) Fumble Never SET (0x2BF04, 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00) 15 Yard XP SET(0x246B0,0x1C) SET(0x24E38,0xE4) here are some special teams formations and behaviors, might want to play around with these first Kickoff Wedge Return SET( 0x8043, 0xB0F080ECFC8600B478C040FF32B8 ) SET( 0x802B, 0xB0CC80ECFC3C00B46CC0 ) SET( 0x8010, 0xB0A880ECFCFFE0B451C0 ) SET( 0x8058, 0xB01480ECFC03C0B481C0 ) SET( 0x8070, 0xB03880ECFC00E0B49CC0 ) SET( 0x808B, 0xB1A800ECFC7000B45C50 ) SET( 0x80A0, 0xB1E400ECFC0E00B47060 ) SET( 0x80BC, 0xB1FC00ECFC0700B48060 ) SET( 0x80D8, 0xB13800ECB49150 ) SET( 0x80EA, 0xB1E078ECB47840 ) Punt Block Return SET( 0xA120, 0xD0E808EAFFADAA ) SET( 0xA253, 0xD0F008EAFFADAA ) SET( 0xA33A, 0xD0F808EAFFADAA ) SET( 0xA2C2, 0xD0D408ECF60AE209FFADAA ) SET( 0xA151, 0xD0E008EAF60AFFADAA ) SET( 0xA25A, 0xD00008EAF60AFFADAA ) SET( 0xA36B, 0xD00C08ECF60AE209FFADAA ) SET( 0xA078, 0xD1360CECF60AFC1000FFADAA ) SET( 0xA085, 0xD1C00CECF60AFC0800FFADAA ) SET( 0xA092, 0xD0F025EC ) SET( 0xA099, 0xD0F080EC ) Punt Coverage SET( 0x810C, 0xD0F048ECE6F400FEFE ) SET( 0x8115, 0xD00030ECFFE8BEFFFFFF ) SET( 0x811F, 0xD0D80EECFF3CBE ) SET( 0x8126, 0xD1360CEC4AFF66BEFFFF ) SET( 0x8130, 0xD1C00CECFF60BE ) SET( 0x8137, 0xD0080EECFF4EBE ) SET( 0x813E, 0xD0F006D3FF30BE ) SET( 0x8145, 0xD0E80AEAFF2ABE ) SET( 0x814C, 0xD0F80AEAFF36BE ) SET( 0x8153, 0xD0E00CEAFF42BE ) SET( 0x815A, 0xD0000CEAFF48BE ) Kickoff Coverage SET( 0xA010, 0xD0F038E5E4FFADAA ) SET( 0xA018, 0xD0A81EECD70064D70044F53264FFBCAA ) SET( 0xA028, 0xD0B01EECD7007FD70044FFADAA ) SET( 0xA035, 0xD0C01EECD7007FF43CFFBCAA ) SET( 0xA041, 0xD0D01EECFEE7 ) SET( 0xA047, 0xD0E01EECD7007FF564FFF564FFFFBCAA ) SET( 0xA057, 0xD0001EECFEF0 ) SET( 0xA05D, 0xD0101EECFF35A0 ) SET( 0xA064, 0xD0201EECFF29A0 ) SET( 0xA06B, 0xD0301EECFEF2 ) SET( 0xA071, 0xD0381EECFF0CA0 ) FG/XP Formation SET( 0x817A, 0xD0F040D6FF32B8 ) SET( 0x8181, 0xD0F060ECE7FF32B8 ) SET( 0x8189, 0xD0D012ECF706FF5ABE ) SET( 0x8192, 0xD0D810EAF706FF3CBE ) SET( 0x819B, 0xD0E00EEAF706FF42BE ) SET( 0x81A4, 0xD0E80CEAFF2ABE ) SET( 0x81AB, 0xD0F008F080D3FF30BE ) SET( 0x81B4, 0xD0F80CEAFF36BEFFFFFF ) SET( 0x81BE, 0xD0000EEAFF48BEFFFFFF ) SET( 0x81C8, 0xD00810EAFF4EBEFFFFFF ) SET( 0x81D2, 0xD01012ECFF54BE ) FG/XP Block SET( 0xA0B5, 0xD0E808EAFFADAAFFFFFF ) SET( 0xA0BF, 0xD0F008EAFFADAAFFFFFF ) SET( 0xA0C9, 0xD0F808EAFFADAAFFFFFF ) SET( 0xA0D3, 0xD0D808EAFFADAAFFFFFF ) SET( 0xA0DD, 0xD0E008EAFFADAAFFFFFF ) SET( 0xA0E7, 0xD00008EAFFADAAFFFFFF ) SET( 0xA0F1, 0xD00808EAFFADAAFFFFFF ) SET( 0xA0FB, 0xD01C08ECFFADAAFFFFFF ) SET( 0xA105, 0xD0C408ECFFADAAFFFFFF ) SET( 0xA10F, 0xD0E824ECFFADAAFFFFFF ) SET( 0xA119, 0xD0F040ECFFECBD ) Skip to main menu SET(0x20038,0x4C8980) COM Dive Tackling like SNES TSB I SET(0x28dd7, 0x30) SET(0x28e9d, 0x30)
  5. Does anyone know the hex location or set command to have auto touchbacks on kickoffs when the ball lands in the endzone, like a punt?
  6. while im thinking of it. Is there a way to have a auto touchback feature on kickoffs just like it does with punts? If the ball drops in the end zone its a touchback automatically.
  7. Does anyone know the hex location or a set command to have the ball spotted at the 25 rather than the 20 after a touchback? thanks,
  8. What I tried to do is long winded and somewhat complex but I will attempt to explain then go from there. I always play com vs com, so I wanted a clever way to make all 64 or so plays available to pick from for a com vs com game. So my idea was to take the TSB Play Maker tool and copy and paste all of the 64 play outcomes under each of the play slots for the first play or play "0" for each pass and run slot. I copy and pasted each reaction perfectly and it even showed up correctly on the play maker tool, but in game is was a miss guided clusterf*ck. I thought I would be slick editing the possible play reactions as different plays but it didn't work. here is what I did. Offensive reactions: run "0" Slot "0" 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 53, 54, 55 Slot 1 1F, 03, 02, 01, 1B, 1A, 56, 18 Slot 2 04, 05, 07, 08, 09, 0B, 0C, 0D Slot 3 59, 58, 2B, 28, 29, 2E, 2D, 0E Pass "0" Slot 0 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 Slot 1 38, 39, 3A, D7, DB, DE, 3E, 3F Slot 2 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47 Slot 3 48, 49, 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E, 4F According to the playmaker tool everything copied over good it just doesn't work in game. Any help would be great.
  9. I have a couple ideas/requests for gameplay hacks. First, is it possible to make the ball carrier get popcorned? It would be cool to popcorn a ball carrier due to the following situations: 1. A sack (popcorn the QB, make a big sack very satisfying) 2. A fumble (like a big hit separates the ball carrier from the ball) 3. An Injury (just makes sense here) Second, is it possible to have the playbook randomly shuffled between downs? Like getting dealt a hand of cards, 8 randomly selected plays to pick from per down. This could open things up during gameplay, especially COM vs COM or any mode for that matter.
  10. hey, is the int return speed hack the same as the fumble return hack? are they one actual hack that does both?

  11. What was the set code to make the clock stop until the punts or kickoffs are caught?
  12. Its the nes Tecmo Super Bowl. Its just bring it 4...the one with the huddle breaks. If you could figure out the issue that would be great.
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