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  1. Hear ye, Hear ye. The following describes not a tournament per se, but rather a live console season in which many games will be played at the same time rather than having to wait for 1 game. All season stats will not only be available for perusal on the game roms but also updated on our CFT Phile as we proceed. The goal is to give all owners as close to the original live tecmo season experience as possible, without taking so much time to complete, and with all teams closer to each other in overall attributes. In so doing, we all accept our fates and acknowledge the greatness that is the Tecmo Super Deities, and their love that will rein down upon us in all its forms and greatness, whether it be the JJs, the CCs, the condition or injury love/hate, and that most barbarous and diabolical form... THE JEALOUSY! Our goal is also to have at least 12 (more is possible) owners join for festivities. Location: Kamp's Garage (address will be emailed to all parties involved) Date/Time: July 28, 2018. Begin at 9AM Pacific Time. YES 9AM DAMMIT! Cost: $10 (Super Bowl Winner collects all monies) All Praises to the Tecmo Gods Streamed? YAS! The goal is to Record all games and Stream one to two games at a time (depending on how the game(s) are shaping up. But not two complete games at the same time) Yes Inspired by the Red Zone Channel and other similar stream styles where multiple games can be displayed. Streams will be on https://www.twitch.tv/kamphuna8/ Season 1 Videos can be accessed there or on the youtube playlist that follows. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3icdCQkyCZ6K_89RktFbQvh3FTYGFTdg Website: http://www.pnw.puretecmo.com/main/main.php (has rosters) Format and Draft: All games will be played on NES Consoles using Everdrive Flash Carts. Teams will be drafted in a non-Snake format using the attached Spreadsheet. Draft order will be based on previous year's performance. Those that were not there will be placed according to my discretion. The draft will be similar to HSTL format in terms of rosters. Each position group including QBs (x2) RBs (x4) WR/TEs (x6) OL (x5) DL (x3) LB (x4) DB (x4) will be drafted by each owner. All the OL, DL, LB and DB tandems are going to be locked in to their alignment that is on the original Tecmo Super Bowl rom. No WRs or TEs can carry the ball on a RB run play. A salary cap will also be utilized (according to the tecmo_salary_cap.xlsx spreadsheet from @bruddog ) where no team can go over the $100 mark. K/P will all have the same attributes (50 50 I believe) and Owners can provide names and faces for their idiot kickers. A night will be organized and announced for the draft on our discord channel. I'm going to suggest our draft be over the actual NFL Draft weekend, sometime from April 26 to 28th. Linked Resources follow >>>> CFT Draft Template and CFT 1 Draft CFT Season 2 Draft will begin Friday April 20 at 4:20pm Cascadia time. This will be a rolling draft, meaning that technically there is no time limit or expectation that we are all tied to be present at the same time. Picks will be made through discord and I will solely update them in the Google sheet we will use. The draft order is based on season 1's results and the guys who didn't play season 1, I inserted them where I think was most fair according to Cascadia Tecmo History and impending shenaniGGans. Here is the link to the Google Sheet -------> CFT 2 Draft The Draft order is as follows. 1. larrybird33 2. joeyhoneybee 3. @~Tailback King~ 4. @TheProfessor 5. @Polish Rifle 6. @Tick 7. @boogiewithstu 8. @manYo720 9. @fairfensheeding 10. @gripsmoke 11. @invader_star64 12. @XtraLargent 13. @DT. 14. @kamphuna8 Regular Season: Regular season will be in a Round Robin format with everyone playing everyone else. There will be 2 conferences (no divisions in the conferences) with at least 6 teams in each conference. This will limit the choices for owners joining in Season 2. For owners that participated in CFT Season 1, the same teams will be used (this may change, I just have to flesh out the implications of how it will all be displayed and accessed when looking at team histories on the CFT Phile) Actually, I think there's no problem changing Franchises. We're not a dynasty league..yet. If we get exactly 12 players, it will be an 11 game season and with a 9AM start time, we should be finished with the regular season by 7pm. With the current setup, we will have at least 3 stations to play all the games. Potentially 4, but either way, with 6 games per regular season week, it will take at least the time it normally takes to complete two TSB games to finish each week. Conditions and injuries will function as they would on a normal console Regular Season, with conditions carrying over from week to week, and injuries that can result in a player missing up to two more games after the game in which the injury occurred. ALL HAIL THE Tecmo Super Deities! Playoffs!!?!: After the Regular Season concludes, the playoffs will all be played on one console with each playoff game streamed. Playoff seeds will be determined using Tecmo Super Bowl's tiebreaker logic, with teams in each conference seeded from 1 thru 6 according to regular season record, and the tiebreaker is point differential. In the event of a tie with same point differential, the team that won the regular season matchup will get the higher seed. Top 2 seeds in each conference get that Wild Card Round bye. The final regular season Rom save will be hacked to place the 12 playoff teams into the TSB Playoff bracket. The Playoffs will determine the Cascadia Effin' Tecmo Super Champion for Season 2! Participant list for Season 2: CFT Player Profiles linked as well. Team Logos are from teams used in previous seasons. If new franchises are requested, we can move them. Potentially we will have upper tier players and lower tier players sorted by conference. TBD 1. kamphuna8 - Confirmed CFT History 2. @boogiewithstu - confirmed CFT History 3. JoeyHoneyBee - confirmed CFT History 4.Kevin -confirmed Grit City or depending on Sir Ted showing 5. @XtraLargent - confirmed CFT History 6. @Tick - confirmed CFT History 7. @DT. - confirmed CFT History 8. @gripsmoke - confirmed 9. @~Tailback King~ - confirmed! Brangin that Portland HEAT! 10. @manYo720 - confirmed! 11. @invader_star64 - confirmed CFT History 12. @fairfensheeding - confirmed! - 13. @TheProfessor - confirmed @SirTed - unconfirmed CFT History JayMC425 - unconfirmed CFT History @Polish Rifle - unconfirmed Some other potentials if need be. They probably already know who they are... OUT! @gonickmontana - OUT Unable to attend on scheduled date @ptitteri - OUT! Team TBD Job signups: Convert Upload and Merge crew: X2 Stream maintenance: X2 Other jobs? Disputes and Game fails/resets/glitches - We are all grown men and will figure it out. But I will reserve right to lay the law if need be. THE REST OF THIS POST IS HIGHLY TECHNICAL AND NERDY. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK... Visions for the future: This will continue to be a summer event going forward. Eventually I would like to grow this to be a 16 game season. This could be done over one weekend (2 days or 3) or spread over over more time (1 day on consecutive weekends or something like that) With still around 12 players I could still do it in my garage and we could do a 16 game season where each team plays each of the other 5 same conference teams twice and the opposite conference teams once 5x2 + 6 = 16. I know thats a lot of tecmo to play in a short time, so we'll see how that develops. I also hope to get some non PNW KampBuddies out to future CFT seasons. I envision pairs of tecmo brethren from around the same region could take a tecmocation out here to the PNW where it's pretty much great weather once you get past July 4th, and usually before hand as well. Like my Chicago chaffeurs to Madison @modeezie and @toolie, B&G Vets @stalltalk and @MattyD, NTF brethren @chiefsjr83 and @redskinsfan1124 , and @arncoem and @baxterbear12 . Other considerations include making this a regional event, holding part or whole seasons in different PNW locales and providing time to take in the scenery wherever it may be, and perhaps some local haunts. Another potential for the future is to carry forward with the goal of having a dynasty type season setup starting in the 60s like Manyo planned (or perhaps the 20s like my nerdy ass would want) and do a few short seasons a year during the Feb to Jun or July months (like Manyo planned originally for dates on the 3rd Saturday of each month). Hacks included on Rom: The goal is to have these hacks (mostly for stat purposes) while not affecting any change in the actual game play itself when compared to playing a TSB Season on an actual TSB Cart and NES console. Tapmeter - Counts and displays taps in man grapples. Play Preseason Games in Season-Mode - Allows us to play in preseason yet still have stats kept, and use the Season Mode space for the other hacks we need (if I'm not mistaken). Injuries in ALL Modes - Toggles injuries for our set up playing our games as Preseason Games in Season Mode No Fumbles in End Zone - To prevent loss of stats. This may be adjusted if it's possible to hack the game to allow End Zone fumbles (cuz the feeling of forcing one is SO DELICIOUS) without losing the stats. Still waiting for an answer to that question. Keep Quarter Scores Intact if game goes to OT - If this hack is not included, then the scoreboard on the recap page does not accurately display the scores in each quarter, as you can see here in these epic (and only) OT contests from Season 1 involving @invader_star64 . Here vs @DT. http://www.pnw.puretecmo.com/main/dsp_recap.php?gID=40 and then here in an elimination game vs @Tick http://www.pnw.puretecmo.com/main/dsp_recap.php?gID=46 Track Fumbles - Shows each teams number of fumbles and fumbles lost in the recap. Track Time of Possession - Allows us to see Time of Possession for each team in the recap. We found a bug in this one because it uses space that we are using that online leagues do not, which causes BUF QB1 (John Elway in our Season 1 rom tests) to accumulate weird stats when not even playing any games, like lots of passes and 100% completion rate of those passes for very minimal yards and TDs and a TON of INTS. So the set commands will be a little different for our league. Will update when fixed. Recording Tackles - Tackle stats on recap and stat pages. Player 2 Conditions Fix - Fixes the display of attributes to match the conditions for P2. Other potential hacks are in the works, however none are meant to affect gameplay. Mostly they will be for additional stats. I'm hoping to be able to track some other things like JJs, CCs, picked plays, Yards after Catch, maybe individual player's fumble stats, JJ ints thrown and caught, Passes Defensed. Forced fumbles and fumble recoveries. Not sure how much we can fit and logistically do before this season, but hopefully we get a good deal of them. Also toying with the idea of randomizing the sound loop for each play. How this will work: First of all a lot of thanks and gratitude must go out to the Godfather @Knobbe and @davefmurray for their contributions in ensuring this site meets the needs of all our tecmo brethren. Much thanks also to all those who share how to hack this in such a way we can enjoy it in this fashion. @jstout has shared so much (and was always very helpful when I would bug him about stuff a couple years back) and @bruddog for basically being the shining beacon of hope that allows us to not only approach doing this, but get the support to troubleshoot and basically provide so much of his time and resources so generously. Much thanks and praises also to @brookstonfowler for his help with our CFT Phile. Getting Started with the Regular Season: The way we are able to do this is through using the rom created with aforementioned hacks on an Everdrive. We start by using the initial rom on all the Everdrives SD cards for week 1 and playing in preseason. I'm not sure if we need to set Team Control for each team to Man in the Season Game menu for our regular season games, but we will have to for the playoffs. After each game, a state is taken from the Everdrive and the ED's SD card is pulled. From the SD card, the state is saved to the CPU, then run through an Everdrive State Converter (linked below) which converts the state to a Nestopia like state which can then be uploaded to our Website (CFT Phile). Each Save State from Week 1 (in its Everdrive form I believe) is then merged with the other Save States from Week 1, one at a time (to the previously merged save state) using a tool Bruddog "whipped up" and the final version (Rom aka Save State) after all the Week 1 states are merged will be labeled as our Week 2 rom, and then copied to the ED's SD cards to be used for Week 2's games. This process will be used all the way through the completion of the regular season. Regular season stats and standings will be available to peruse on the rom and cartridge itself, as well as on the CFT Phile website, which will be updated with each game uploaded right after completion. There were some logistical concerns and flat out problems in our efforts for season 1 that will inform how we make season 2 and beyond happen. Problem number 1 was that we were unable to get the merges to work properly and consistently during the first season and the reasons included a lack of familiarity with best practices for making saves visible on the SD card and then trying to make a lot of this stuff work without allowing enough time to test it out before Game Day. Luckily we were able to manage to get the saves to show on the SD card using the knowledge we had (basically, after saving the state with a Select and Start button push, the state saved would not actually be saved on the SD card itself until a different rom was loaded). The end result was that we essentially played every game in season 1 with the same rom, but for each game, the rom's name was changed to include the week number and teams involved in order to ensure each file was named to clearly describe what it held. I also used a protocol for saving and converting these states for upload that included the creation of file folders for each week and game, and in each game's folder was an extra folder for the actual converted to nestopia state format since the names of both pre and post converted states were identical. Long story short, I was creating a lot of the folders while also going forward with the conversions and uploads and there was a lot of wait time for everyone else before the next set of games could be played. My plan to improve the logistics include having all the folders created for each week before hand, as well as to have extra SD cards so that when, for instance, the first 3 or 4 games of a given week are played, those SD cards can be pulled from the Everdrives and be replaced with other SD cards that have the rom for the rest of that week's games on them while the work to convert, upload and merge is being done. I'll also try to incorporate more help from guys there so it doesn't have to be just me doing the file work. @invader_star64 helped out a lot last season, and I think we can get a crack team to make it as efficient as possible and minimizing wait times between weeks. Everdrive State Converter - Converts Everdrive state to one that matches Nestopia states and thus can be read and uploaded to our Phile. Merge Tool - I don't have a link for this but we use it to be able to carry conditions and injuries over from week to week as well as be able to see the complete season stats with the Rom on the Everdrive in the NES itself. PLAYOFFS??!?!? - For the playoffs, the final rom save after all the final week's mergers are done will be hacked to put the teams in their respective places in the Playoff Bracket that Tecmo Super Bowl console seasons utilize. I saw this in action yesterday and about flipped my lid. In this case the Team Control in Season Game menu needs to have all the playoff teams set to Man. Once this rom is loaded, no changes need to be added to it. The two potential logistical issues I foresee and want to get in front of are: 1. How can we ensure that we are able to get a state that we can upload from the end of each playoff game? and 1A. If we do pull the SD card to convert and upload the playoff save state after each playoff game, how can we do this without making the wait in between games too long? I know there is a way to create files on the Everdrive that can serve as placeholders (and using efficient nomenclature) for save states so that one can choose which file on the SD Card to save the current SRAM to. I'm hesitant to trust this method without ensuring we have a good save to upload before moving on to the next playoff game. I guess my thinking is we can save that SRAM to the file and pull it out quick, copy it to another SD card and use the next SD card for the next game while we work on converting and uploading the state for the just completed playoff game. (Having the actual SD card not being used by the current playoff game being played will make it easier to pop the card (in its Everdrive) in to the NES and "push" the save to the SD card, using the methodology from season 1. I apologize for this last bit of rambling (stream of consciousness) We will work it out. Cascadia Tournament Historical Links: Portland Tecmo 2 JJ's Birden 1/27/18 1st kamphuna8, 2nd Gripsmoke, 3rd Tick, 4th DT (Greats rom side tourney 1st Gripsmoke, 2nd kamphuna8 Seattle Pimpin' Ain't Easley 9/3/17 1st Ptitteri, 2nd Mort, 3rd DT, 4th Invaderstar (Consolation Champ Tailback King) CFT Season 1 Tacoma 7/8/17 1st kamphuna8, 2nd DT, 3rd XtraLargent, 4th Invaderstar CFT Season 0 Centralia 3/11/17 1st Tick, 2nd kamphuna8, 3rd DT, 4th Manyo 3Portland 1 JJ in the Beaver 1/28/17 1st Invaderstar, 2nd Gripsmoke, 3rd Manyo (Consolation Champ 1991Huskies #shoottheJ) Pac Rim 3 Seattle 9/4/16 1st Moonwalk, 2nd kamphuna8, 3rd jim jensen, 4th DT (Bottom Bracket Winner Boogiewithstu over gripsmoke) PNWTC 5 Centralia 7/2/16 1st Gripsmoke, 2nd SirTed, 3rd Tick, 4th Manyo Mayhem 5 Centralia "Dick" 8/29/15 1st kamphuna8, 2nd Invaderstar, 3rd Gripsmoke, 4th Manyo PNWTC 4 Centralia 7/11/15 1st DT, 2nd Gripsmoke, 3rd SirTed, 4th kamphuna8 Mayhem 4 Centralia "play 2" 1/2/15 1st kamphuna8, 2nd manyo, 3rd grip ( Night mayhem 1st kamp, 2nd manyo, 3rd TailbackKing) PNWTC 3 Centralia 6/21/14 1st gripsmoke, 2nd Invaderstar, 3rd Sir Ted, 4th Randy F Mr. GiGGles PAC RIM II Seattle 4/12/14 1st Invaderstar, 2nd Gripsmoke, 3rd Sir Ted, 4th Stanley? Mayhem 3 Tacoma Trailer Tecmo 4/4/14 1st kamphuna8 Mini Tourney Winner Invaderstar Mayhem 2 Centralia 3/1/14 1st kamphuna8, 2nd Sir Ted, 3rd Manyo, BoogieWithStu Mayhem 1 Centralia ACTUAL 2/15/14 Manyo over kamphuna8 Mayhem 1 Centralia 8/17/13 Didnt happen... PNWTC 2 Centralia 6/30/13 1st kamphuna8, 2nd Randy Foulfield, 3rd Sir Ted, 4th BoogieWithStu PAC RIM I Seattle 4/7/13 1st Randy, 2nd kamphuna8, 3rd tie Sir Ted and Tyler J PNWTC 1 Olympia 6/23/12 1st Randy, 2nd GoNickMontana5, 3rd Manyo, 4th BoogieWithStu RESULTS Rumblings by CochiseBlue(Luigi) and MadManyo and GoManyo360 Edmonds at Another Castle 5/20/11 1st Manyo, 2nd kamphuna8, 3rd Boogie with Stu RECAP RodWoodson aka TecmoGodfather aka PNW Live Tourney Godfather **UPDATE** Field Guides! CFT2 Field Guide.xlsx CFT2 Field Guide.pdf
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    Number Association Game

    88 Irvin. 12 Bradshaw and Staubach 37 Lester Hayes 60 Otto Graham 16 Joe Montana (a negative for me lol) 51 Butkus 32 Mike Curtis, OJ, Franco 8 Larry Wilson, Aikman, Young 7 Elway 1 Moon
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    Old timers - When was the peak of online tecmo?

    Hstl, wtf, TTL, GTFO... is that it?
  4. How available are you for Labor Day weekend? We've got at least 6 guys (a couple of others are maybes depending on if it's Sat or SUn) that would be IN already if we run this back for Labor Day weekend. This is the Tailback King Signal. Calling all TBK!
  5. kamphuna8

    Old timers - When was the peak of online tecmo?

    And getting games in was still a bit of a struggle IIRC. Retro did have the best involvement, although I wasn't around for the inception of WTF, it sounded like that was the peak for owner involvement in a dynasty type league. TCS is one that a LOT of guys die on the inside about.
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    Baseball Stars - Expanded

    These were posted here at some point too. I'd love to see if we could get those roms he changed the graphics for. @TecmoTurd APB!
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    Tecmo Season Schedule

    IIRC NFC East played AFC Central, NFC Central played AFC EAST, and NFC West played AFC West
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    Tecmo Season Schedule

    This ??? https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/1991/games.htm PS Tecmo Seasons are where it's at and where things are going. I love me some live tourneys, but live seasons? Definitely need to get more of these going...
  9. One of the issues that came up on the CFT Phile on game day was how a few of the rosters were missing players. Luckily they were all offensive players, so we could check conditions in game and still use the phile to check defensive conditions if you forgot. I now have all the rosters at least displayed, not totally fixed to my liking yet. During the playoffs early stages, the CFT Phile brought a lot of interest in seeing not only the stats, but also tracking the conditions of certain players throughout the season. Some guys just went into excellent and stayed there. http://www.pnw.puretecmo.com/main/dsp_roster.php?tID=28 If you click on Greg LLoyd's name, and then click on the Condition Tracker on the pop up box, you'll see what I mean. The Falcons might have had the most crazy runs of players in Excellent in CFT 2. Check Mudbone, Craig, Lloyd, shit...
  10. kamphuna8

    Salem, OH - 04/25/15 - Stone Age Gamer Tecmo Franchise Bowl

    We definitely will take this forward. The type of work to make this work is very specialized...But when it does come together it's magical.
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    Old timers - When was the peak of online tecmo?

    The other aspect that crushed me (even tho I was invited, and then of course ended up running it eventually) was that consolidation/condensing of the other leagues. MAN MY WTF RETRO TEAM WAS READY FOR A RUN OF TITLES! And Retro was by far my favorite WTF league.
  12. I still plan on sharing my thoughts around this... It's just been super busy since. Sunday after the season 2 was all clean up and rest before the fam got home (and cut up vids for YouTube). Started teaching summer school on Monday, last weekend was in Salem all weekend, and now back to the Summer School grind and getting that kitchen sink/faucet fixed tomorrow. @invader_star64 should be here tomorrow and I should get the rest of the footage that we captured and start cutting that up too. Twas a blast and I'm thinking about more ways to improve and how and when we should do the next season. CFT!
  13. kamphuna8

    Salem, OH - 04/25/15 - Stone Age Gamer Tecmo Franchise Bowl

    It took another 3 years plus. But we were able to take this format and make it like a condensed but real Tecmo Regular Season. I just love looking at how this was approached by all the owners. I think this could be a substantial part of tecmo competitions moving forward.
  14. Coach Kamp was inspired by division rival trade rapist extraordinaire Bo-ldemort upon finally relenting and trading away the one piece they had on defense, original 1st pick made in Kamp's tenure LB Mo Lewis, taken 1.10 overall in 1991. Seeing that Donnell Woolford couldn't stand the underhanded tactics of the Raider organization, started by HOF Coach kidpro and continued by HOS coach Bo-ldemort (S can stand for whatever Hall you like, Shit? Shame? Stalldraft?) and up and retired despite leading the A DB race, and wanting to keep an 81 INT DB in the division, but playing for the good guys, Kamp decided to start approaching the two teams that had the DB his team has needed so desperately. What ammo did Kamp have at his disposal you might ask? Well, a proclivity to trading away 1st rounders, even to he who shalt not be named, delivered underwhelming results. Finally holding on to 1sts was a way to start. One of those 1sts however was used to acquire the services of one Marv Cook from said Bo-ldermort. The Hawks suffered through a 70% gain AGE yet gained him again and shipped his uncontracted ass off to Motown in exchange for Detroit's 1st and 2nd in 2001. Other avenues to ammo: * Mo Lewis was able to garner the Hawks a 1st from the Raidahs when packaged with a 3rd. * Hawks acquired Eric Turner from the Steelers a few years back for a 1st round DB and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and he's aged accordingly to a 50ms 56int shell of his former 63ms 69INT self * Hawks also acquired Joey Galloway from the Vikings a couple seasons back, moving back from 1.13 to 2.1 in the process. The Vikings lucked out on their rookie roll landing a 56ms Brian Griese (a 10% hit and a QB to throw to Randy Moss). * Finally, the Seahawks had the fortune of landing 1.2 in the lottery when in the 7th slot overall, selecting Brian Urlacher. There were 2 targets, as the DB in question had to be young, and had to have 75INT or more, and not hit like a feather. First trading forays were made toward one ChaosConfetti, which I just learned is some MtG card for the first time. I think Chaos may need to change his name to Larryson. Caneson. Or maybe Lightning-San. Either way, Jesus said thanks, but no thanks to 4 1st rounders for Sammy Knight, as he would have been left with no better alternative than a 56 56 DB, and did not want to part ways with Knight and his 75INT services. On to target 2. Sharper. The guy is maxed. Everything I could ever want in a DB. No need to hope I gain him (laughable, I'm terrible at getting INTs, doinkers are us when we are in position as well), he's already there. AND only 25. Now what can I offer. Well I started out with 4 firsts (2001 and 2002 Seahawks, 2001 Lions, 2002 Raiders, as well as Eric Turner as a 56int standin and Joey Galloway, 29 years old in Y2K and 56ms 63 REC, a Viable target for Tom Brady, just acquired by Kweh at 1.1 this year when the Saints star wideout is Az-zahir Akhim, aka Mr Speedy Rockhands (poor man's Graddy). The response: Tempting but no. No defender coming back was a key point. I was ready to call it and be happy with my plethora of picks when the war room phone starts ringing. Kweh says he made a counter. I look and "gulp" there he is. Sharper is there for the taking. However, Urlacher, my 2nd overall 2000 pick was added to the deal, as well as my young 56 56 44hp WR David Boston AND 2000 2.7. Whoa whoa whoa. Pretty easy decision. Couldn't do that. Sharper is the Ultimate, but thats just too much youth. Again, I was ready to give it up. Getting a DB was gonna be too costly. More seasons of Suckiness instead of success in the secondary, the Legion of Doomed. After a while, though, I began to consider adding Urlacher to my side of the agreement puzzle and giving it one more go. Basically Five 1st rounders and Galloway and Turner for the Prize. Sent the deal (forgot to add Sharper to it, lol) and an AIM msg and went about cleaning the house, ready to accept whatever fate I was dealt. Sharper or no Sharper. Well, after some deliberation Kweh agreed and even decided to let me have Sharper for nothing Now the denizens of Seattle Tacoma proper are flipping out about being able to cheer on a REAL LIVE DB. If Sharper somehow retires because I can't get into the top 5 and rolls a 1 or 2, you will need only to search under the Tacoma Narrows bridge for that will be where I will jump. Now, a brief biography of Darren Sharper, the man, the WTFC freak. Drafted 1st overall by the Saints in 1997, Sharper has actually found his services tied to now 4 different organizations in his short 3 year career. The Saints shipped his rights to the Cardinals and coach Junior along with a 2nd rounder (turned into Luke Petitgout 38 50 OL) to move down to 1.5 (Sam Madison, epic DB busto 50 50) and get a 1st (1998 1.18 Az Akhim and a 4th round 75HP 25MS RB) Sharper hit his 10% high roll (69ms 69HP 75INT) and played for Arizona before being shipped off to the Chiefs after 1997 in a blockbuster where Regulator got Sharper and Jake Plummer while Junior got DB Jeff Burris and QB Steve Mcnair (soon to be paired with Priest Holmes using a former Seahawk 1st traded to Zona from the Raiders in said Marv Cook trade) Sharper however, never saw action on the WTFC gridiron for the Chiefs as he was shipped to the Saints in a deal that saw Thurmal land in KC. Sharper played 2 seasons in New Orleans, the team that originally had his draft rights at 1.1 in 1997, and actually gained on a 20% roll hitting 10 JACKPOT HELLO 81 INT! Now he's in Seattle, after the Hawks traded 2 arms, a leg and their right testicle to get him. If Sharper gets a JJ INT on Bo-ldemort's trade rape bounty QB Donovan McNabb, me thinks I will need to change my shorts. GOOD DAY ALL!
  15. A little off topic, but saw this in our voters guide and wanted to share. Neenah contingent seemed to always be strong in Madtown. Now they're adding to the local Politrickal scene here in WA State... On another note, I've slowly evolved into one of those that just about can't fathom the idea of playing online again outside of some random TPC here and there.
  16. We came, We Saw, We Tecmo'ed. All I can say is, what an incredible weekend. Congrats to @fairfensheeding on winning the first ever Live Season topped off with a Tecmo Playoff Bracket where we finished an 8 week season of 13 present out of 15 owners in one day... barely. The Super Bowl champ was decided at around 3:30 AM local time. The game of the day (of the Tecmoverse?) was the #Lewis Conference Championship between me and @DT.. Fairf took on the winner and it was tight but he took home the Title. Here are some pics that @gripsmoke and @invader_star64 took . Much much thanks go to the whole CFT Crew for coming to participate and hanging in there through what turned out to be a really long (longer than expected) day and season. While the techology presented some problems and delays here and there, it still would not have gone anywhere near as smoothly as it did without the help of the Save team, Grip, DT, and Invader at the least. Special props to @gripsmoke for taking care of so much of the dealing with food, bringing the most epic Sig/Poster ever, and delivering TBK to the "venue". really Grip was invaluable here. Special props also to @manYo720 for bringing the sweet Nectar of the Gods and providing the music and more support overall with anything that was needed (he knows) and THAT SHIRT!!! Special props also to DT, not only helping with the Saves but also taking control of the Substitutions for absent owners. Definitely helped keep thangs moving. Also without the hacks by @bruddog and all the necessary jar files, none of this would even be remotely possible, really can't ever thank Brudd enough for this, and @brookstonfowler phile support to help make our experience that top notch one you get from all the WTF format seasons in terms of stats and such, but also huge impact with the stream integration. And then finally my hero in help, @invader_star64 brought SOOO much to the table in terms of time before in set up and working his ass off on game day too to get captures from each game. We also both had kind of heartbreaking ends to a #1 seed in conference type of season. Just didn't work out. Would have loved to have us battle it out for the Trophy and Super Bowl Title, but alas the Tecmo Gods deemed it not to be. Tecmo Bros 4eva!
  17. I also wanted to share a list of 11 special matches in this Season's schedule. These are in the order that they'll play out in the season, so from week 1 til 11. #1. Week 1 - Kamp vs TBK. DAL vs PHX aka Johnny gets his supporting cast and TBK gets to show his stuff without the rest of the PHX roster anchoring him down (outside of Lonnie and Timmy Mac!) #2. Week 4 - Invader vs Gripsmoke These guys have met to decide the winner of multiple tourneys. A nice SEA SF rivalry to boot. And on TV1! #3. Week 4 - DT vs Kamp A rematch of the "Super Bowl" from CFT Season 1. #4. Week 5 - TBK vs XTRALARGENT THE DONKEY BOWL! This one is not to be missed! #5. Week 7 - RANDY vs MANYO This one is not to be missed and will be on TV1. #6. Week 8 - Joey B vs Stu Longtime CFT Vets, These fellas from the North (and East) resume their rivalry . Also on TV1! #7. Week 9 - XTRALARGENT vs DT - For some reason, there is always some clown shit in this matchup. There have just been a legacy of batshit crazy endings in this series. #8. Week 10 - Kamp vs Randy - Another case of guys who have met to decide the winner of multiple tourneys. And the Battle for TEXAS to boot! #9. Week 11 - Kamp vs Manyo - Rematch of the finals of the very first Tourney in CFT PNW History. Always a good battle! TV1 #10. Week 11 - Sir Ted vs theprofessor - Matchup between old friends that go waaaay back. #11. Week 11 - Gripsmoke vs Randy - Loooong time online and live rivals meet in a critical final week matchup. If you want to see the TV1 Schedule you can peep it here. https://imgur.com/a/WfC9UTO Also, we should be able to handle requests to see the feed from games other than TV1 if you're wanting updates. If you ask in chat, we should be able to go double screen or switch entirely depending on how the games are playing out.
  18. Well Well Well! We are less than 24 hours until season 2 of Cascadia Fucking Tecmo kicks off! 1 DAY! TOMORROW!!!!! Today in our countdown of Top Post/Moments in CFT history, we have the top dawg post of all time. And it comes from none other than @invader_star64 after an EPYCCC play to end not only a game, but a 3 game series that was in the balance at PNWTC3, the first one at the Camp David of Tecmo in SinTrailia. I think I'll let the Vader and TBK's response posts tell the story... And boy were there some Reverberations... Heck Even @Bodom got in on the Action...with a little editing of TBK's response post tying it to how the Pats faithful felt when Eli Tyree'd the Patriots in the Super Bowl. We also realized the power and potential that @~Tailback King~ can bring to being on the mic to call live Tecmo action, his own or anybody elses. Man that might be, UP TIL NOW, THE MOST ICONIC PLAY IN CFT HISTORY! Welp, with that done, lets finish up our countdown of TSB player numbers. We got some choice #1's today. First off lets start with the local legend, Husky, CFL, and NFL stud... Moon has yet to be drafted in CFT but I think that's a comin... And maybe we can get Warren to show up at one of our events soon. The rest of the #1's are Keekers, and boy do they have some sweet Keeker Peecs. Such a young buck! My Tecmo Kicker... WHATCHU TALKIN BOUT WILLIS! And for the last guy, he had a stache so nice I had to post it thrice, even with a #4 uni he sported before going number 1... Those Lansford pics are hilarious, and he is a hilariously bad kicker in the game. Well, like I said, in LESS THAN 24 HOURS WE'RE KICKING OFF THIS SHIT! Tune in! We're starting no later than 9am Pacific time and the WHOLE season will be streamed. Don't forget to check the top post if you want links to our Website aka Phile and our Draft. There's also an epic Field Guide that @manYo720 posted on page 12 of this thread. Much thanks again to @bruddog for making this all possible, and to @brookstonfowler for the excellent Phile support and stream integration. Fellas, please patronize their paypal accounts. CFT CFT CFT!
  19. Wow Wow WOW! It is comin DOWN TO DA WIRE!!! Only 2 days until the most ground breaking LIVE TECMO EXPERIENCE since the advent of live TSB Tourneys jumps off! Let's start today's countdown with the #2 post in all of CFT history... A scorched earth telling of an allegory, stinking of enigma... Manyo indulges US with a little (her)story in the run up to the 3rd Pacific North West Tecmo Championship... enjoy... Ohhhh... my mind was boGGled, and continues to be to this day... the friGGin' RUSSIANS MAN? Well done... Well well done! @manYo720 Now on to our countdown of players... The #2's of Tecmo, and haha, yes, you could call these guys the Number Twos, They're all just kickers or punters, unable to crack into any CFT lineup thus far. All 3 of the above I have a quick recall, where Christie found his way to replacing the Norwood of the Bills, Horan I always associate with Denver, and well, Kauric I associate with Cleveland, but this last one my recall is probably most likely due to Tecmo... And then there was one more... Goodburn... I don't recall him outside of Tecmo as much as I do the Redskins Kicker, Lohmiller, but I saw an interesting tidbit related to Goodburn and it reminded me of another player that was a Cowboys draftee in the 7th round of the 1991 draft...Goodburn went to Emporia State College in Kansas... and you know who else did, that was a Cowboy in 1991, and NOT in Tecmo... Ahhh, Leon Lett! Will somebody have their Leon Lett moment in CFT 2? An equivalent to the snow game vs Miami or the Beebe Gaffe in the Super Bowl...? Or will some other relatively unknown Tecmo player stand up and BE COUNTED with an impressive performance in season 2 of CFT? MANNNN, you'll have to tune in and watch while we throw down in the Tecmo gauntlet of a live season, at the whims of the Tecmo Gods. WHO WILL STAND UP AND BE COUNTED? WHO WILL TAKE HOME THE TITLE!?!?! Cascadia Fuckin Tecmo Season 2 Super Bowl Champion will be crowned in 2 DAYS!!!
  20. Well Well Well! 3 MuthaCLuckin Days!!!! While still finalizing some things to achieve peak efficiency on game day (so we can be done as early as possible), it's starting to hit me that this dream of a live tecmo season is SO CLOSE TO BEING REALIZED! In today's #3 spot in our countdown of top posts/moments in CFT history, we actually have a tie... First up, we have the first (that I could find) of many Manyo Jeremiah Johnson GIFts to our PNW communiteee, which he dropped on us during the runup to PNWTC2, the first to be held in Centralia. Only got a snip here, it's linked in the previous sentence for full effect, and check on page one of this thread for a great evolution of said GIF. The other #3 (sorry I just felt I had to include it) is from @gripsmoke in the run up to the first Pac Rim in Seattle. A great response to a @Knobbe post there... I especially love the Shame List of known skippers on his sig... On to today's #3s. Let's start with a guy who is #3 in Tecmo but should have been #4. That's right. Same year, he got traded. Tecmo didn't know the maJJik of the Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert, who was the #3 heir apparent in the Big Easy. So they assigned Walsh the #3 he sported in his very short stint in Big D. He has yet to be drafted in CFT... so enough about him. REMEMBER THE NORTH!!!! Rohn Stark has some great pics on his cards, probably one of the best sets of pics of any player, and it's a PUNTER! Exhibit A He also had this sweet sweet still from his days as a Nole... Remember the North indeed! Another #3 here... Carney also has the wonderful burthday of April 20th. This past holiday he turned 54. We got more sweet Punter pics and hair forth coming... like this one... Royal hair for Mark indeed. Couple of great kickers finalize the #3 kicker kontingent above... but there's one more #3... One of my biggest pet peeves over the years in Tecmo was hearing guys butcher Rosey's last name. The former Coug had an interesting career, and he is very well known in these parts not only because of his Cougdom, but he is also Johnnay Johnsay's Stooge QB. Every time some kind of glory seems imminent for @~Tailback King~ and his JJ Jalopy, Rosey is often there playing the Lucy pulling the Football role dashing Rudi's Dreamzzzz. This season, @boogiewithstu has taken on the Rosey and Tupa show to lead his in season 2 of CFT, planning on using Timm's mobility to lead the Bears to CFT Glory. 3 FREAKIN DAYS!!!! LET'S GOOOO!!!!
  21. We're gonna lock horns week 1 friendo... If by fear you mean can't wait to unleash the fury of LT, Pepper, Howie, and crew upon CFT offenses...well then you called it, I'm afraid... very afraid...