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  1. You probably already know this, but to be clear, the bracket already does this on the OG rom, specifically when the winner of the 2 seed vs WC winner plays the 1 seed ( or any combination therein). No matter what, the 2 seeds part of the bracket (upper) plays at home in the Conference Championship on the OG rom.
  2. Just realized manYo sent you this file already. Sorry I didn't find it sooner. Look for me on the degeneratez, I'll be the glue guy
  3. I've delved into some graphic work on the mini and Large Helmets, and the guy I shared my knowledge with took it and ran with it far surpassing my comfort zone esp in the Large Helmets. I'd be willing to help when I can and the guy I'd refer you to is @JJT
  4. Do you have a discord to chat about this? (Sorry such a late response)
  5. I'm sorry I'm so late in responding to you here. This specific location, I'm not sure of, but I would bet I could find it. Will look into this later when I'm at home.
  6. Man. I found out a way. Would have to go back and try again, but you connect your pi to your network, and then there's some way you can use windows to find the pi rom folder
  7. It looks like you toggled Frame Display. Try clicking Period and it should toggle off. This sounded familiar. I looked this up under Options, Map Hotkeys
  8. We used this recently, however there are some helmets (CLE for instance) that if you mess with it, it messes with much more than just CLE. Pretty sure both I and @JJT were using WIN 10 machines
  9. Welp here's what mines looks like with the original code and me fixing our field the way we want.
  10. I'm working on other aspects of the rom now. Will post a screen shot of what I'm dealing with when I get back to this part. Thank you for your help. I guess I'm just a hack hacker...
  11. ok I'll try to fix that with the original code. what I don't know then is what to copy where when I have my blank white tile there?
  12. In my post I was only concerned about the top of the goal post on the left side, as the code had a wrong value there. Using carther's guide, I copied the pointer in hex from the OG location to the location on the end zone to fix that. Then I went into TLP to fix the rest of the end zone and field. The only thing I haven't done is clean up the end zone cut scenes on the kicks, because while I have the hex location, I can't really see those tiles and I'm willing to live with that. It looks like the fans threw some crap on there.
  13. Haha Holy Cow I fixed it. Found the error. Attached the screen shot of my fix below. Int the 2nd set for left end zone, the GREEN BC should be in there instead of BF. I HACK! I'm a HACKER!!!
  14. @bruddog I'm trying to implement this but pasting this hex in leaves the spot at the top of the left side goal post basically an all white tile. The right side is fine. I've tested this with OG rom and it still does the same thing. I'm literally cutting and pasting the hex in at the location.
  15. So glad to see you still stop by. You're the man jstout. Much appreciate all of your work (and quite a few others). Hey buddy, guess what. I hack! I'm a hacker! lol.
  16. I did. It was still hard to piece together, but I got a little help from the #1 helper in the community. Last name sounds like Rudy. I was able to get it done last summer before CFT2. I hack! I'm a hacker!
  17. Are you using Nestopia? You basically want to take a save state from whatever emulator you use, then you can load it when you play again.
  18. I responded earlier (in 2014) with a Holy wow thinking this was the same game I remembered playing as a kid, however, the game I played was MUCH more rudimentary (and probably happened earlier in the 80s). What I recall ( I don't recall actual teams being used) was that you basically were given 4 choices on both offense and defense. Short run, long run, short pass, long pass. After you and the opponent (I played against the cpu) it would spit out the results of the play (think Gain of 4 yards, or something like that). Sounds like I played a precursor to this? Is anyone familiar with what that might be?
  19. Brother of BSD, I knew there was more that we align upon. Brother, I can't wait to participate in Segathon (one day...) and can't wait for you to dip your toes in the swirling shitstorm that is our PNW's own version of Lake Titicaca... well really its just all the cussin that happens while we play CFT seasons.
  20. You're doing a lot of the same stuff I'm working on (albeit for a different league and not changing any team names). I managed to move some teams around (same teams, and none deleted) After changing the teams names to fit their position, and then editing the mini and large helmets, I also realized that the Player Cards, where you check their ATTs needed to be edited to match their team. A couple of the "anomalies" I recall were that the Large Helmets has the 2 special "templates" outside of the 2 standard ones, and the special ones were for the Bengals and the Rams. Also when trying to change the uniforms, I struggled to edit the Chiefs to match what was requested because (IIRC) they were one special team that had like 3 diff sets of uniform color templates? I will be working on this and hopefully done by this weekend for our CFT league. Just thought I'd share because the issues I came across (the anomalies if you will) really were time consuming to research and fix.
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