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  1. whoo doggy that was a rough Sunday. 2 - 10. Probably couldn't do that again if I tried
  2. My picks for week 6 Pats over Gia ( I mean I was gonna pick them for sure sooo...) Tampa over Carolina - Just have a feeling Jameis works better in the Olde Country than Kyle. CLE over SEA - One of those Huh? games. Seattle with a dud. CLE with some suds. KC over HOU - Game of the weekend. 55-52 KC. I hope Watson stays upright MIA over WASH - Doll fins better than what oozes out of DC MIN over PHI - Hooked on a Thielen JAX over NO - That D in FLA is like WHOA CIN over BAL - BenGals right the ship for one day. Ravens descent continues Rams over 49ers - No Gurley no Problem. ATL over PHX - I know, not PHX, but Falcons still win battle of the birds down in Zona DEN over TEN - thought the Titans would win last week, I was wrong. Think they'll lose this week. Probably wrong again. #convinced DAL over JETS - Cowboys get healthy in the swamps of New Joizee SD over PIT - Just a hunch GB over DET - should be fun
  3. Here is your 1996 Rom Release Schedule Weeks 1-3 Sunday October 6 Week 4 Tuesday October 8 Week 5 Thursday October 10 Week 6 Tuesday October 15 Week 7 Thursday October 17 Week 8 Tuesday October 22 Week 9 Thursday October 24 Week 10 Tuesday October 29 (Deadline all games weeks 1-4 11:59pm Eastern) Week 11 Thursday October 31 HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Week 12 Tuesday November 5 (Deadline all games weeks 1-8 11:59pm Eastern) Week 13 Thursday November 7 Week 14 Tuesday November 12 (Deadline all games weeks 1-12 11:59pm Eastern) Week 15 Thursday November 14 (Deadline all games weeks 1-13 11:59pm Eastern) Week 16 Tuesday November 19 (Deadline all games weeks 1-14 11:59pm Eastern) Regular Season Deadline Friday night November 29 (BLACK FRIDAY) by 11:59pm eastern savings time I might be inclined to release some early, but know that the pace will slow toward the end so the last 2 are released on the scheduled days.
  4. It's CLE at SF, but I'm still sticking with CLE
  5. Seriously, too late to really keep track, but I'm killing a few minutes here so here goes. Last night I cant' say honestly what I would have chosen, just cuz it was that close. I don't have the lines here, so I'm just picking winners for now. NE - WAS DOY - Pats BUF - TEN - Titans are ultimate Jekyll and Hyde squad imho. I think the Titans win a close game. BAL - PIT - Pitt's at home, and Ben at home is always better than.. .oh wait, lol. I see the Ravens bouncing back from the 2 game losing streak in a war of attrition. These two teams BATTLE! Jets - PHI - Eagles will fly at home, puling away comfortably late. Bears - RAI - I think the Raiders surprise here. Win convincingly Vikings - Giants - Cousins gets it going vs THE GMEN 2ndary. MIN wins BuX at NO - Division rivalry of wackiness. I think NO wins again tho. Tight ATL at HOU - ATL d is back in Quinn's hands, but will it matter in HOU? I'll say yes, but HOU still wins a nailbiter PHX at CIN - CIN finally gets off the Schneid JAGs at Panths - Minshew Magic baby, although Carolina's backup Allen is playing well too. Even without Jalen, I see Jags win streak continuing. DEN at SD - Chargers GB at DAL - shootout . DAL wins COLTS - KC - Chiefs in a blowout SF at CLE - SF win streak ends. CLE rocks
  6. Feeling this. These were fun when TSBGor would do this and give away 50 buck
  7. I've "remembered" to pick one week so far. I'mma try and be a bit more consistent cuz it's fun times. I actually prefer against the spread, but will try and do both.
  8. Last American Virgin Airlines
  9. The league will have it's say. You got your vote. Ridiculously long offseason indeed
  10. We need all owners to vote. First to 12 wins.
  11. Somehow I missed being up in this. Could be I was in the Durrty Durrty. It was a very BUSY summer. Saw a very interesting stat when I was doing some NFL Cowboys reading. Which 2 TSB Players hold the record for most career interceptions vs the Dallas Cowboys. I have a follow up for one of them which will be to name the passers who he picked off.
  12. Always helps to have a good team around you. And an OC willing to throw on 1st down consistently.
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