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  1. halifax


    Thanks for posting....Noob here....what does max juice mean? full player ratings?
  2. halifax

    Tell me what license plates you seen

    Just got it plated today
  3. YES! My province actually makes quite easy to get this plate (and less pricey) compared to some other provinces. It received it with in a week from the time i ordered.
  4. Thanks. you should Apply to get an NHL 95 one in your home state!
  5. Hey guys, As you may or may not be aware, we (the buds of nhl94.com) just think the world of you guys and how you run your tecmo tournaments. I've ran about half a dozen so far in three different cities, and the next one I'll be helping with is in Las Vegas in September. I just thought I'd mention this NHL '94 tourney in case there's someone here who might be interested in attending. There will also be an hour long NHl'94 documentary being premiered at the event. All the information is in the link below. https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/king-of-94-ii-nhl-94-tournament-registration-33959801681 Side note: I just got my new plate on Friday.
  6. halifax

    NHL General Discussion Mega Thread

    Love this bud. Thanks for creating it.
  7. Sorry I was looking on the tecmo madison site. Never thought to search the forum. Thanks Dave!
  8. Apologies if this was already asked. How can I find the list for those who've already registered?
  9. Here's our poster for the tournaments.
  10. Thanks for pumping my tires bud. I changed it up to throw in some prize money for the winner.
  11. Hi Guys,Just wanted to share this with your community. We're having an Tecmo Super Bowl tournament November 12th. There will be a few other tournaments being played that day as well. There's no prize money for the TSB tourney, just a trophy for the winner.http://www.retrothon.com/home.html
  12. halifax

    NHL'94 live tournament - Sept.12, 2015

    hey now...SNES is great! They sold out the SNES side first before Sega Genesis.