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  1. red98sethuthut

    TTL33 - Season Can begin

    Ty you for having me guys and @Darth RockMan I just don't have any spare time for Online tecmo anymore. Been working more and having lot more problems to deal with in life. I haven't checked my discord in a while so sorry if i did not respond.
  2. hopefully i can make it out this year. been having a rough summer.
  3. red98sethuthut

    Tecmo Tournament List/Schedule

    The Buffalo City Championship was tournament a radio station ran into the ground by terrible rules ( No playbook changes or and qualify vs the CPU, O.t. was 1st to score more than ten). Mort won it twice. However this where I met a lot local buffalo players like @Laztlain @ragu0012 who both won it once. Also @DT. one it once while he lived in buffalo. We couldn't get local players to come out to our buffalo bounty tourney we ran because this local tourney ruined there level of fun and rules made it easier for experience to crush new players. I think I won a broken flat screen TV for winning it the one year.
  4. I'm really thinking about just going all Caveman and not shaving till Bm3
  5. red98sethuthut

    Cleveland, OH - 08/04/18 - Tecmo (Jam) Cleveland 2018

    Don't recall dat burrito. all I remeber was my wrists were killing me playing 4man Tennage mutant ninja turtles at the beercade w/ u @OL' Dirty Tecmo and @Woodshed
  6. red98sethuthut

    Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    Gl to everyone. Sorry i could not attend. The logistics of getting to columbus worked better plus i won it the last year and mort is going from chicago. I will be checking in on stream. P.s. Don't Let Matty D. win Lol!!!!
  7. red98sethuthut

    Columbus, OH - 05/19/18 - Tupa Bowl IV

  8. The cool thing of the format that it does two things better. The 3 man groups with a Gold, Silver and bronze bracket give everyone 3 guaranteed games. Also since the seeds lock in ( Correct me if I am wrong @QB Browns @davefmurray ) from each respective group to each single elim. bracket that should speed up the seeding of elimination games. I am assuming For instance if the Projected group winner Joeygats wins his group he is the #1 seed in gold, then if the B player is 2nd he is the #1 seed in the silver and the 3rd place is #1 seed in bronze bracket For years it was just an big delay in time from when the group play games end from time the single elimination bracket starts ( which is not an complaint but just an fact of dealing with an huge bracket) . Doing it this way really could save you ample time with point differential not mattering. Some may want settle for the silver bracket. Also the sober players would not have that big advantage over the drinkers in this format because of the delay waiting for bracket to come out ( A lot guys play better buzzed but some bottom out).
  9. My question is do the Seeds Lock in our respective regions in the gold bracket ( assuming we make it). Like i drawed the 6 seed . So i'm the 6 seed no matter the differential of victory in group play. Ty for running the show.
  10. red98sethuthut

    Onside kick recovery rate experiment results

    This makes sense because seems like a lot of accidental onside kicks are successful a lot. You know u meant to get full kick and u get onside kick recovery.
  11. red98sethuthut

    Owner Availability/Scheduling thread

    Red98sethuthut , Weekdays 4pm to 7ooPm Est (Ish), Weekends is a Crapshoot ( Message me )
  12. red98sethuthut

    Chicago, IL - 06/9/18 - Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship

    Two plays i'd run more under the hard core format would be R+S Draw as the extension of the draw is lurch proof ( the draw play is gold vs the blitz)....and Slot L Z drive has the rb1 go out deep on a Wheel route vs the db2 or SS. One could sub in a fast wr at rb for not only run plays but that wheel route.
  13. red98sethuthut

    LB4 Lurch Best Linebackers

    Sometimes u if dont have a good enough Lb4 to Lurch u can still breakthrough and shoot the gap vs some runs. Just dont dive in this situation right away.
  14. red98sethuthut

    Dubuque, IA - 02/24/2018 - Tomczak Bowl X (MADISON MAJOR)

    Nice Gl. Make sure u meet Fellow Chi-Town Tecmoers Like my brother @mort1237 and Also @allamerican1569 runs a Monthly Tecmo meetup in Chicago. Gl to all going to Tomczak bowl. i'll be watching the stream
  15. red98sethuthut

    Chicago, IL - 06/9/18 - Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship

    Don't you know @mort1237 is a Packers Fan Masquerading as ChiCagy-Ian. I was surprised he allowed it in his van. @RetroNathan Hope u are cool with this. and ty