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  1. I could never explain myself in this climate. My blood must be to thick for North dakota. Someone bring some ether. Basic loss of motor skills would be interesting playing tecmo. I heard it makes u behave like a town drunkard from early irish town novel.
  2. Time for an ole fashioned Mis-spelled post game random recap from time in detroit.... Short Version= Night b4 tourney= Crown Vanilla is the shit Tourney day= 6 or 7 32oz Mugs of Murphys and 2-4 Record Long Versiion= Friday= My journey thru the lovely vineyards of lower ontario was quite windy. Had some tim hortons and i pissed on canada. I realized that couldn't stop cuz it was middle of fucking bat country. then crossed at port huron. About 3omins away from ohio pregme spot i faced my 1st tough decison of tourney. Lunch at Culvers or Bob Evans??? I met Kevin Molnar , M. Nutter and Tugboat from Ohio. Joe Pasta and Randy C. showewd up for some games. We simmed some seasons and played a double elimation tourney. My 1st game went to 3 ot's. Thanks to Tugboat for sharing some Vanilla Crown and dr. pepper. Helluva drink. anyways i sobered up after having a trey of jets pizza and drove downtown to hotel somewhere on Trumbull st. Ofcourse i woke up and puked ( like a slight throw up while taking an deuce ). Louis being Louis. I remeber Kevin Molnar gambling on a Wyoming Ncaa basketbll game for because of his foolproof 7o% Consensus theory. Sat/= Juts random mpments of clarity. Got 2 tv's over to Kumite Hq ( i almost broke one ). The usuals show up including @joeygatswearing an Impressive Sub-Zero like mask to block germs most likely. Hey u never know. I remember taking one look at @ricor33 eyes and thinking he must have an hangover like mine ( he was giggling like a school girl). $14 dollar 32oz of Murphys felt like the remedy to my first loss to @toolie . Joe Pasta won the Leslie "Hey I'm dude" Oneal jersey raffle. I set record for most jerseys wore at a Tecmo tourney with the Metcalf jersey i won in tundra, then buying an Qb Eagles sweet medium green jersey from Joshua Allison then putting on another Atwater jersey which i bought from him later. Allison ran train on Brown Belt Division after close win over Nutter in semi's. The necassary evil of Pevos on jis golden microphone which could play like rocky music b4 firing up the crowd b4 the game was hit. @hankthetank or his cuz henry buford brown both did well in the tourney. Other moments @DPS just fell asleep in a open closet for like 2omins like fnning vampire lol. I'm glad to get the i can't win a game vs steelers monkey off my back. @Rsg ( Retrosportsgamer) seemed to blend in crowd calling a lot of games. The one time i saw him he was making some sort of 85bears slash chicago dog and malorts rules joke. ty u for the ride to the hotel and 2 pabst beers. @bob sacamano /odell/Modeezie had good run including an tie vs gats to open the show. ty to u and @toolie Chaz Pasta Detroit Pevos for hosting. Congrats to Mort for winning with the bungals of all teams. I woulda fumbled 7 times with OhNoIckey. What a run by @DaRiddler came up JJ short in champ-game vs mort. Hey the anayltics say to rush the jj so throw doesn't go in endzone. Don't second guess yourself. Oh and @ricor33 during the end of his game saw me dancing under strobe lights cuz he thought i was celebrating mort's win. it was just one of those " Louis being Louis Moments". I was alone in smokers room ( they set up a flatscreener with streamed going so u can smoke and watch tecmo). anyways Nobody was around i'd thought to myself do a lil jig. The bartender did a great job. Also i didn't win a thing in a raffle. The raffle king's reign of terror is over. I'm told that i snore loud. Also i took a robe from my hotel and a pillow and all the towels home to get even after i was charged for parking for 2days. This hotel was fancy but nicked and dimed u to death. Guess it beats staying at the Hotel Viking in hood of detroit ( Do Not stay Here because of the tecmo name fyI). How many times i'm going to draw @TimUbickShaver or TecmoSheild. Didn't get to talk to Levi too much but good to see ya. Lol @Riddler is High schhol Bball coach and had to throw a game in order to have time to come the the tourney. well done draw up the "screen the screener play 4 me" or that backdoor cut that Belmont won on. Oh random comments keep coming. Glad the bar did not have Malorts. Mort's Tecmo 1o1 drills are paying off. Who won the Tomczak challenege? I forgot to be the bears. Oh apparently playing shirtless is against the rules of Kumite High council. 1st Mort 2. Riddler 3/4 KMolnar and @ricor33
  3. Hey @hankthetank you got last years Link for Mort Tecmo players championship. There is updated one on morts blog.
  4. The Tecmo gods are quite angry . i came down with 4 day case of strep throat during camping trip. I could not talk or eat solids for 4 days. Finnally i got to a hostipal in the middle of night when i got back to buffalo last night. Nurse stuck some stick down my throat. Nearly choked. Got the medicence found a pharmacy open 24hours. One dosage knocked out the pain. Noone fucks with my week of vacation damn it.
  5. Well when do you plan to arrive? I can perhaps pick u up I'm camping July 22-25 in Shawnee State Park near Pittsburgh with Mort and family. Then at some point will be in ohio either friday night or saturday morning. Anyone is welcome to join us ( just get a seperate campsite ..i got a cabin with electricity and beer )
  6. @Nameless Loser Lives in D.c. area I believe !? Morts Tecmo blog has all kinds of tips on it at Tecmo101.wordpress.com ( search Tecmo 101 at Google) . @joeygats is running an online tecmo rookie league I believe. Good luck
  7. Mort is officially an "Chicagy-Ian" who wears his windy words of his sleeves. I hope we stop referring to the Tournament as "TecmoMadsion". Just #TecmoVX or whatever. I hope the website address is changed too. Just To avoid confusion to where the tourney is. Shotouts to Chet, Josh, Even Orenga and Jon Bailey who all ran great Tm's in the past. I knew something was up last year so that's why i got my tecmo sweater autographed. The online beefing is got to stop.
  8. The Buffalo City Championship was tournament a radio station ran into the ground by terrible rules ( No playbook changes or and qualify vs the CPU, O.t. was 1st to score more than ten). Mort won it twice. However this where I met a lot local buffalo players like @Laztlain @ragu0012 who both won it once. Also @DT. one it once while he lived in buffalo. We couldn't get local players to come out to our buffalo bounty tourney we ran because this local tourney ruined there level of fun and rules made it easier for experience to crush new players. I think I won a broken flat screen TV for winning it the one year.
  9. I'm really thinking about just going all Caveman and not shaving till Bm3
  10. Don't recall dat burrito. all I remeber was my wrists were killing me playing 4man Tennage mutant ninja turtles at the beercade w/ u @OL' Dirty Tecmo and @Woodshed
  11. Gl to everyone. Sorry i could not attend. The logistics of getting to columbus worked better plus i won it the last year and mort is going from chicago. I will be checking in on stream. P.s. Don't Let Matty D. win Lol!!!!
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