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    Dotdon reacted to trojan1979 in Columbus, OH - 05/19/18 - Tupa Bowl IV   
    This was a very memorable weekend for me.  I get greeted at the airport by @mort1237 and @kevincabarello who treated me like royalty.  I responded by demanding a Waffle House visit, and my subjects happily obliged.  Armed security, drunk women, chefs cooking with cell phones in one hand, and an impending drug deal witnessed by Mort kicked off an amazing weekend.  All that was missing was a Hepatitis C infection.
    We hit the Old North Arcade, where nearly everything is on free play, then went our separate ways as we all had a big day on Saturday. Nice selection of games, and of course I did some damage on the Mortal Kombat machines.
    At the recommendation of Kevin, we locked down a prepaid ATT hot spot with a built in Ethernet port based on his connection quality off his phone.  In 9 hours of streaming Saturday, we didn't drop a single frame.
    @Jim Socks 13, @Woodshed, Eric Kuhlman, The Retro Sports Gamer, Louis, Mort, and The Ultimate Weapon all made guest appearances on the color mic.  It was an absolute riot.  The afforementioned Jim Socks and Woodshed opened with their own version of "In the Ware Tonight", which I believe is available on the Retro Sports Gamer Channel on Youtube.  It's not to be missed.
    The setups were a plenty, and Kevin balanced playing, organizing with tenacity.  Louis and Mort were a big help setting up early.  The staff was friendly, the food was delicious, and the overall event a 10/10 in my book.  Way to go Mort for your victory, Joemama winning the Silver bracket, and Kevin for running a kickass event!  Here's to next year!
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    Dotdon reacted to SammieSmith33 in Minneapolis, MN - 08/04/18 - Millard's Mayhem 3: Teen Wolfley   
    First Auction Prize: Or maybe Best Surfer on Mini-Van

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    Dotdon reacted to kevincabarello in Columbus, OH - 05/19/18 - Tupa Bowl IV   

    We have a Super Bowl XXV 32 oz glass mug!
    We have two official Super Bowl XXV plastic cups featuring the Super Bowl, Giants, and Bills logos!
    We have a Darrell Green 7-11 Big Gulp cup from 1991!
    We have a Game Boy Coffee Mug that when you put hot liquid in it, Super Mario Land shows up on the side!
    ...and if you have drinks, you need something to put them on, so my lovely lady is making Pearler Bead Coasters of Tecmo Super Bowl Plays! Here's just a few of what she has made!

    See you guys on the 19th!


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    Dotdon reacted to vogtcd11 in Madison, WI - 04/07/18 - Tecmo Madison XIV: In The Ware Tonight   
    Post-Madison Syndrome is real. Wow. By far one of my Top 5 “times” away from home. I’m putting together a weekend roundup that I’ll post in the near future. I’m at 1,000 words so far, and that’s only the event writeup about Friday night. But in short, at this moment, thank you all who are involved with Tecmo Madison. Congrats to @joeygats for the unthinkable. You truly are Tecmo’s best. Amazing to watch what you were 10 years ago, and see what you now. ESPN or NFL Films or Tecmo Films, whatever, should get your story and publish a video feature, because your story has been awesome to follow. @bigmv54 I don’t know what else to say. You continue to amaze me with your ability to play Tecmo without a consistent, long-term focus. You’re the epitome of Tecmo skill. You were a third-and-2 offensive play away from taking it all. @davefmurray and company. We all love you. The time, effort and love you put into taking over this event, I hope, doesn’t go unnoticed. You create memories for a lot of people who look forward to this weekend every year. Like I said, a weekend wrap and more mentions will be hit in that once I’m finished. Long live Tec.
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    Dotdon reacted to Knobbe in Madison, WI - 04/07/18 - Tecmo Madison XIV: In The Ware Tonight   
    As a person who has run many (albeit smaller) tournaments I was asked if I would help to run this tournament.  I reluctantly accepted because the price I had to pay was not being able to compete.  However, having been to enough of these run by the Holtzs and now Dave I know the manpower required to run this and knew Dave needed another body and he has done a lot for this community. 
    As an old man who travels for work and has three kids now it's unfortunately not feasible for me to travel to all of your tournaments without being a substandard father and husband.  Thus I'm very thankful that we still have Tecmo Madison for my one chance a year to attempt to see and meet the people of this scene/community I've come to know for the last 15+ years. Congratulations to everyone who competed.
    I'm not going to name names here because I will forget your name and feel bad about it or generally not  know about your personal contributions.  Thus, thank you to everyone who brought a TV, cart, Nintendo, controller, or other item necessary to run 70+ Tecmo Super Bowl games at once.  Thanks to everyone who runs a tourney in your neck of the woods and tells people about Tecmo Madison. Thank you to everyone who was patient as we attempted to run 3 tournaments at once so we could get people more games. Thank you to everyone who came to the storage locker that Dave rents to store a bunch of old-ass CRT TVs. Thanks to everyone that showed up early to help set up or stayed late to help tear down. Thanks to everyone who came up and said hi to me (despite how much I pretend it's certainly hard for me). 
    Thanks to JD for bringing his very expensive equipment into an environment full of large drunk clumsy men and running a top notch video stream.  I was absolutely amazed once I had time to raise my head and see that the main stream was being broadcast throughout the bar in addition to be broadcast via Twitch, youtube, and facebook. I personally inadvertently pulled the power on a camera and tripped over a cord.  As a true professional, he didn't chew me out...he just rolled with the punches.
    Thanks to Bailey for putting together the seeds by following everyone's play over the last year which includes having to adjust groups and players on the fly as guys do or do not show up in the middle of 200+ people worth of chaos. Thanks for calmly putting together the brackets in the chaos of having our scoring system software glitch on rolling out the brackets for tourney play.  I will let you know if I will thank you and Jimmy for your velvet smooth commentary on the stream when I have the chance to watch the stream.
    Thank you to Heather, Ms Disasta, and Tucker for helping to run the brackets, the  raffle, herd all the cats, and all the dirty work. Your ability to handle issues from the intoxicated is a level of patience I wouldn't be able to hold up for that long.
    Last but certainly not least, let's get to Dave.  Before I get to the platitudes let me get something off my chest.  I hear the whispers about the finances of this tournament...and they're the same whispers I heard when the Holtzs ran this thing.....why isn't more money paid out. The answer is not because this tournament is run at some sort of profit....it wasn't then and it isn't now.  I know that in addition to his time, that it costs Dave to run this tournament.  He's the one who rents a TV locker...rents a u-haul to move those TVs...rents the tables to hold the TVs. He's the one who flew up on his own dime to find a better location for the tourney. He's the same guy who was flying up on his own dime before all of this to just run the stream when the Holtzs ran the tourney. He's the one who organized the money and covered the rest to fly Gats out his first time. He's the guy that has taken the time to attend other people's tourneys. He's the guy who has been contributing to the community for years. He's the guy took the time with your DMs, emails, phone calls, and texts even though this last month he was able to realize his dream of owning his own business and was juggling both. 
    Thank you Dave for making all of this happen.
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    Dotdon reacted to segathonsov in Madison, WI - 04/07/18 - Tecmo Madison XIV: In The Ware Tonight   
    Well said Godfather.  Thanks for running the excel on Jam as well, it was like watching Picasso paint.
    This post was a good reminder that people should come to these tourneys like you are going to a friends party and not treat it like you are going to a restaurant where you can complain about the service, etc.
    Anyways it was a friggen great time as always, anytime I can find myself with my shirt off on many social media accounts its a good weekend!
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    Dotdon reacted to regulator088 in Madison, WI - 04/07/18 - Tecmo Madison XIV: In The Ware Tonight   
    Haha that above picture is awesome.
    Thanks @davefmurray  @QB Browns and company for another fantastic Tecmo Madison experience. It's amazing how year after year the event continues to impress and the talent continues to improve.
    Congratulations to @joeygats for a third title in a row. That's unfathomable with the randomness of Tecmo and solidifies him as the GOAT. Best Tecmo accomplishment overall.
    @bigmv54 played the best I've seen in a single game. That's the only time where I can remember feeling I was the inferior player. He also had IMO the single greatest accomplishment in one tournament. He beat all 4 number 1's (Regulator, Mort, Chet, Gats) and dismantled Cocunuts who can be considered top 10 at least. If there is a better accomplishment in one single tournament I would like to hear about it.
    As to everyone else I talked to and caught up with, great seeing you all and it was a pleasure as usual. It's always a good reset to have that day of being a kid again. Thanks again to everyone involved in the coordination of the event as well as everyone who attended. Take care
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    Dotdon reacted to DrFrolf in Madison, WI - 04/07/18 - Tecmo Madison XIV: In The Ware Tonight   
    Tecmo Madison is bigger than life. When I think about a full weekend without any adult responsibilities, it makes me so grateful for the 1st Madison put on by the Holzbauers at The Plaza and for DFM to literally cart his ass across the country to run it like a boss. This event keeps the dream alive for many of us. Not the dream of winning at Tecmo, but the one where I lose valiantly at Tecmo and become heavily influenced by adult beverage.
    Cheers to Tecmo Madison and to $20 in free Lyft rides. 
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    Dotdon reacted to segathonsov in Madison, WI - 04/07/18 - Tecmo Madison XIV: In The Ware Tonight   
    So much anticipation for the big weekend.  Only one way to express myself at this level of Alpha Maleness......a Haiku
    Squirming in my chair
    Tecmo Migration begins
    Hangovers be Damned 
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    Dotdon reacted to Leonardite in Madison, WI - 04/07/18 - Tecmo Madison XIV: In The Ware Tonight   
    He's not wrong.
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    Dotdon reacted to segathonsov in Chicago, IL - 06/9/18 - Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship   
    I would never slander the Mayor of Tecmo, but your views are Radical.
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    Dotdon reacted to SammieSmith33 in Madison, WI - 04/07/18 - Tecmo Madison XIV: In The Ware Tonight   
    "Whats Beef?  Beef is where you make your enemies start your jeep.  Beef is when you role no less than 30 deep.  Beef is how I see you" Biggie
    Where's The Beef? Old lady from 80's Wendy's commercials
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    Dotdon reacted to sonofpatbeach in Madison, WI - 04/07/18 - Tecmo Madison XIV: In The Ware Tonight   
    Now you've got my attention.
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    Dotdon reacted to Knobbe in Madison, WI - 04/07/18 - Tecmo Madison XIV: In The Ware Tonight   
    A visibly upset Phil leaves shortly after finding out that the tournament isn't played on the Sega Genesis 
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    Dotdon got a reaction from Bolt in Madison, WI - 04/07/18 - Tecmo Madison XIV: In The Ware Tonight   
    With Mike Tyson on drums obv
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    Dotdon got a reaction from RetroNathan in Madison, WI - 04/07/18 - Tecmo Madison XIV: In The Ware Tonight   
    With Mike Tyson on drums obv
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    Dotdon reacted to sonofpatbeach in Madison, WI - 04/07/18 - Tecmo Madison XIV: In The Ware Tonight   
    The Ballad of Rodney
    They told you don't you ever come around here
    Don't want to see your face, you ain’t no Terry Greer
    The fire's in their eyes and their veins are filled with beer,
    So Peete it, just Peete it
    You better run, you better do what you can
    Don't want to see the bomb, don't be no Majik man
    You want to be tough, time to show it to the fans
    So Peete it, but he’s probably bad…
    Just Peete it, Peete it
    No one wants to be defeated
    Show them the power, the lob of might
    It doesn't matter if the window’s tight

    Just Peete it, Peete it
    Just Peete it, Peete it
    Just Peete it, Peete it
    Just Peete it, Peete it
    They're out to sack you, better juke while you can
    Don’t drop it off to Barry, are you crazy man?
    You need to get the first, they're flouting the lurch ban,
    So Peete it, just Peete it
    You have to show them that you're really not scared
    You're playin' with your life, we’re talking ‘bout the Bears,
    They'll kick you, then they'll beat you,
    Then they'll tell you “Play Ware”
    So Peete it, but he’s probably bad...
    Just Peete it, Peete it, Peete it, Peete it
    No one wants to be defeated
    Show them the power, the lob of might,
    It doesn't matter if the window’s tight
    Just Peete it, Just Peete it
    Just Peete it, Just Peete it
    But he's probably bad...
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    Dotdon reacted to bob sacamano in Detroit, MI - 03/03/2018 - Detroit Tecmo Kumite VI   
    #KumiteVI took place on Saturday, March 3, 2018 at Detroit Beer Co. in Downtown Detroit.  37 participants took to the 8-bit gridiron for 6 rounds of swiss play, which seeded 20 participants to select the team of their destiny.  Matthew O'Toole earned his 2nd consecutive Kumite Cup Title by defeating Francis Buennagel HOU over KC.  Toolie defeated Mort for the first time in five attempts in a Tecmo major finale.  Congrats to both competitors on great days!  Rounding out our top four, finishing in the money were David Thompson, of Seattle, WA; and Louis Buennagel of Buffalo, NY.  Brad Smigielski, Livonia, MI defeated Scott Duhl of Commerce, MI for the consolation tournament title.   Congratulations to the winners, and to everyone else for their contributions in making Kumite VI an amazing day.  Thank you so very much!
    We are always looking to improve upon each tournament for the following year, and years to come!  If you have any feedback of any kind, please take a moment to drop me an email or a DM, on ways that we could improve your personal experience at Tecmo Kumite Detroit.  There are certainly a number of things on that list for next year, including handling of guest tabs throughout the day - to both guest, and host, as we got stuck with a handful of them at days' end.  Lastly, Matt O'Toole seemingly misplaced his winter  jacket.  It's a big black jacket, that had a pair of gloves, and a Kettering University hat in it.  If anyone accidentally took them home with them, please drop me a line so we can get it back to him!
    Again, thank you so very much from the bottom of your heart for all of your contributions in making Tecmo Kumite Detroit the best event that it possibly can be.  You guys are the bomb!  'Til next time Kumiteers!
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    Dotdon reacted to bob sacamano in Detroit, MI - 03/03/2018 - Detroit Tecmo Kumite VI   
    #KumiteVI Guest List updated!

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    Dotdon reacted to segathonsov in SEGATHON this Satuday   
    Thanks for coming out “Tecmo Jon” you and “Tecmo Kris” took like ducks to water with us.
    it used to be classified as a tournament,  but we are definitely more of an experience like Burning Mort.
    We need 2 sober guys to work the stream one of these years.  I was on another planet by the 3rd game.  Tecmo Jon picked up the pieces of stream and bracket so I’d say it was our best stream yet!
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    Dotdon reacted to segathonsov in SEGATHON this Satuday   
    Doing our Annual Segathon Tourney at a buds house this Saturday.  
    Will be setting up a live feed again and you may see a few friendly Tecmo faces there
    Starts around 3 but later in the night is when the feed should get interesting.
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    Dotdon reacted to Beef Juice in Dubuque, IA - 02/24/2018 - Tomczak Bowl X (MADISON MAJOR)   
    We've got 29 people registered right now and some really great talent will be there.
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    Dotdon reacted to bob sacamano in Detroit, MI - 03/03/2018 - Detroit Tecmo Kumite VI   
    WHERE:  Detroit Beer Company, 1529 Broadway, Detroit, MI
    WHEN:  Saturday, March 3, 2018
    Doors 10AM, Kickoff 11AM sharp.

    PRE-PAY ENTRY:  $30 PayPal to:  [email protected] /  $35 doors
    Registration is LIVE for Detroit Tecmo Kumite VI!  Our 5th tournament in 2017 was our biggest and best yet, crowning Matt O'Toole his 1st Kumite title, including a great new venue, providing plenty of room for growth into the future.  Kumite VI is just 2 months away, and registration is now LIVE!,  so sign up today, to take advantage of the Pre-Pay PayPal discounted rate!

    PARTICIPANTS:  We are anticipating at least 40 participants for Kumite VI, which will pay out at least 5 spots, including over $500 for 1st place - in addition to ample raffle, and consolation prizes!  Spectators are encouraged to join in on the fun as well, as we are certainly not limited to just participants.  2017 brought us a great new venue at Detroit Beer Co with ample space, and we are excited at what the future beholds for Tecmo Kumite Detroit.  We'll be raffling off a ton of great prizes, so be sure to bring along all of your friends!
    PRIZES:  Numerous prizes will be raffled off, and earned during both the main portion of the tournament, and also the consolation portion of the tournament.  Details to come!
    To REGISTER: Please email the [email protected], and be sure to include:
    GAMER TAG/NICKNAME, HOMETOWN, EMAIL, and any EQUIPMENT you can lend to the tournament cause, including NES, TSB carts, small TVs, etc.

    Entry Fee:  $30 via PayPal, to [email protected]  Pre-Pay Deadline will be Wednesday 2/21, so take advantage of the discounted rate.  Beyond 2/21, and/or day-of entry will be $35.  Doors are at 10:00AM, with kickoff at 11:00AM sharp - Saturday 3/3/2018.
    FORMAT:  The "Swiss-Buffalo" format, introduced in 2017 was a great success, and we'll be bringing it back for 2018.  There will be a 5 to 6 round "Swiss-Style" format for the preliminary rounds, which pits similar records against one another each proceeding round.  This will help minimize the time it generally takes to complete the preliminary rounds, and the day as a whole.  After the Swiss rounds have completed, the player pool will be divided into an Sweet 16 "Buffalo-Style" finale, where you will select your choice of team, for the duration of the tournament.   As per usual, we will also hold at least one consolation round as well.

    EQUIPMENT: Tournament competitors are encouraged to bring any and all equipment they are able to, including: NES, TSB cart, controllers, ac adapters, RF or RCA wires, extension cords, power strips, and most importantly small sized televisions. Please keep in mind, we may be in need of said equipment for the duration of the event. ONLY original NES controllers are welcome, no turbo, no dogbone, etc. If you plan on bringing any equipment, please be sure to label your equipment, and plan on arriving 30 minutes in advance to help set up. We thank you in advance for anything you are able to assist the tournament with!
    Stay tuned - More to come!  Hope to see you all at Tecmo Kumite VI on 3/3!
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