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  1. You rotten SOB. Maybe you need a history lesson--10 yard fight is where Tecmo got its zig zag--just quicker RBs and in a different direction (and it doesn't take 10 min. to run for a TD). 10 yard fight is a classic.
  2. My buddy was in Orenga's group (as a NOOB) in 2016 and absolutely loved every second of it.
  3. I can see both sides. For me, honestly, its not necessarily where the tournament is, but who I would/could play. So I'd much rather at this point look at the bigger tourneys and particularly those with elite players (outside of the ones within 20-30 min of me obviously). I think spacing tourneys out, as well as unique formats, would assist in making the tourneys larger/more successful.
  4. All signed up. Excited for my first Tecmo title.
  5. Good group of players, should be a great tourney, particularly the final 8. GL to all competitors.
  6. Wow, what an experience. Thanks to the NoDak crew--what an event. And the Conjurer was everything I knew he was--and more. Thanks to the support staff and the band (?!?) that played--they were WAY too good to be out there for 20 guys. Tribe Dot Don gave it a valiant effort, but came up short in the end. We started fast, and fizzled late (kind of like my boozing). The custom ROM and mirror tecmo did us in. Although it was cool seeing myself catch a dump pass for the TD. I've never seen a miracle, but D. Fuckin Murray taking a picked play RightA run for a TD in the mirror was straight up witchcraft. Well done to the champs. Great job to my Tribe (ARNCOEM, ESOrenga, & Leonardite), and great to see everyone else and hang in a great atmosphere.
  7. I've ran right through at 55 mph going up there, and have sit there 45 minutes not moving before. Its a crap shoot really. Friday at noon has me a little worried because any delay experience I've had has been on weekend trips.
  8. Anyone have any info on I35 by Owatonna on the way up? I heard its very bad for delays. I'm considering going 80-29 or 35-90-29 in lieu of 35-94. Anyone have thoughts/input?
  9. (removes foam Vikings helmet and turns) My name is Maximus Mortissus Narcissus. Winner of Tecmo VI, runner up in Tecmo VII, and loyal servant to the true emperor, the Conjurer. Father to a murdered JJ, Husband to a murdered CC, and I will have my tecmo vengeance, in this life or the next.
  10. 30 days. Preparing my "potion" for the bonfire, and preparing my sacrifice and offering to the Conjurer. Got Tummy bubbles of excitement already.
  11. This is a good one, because there are arguments for any opponent. Is the opponent better than you? Take Rison with the punchers chance, or take NYJ where you can potentially control the defensive side a bit better for that 1 stop/turnover you need. Worse than you? Take Falcons to take out the Rison bomb factor, or take NYJ to potentially dominate on D? I could see this going either way against virtually anyone. This one is 100% who I'm playing at the time its called.
  12. Agree, that's a good one. MIN is a weird team to me. Strong D, average offense...I threw in DAL because I see SD and DEN sometimes, and DAL is a sneaky good matchup with DEN, so wanted to extend the thoughts out a bit.
  13. More, this time with another enigma of a team to me, who seems to match up against 10 or more teams fairly well, MIN MIN v. MIA MIN v. CIN MIN v. DEN MIN v. SD MIN v. WASH MIN v. DAL
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