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    Neerrm got a reaction from Speed Racer in Toolie Presents: Royals' Rumble   
    Sounds fun. I'm in.

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    Neerrm got a reaction from toolie in Toolie Presents: Royals' Rumble   
    Sounds fun. I'm in.

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    Neerrm got a reaction from segathonsov in HSTL G League S1 Draft   
    RB2/WR2 Metcalf and Langhorne
    LB1/DB1 Green/Brown
    TB OL (fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu)
    BUF is done!
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    Neerrm got a reaction from Green Majik in GUIDE: Playing TSB Online For Dummies (Mac/Unix)   
    Hey there Mac/Unix users, some good news for you. Thanks to Dusto mentioning that he'd try and see what he could do in Ubuntu, I figured I'd give it a shot myself since I had an Ubuntu partition lying around, and lo and behold here we are. Thanks Dusto for getting me off my lazy ass!

    So, right off the bat, I will say that I did not test this with a controller, only keyboard. I'll update this guide when (if) I fiddle with it and get controllers working. Might even be as easy as plugging it in and having it work, but I doubt it.

    So, for starters, you'll need a program called Wine, which emulates a windows environment and allows you to run windows executables. From Mac users, try the latest version of WineBottler. Unix users can find the wine installer for their distro here.

    Once you have your flavor of wine installed, it pretty much follows my guide here. There are two differences. The first, and most important, is that you'll need to open the Nestopia exe with Wine. Now I haven't used WineBottler, but the site claims you should be able to just double-click the exe and choose a 'Run Directly' option. For Ubuntu, it's as easy as right clicking and opening with Wine.

    That *should* bring up Nestopia without any issues. That was the hard part. The other difference of this setup is that for whatever reason the default Timing settings are changed, which causes the game to be choppy. You'll want to change the first option to "Synchronize to refresh rate", and you should be golden there as well.

    Other than that, aside from following the rest of the Windows guide, everything should be smooth sailing from there.

    Feel free to give it a try and reply here. With Ubuntu, I didn't hit any network problems, but I'm anticipating that this won't always be the case. We'll puzzle through whatever issues may arise.
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    Neerrm got a reaction from Miles Prower in GUIDE: Playing TSB Online For Dummies (PC)   
    Hello Future Online TSB Player,

    If you're looking for how people play Tecmo Super Bowl online, then this is the guide you need to follow in order to get yourself setup and ready to join in on the fun.
    This guide is designed for those who are brand new to the site and playing TSB online, and those who may not be too computer savvy. Hopefully, this guide will be extensive enough to leave you without problems, but if you should run into any issues or questions, feel free to ask!
    If you're trying to play off a Unix based machine (Mac included), then the link below may be helpful.
    Step 1:                                                                 
    Download everything you need...
    First, you'll need to download the emulator. The emulator currently used by the online Tecmo community for Netplay is Nestopia, with anti-cheat modifications made by Bruddog. This Nestopia emulator can be downloaded here .
    Second, you'll need to download a ROM (game file) of the original Tecmo Super Bowl itself. This ROM is named "TPC_TSB_tapmeter.nes" and is included in the emulator download above.  This is the ROM used for pickup games and tournaments.
    And that's it! Those two things will be enough to get you rolling in the online Tecmo world.
    Step 2:                                                                 
    a.  Setting up Nestopia...
    The first file you downloaded above, brudtopia-full.zip, is an archive folder that contains all the necessary files needed to run the emulator.
    When you open the file by double-clicking on it, Windows, by default, will open up a window that looks like any another folder. If you have some other software installed that handles .zip files, you'll see something else. Either way, what you're looking for is to "Extract" the contained files.
    The new emulator available on this site is named "nestopia_unlim_sprites_2.exe."
    Clicking "Extract All Files" will prompt you for a place to put these files. I recommend making a new folder. Once complete, you should have all of the above files in whatever folder you specified. For the sake of this guide, let's say you named that folder "NES."
    Within the newly-created NES folder, at this point, I recommend making a folder called "roms." Then, within that newly-created roms folder, place your TPC_TSB_tapmeter.nes file (which was included in the emulator download) into that folder.
    Simple enough, right?  Lets keep going......
    b.  Setting up your Controller...
    At this point, if you have a controller that you plan on using, please make sure you plug it in. Do you not have a controller and are looking for one? If you've got a NES controller stashed away and want to be able to use that for an authentic Tecmo feel, try the Retrolink NES to USB adapter . There are many other options available. Ask your fellow players what they have and what they like to use if you're interested in getting something different.
    Now, it's time to fire up Nestopia! Open nestopia_unlim_sprites_2.exe.
    [ Note: If Nestopia opens--great! If you get an error at this point about a missing file--fear not! Download and install this  straight from Microsoft and it'll take care of your issue. ]
    Once Nestopia is open, the first thing you'll want to do is configure your key inputs. This is accomplished by going to Options -> Input. Doing so will bring up the following window:

    This window is pretty self-explanatory. The "Key" in the middle box is what corresponds to the actual NES controller input. The "Mapping" is what you press to achieve that functionality. In order to change these settings, you can either double-click on one of the mappings to change them individually, or you can click the "Set All" button at the bottom to do them all in order.
    [ Note: "auto-fire A" and "auto-fire B" will do nothing due to the modifications made by Bruddog. I always just set these to some arbitrary letter on the keyboard and forget about them. I'm honestly not even sure what the "Mic" setting is used for. You can set that to some arbitrary letter as well. ]
    Once you're done with the configuration, press "OK" at the bottom.
    The next step involves a couple of settings that need to be changed in order to prevent problems with desynchronization when playing online, as well as some other issues.
    c.  Setting up correct options in Nestopia...
    Head on over to Options -> Paths.
    In this window, the first thing you'll need to do is check the box in the "Save Data" section that says "Treat as Read Only." This will prevent desynchronization as the game state does not begin synced if you have a different save file than your opponent.
    The next setting needing alteration is in the "Save States" section. There is a checked box that says "Use Internal Compression." Uncheck that. Doing so allows information to be read from your save states which is then used by different websites for statistical purposes later.
    Here's what this screen should look like:

    Click "OK."
    d.  Adding ROM to Netplay
    Next, you'll need to add the game ROM to our list of available games for Netplay. That can be done by going to Netplay -> Connect. Doing so will open a window with a blank box and a couple of buttons. The button that we're interested in for now is the "Add.." button to the right.

    Browse to where you have your TPC_TSB_tapmeter.nes, which, if you have been following this guide, should be in the "roms" folder that you created earlier. Add TPC_TSB_tapmeter.nes to the list, which should look something like this:

    Since we're not actually starting a game just yet, go ahead and click "Cancel" after you've added the ROM.
    At this point, you are done with the initial setup. To ensure that these changes are saved, go to File -> Exit. Yes, you are sure. At this point, in Windows 7 at least, you will get a message saying that Nestopia has stopped working, and the whole default Windows error report stuff. You can close that out without worry. This happens because Nestopia is expecting a different Netplay client than the one that we use with Nestopia, so it throws a fit when trying to close. An annoyance, but nothing to worry about.
    Step 3:                                                                 
    Discord and Finding Opponents to Play
    NOTE:  Tecmo Players Circuit (TPC) was the place to upload your pickup game results. The site is no longer supported so we have removed this from the main instructions.  Reference to setting up TPC can be found in Step 6 of the guide.  Until TPC gets resurrected, it will not be part of the main guide. 
    Now we're ready to rock and roll and play someone online! But how do you find people to play?
    Discord is the primary means of communication for online Tecmo players and where to find pickup games. Once you are registered for a Discord account, there are a number of ways you can access Discord. There is a web-based client here, which does not involve any kind of download or installation. If you're interested in installing something on your computer, grab a Windows or Mac client here . 
    Once you've signed up for discord and you are ready to play, you'll need to navigate to the #looking-for-game channel.  Post a message in the channel stating that you are looking for a game. Something as simple as "Anyone looking for a game?" will work just fine. When you do find someone willing to play, you'll have to negotiate who will serve as the game host. For the sake of this guide, I will assume that your opponent has the capability of hosting.  (For help on hosting online Tecmo Super Bowl games, please reference "Bruddog's Guide to Port Forwarding", which can be found immediately below this guide in this same thread.)
    Your opponent will give you an IP address and port number that you will use to connect to them (for example: Time to fire up Nestopia!
    Step 4:                                                                
    Playing the game...
    Navigate to Netplay -> Connect, then click the "Launch" button. You should then see a License Agreement, which you agree to, and then you'll see the following window:

    You don't need to worry about too much in this window. For the purpose of this guide, the only two things you need to worry about are the "Nick" field and the "IP/SID" field.
    The "Nick" field will be your nickname in chat during the game. Change it to whatever you like.
    The "Port" field does not matter unless you are hosting.
    The "IP/SID" field is where you will copy/paste the IP and port of your opponent that they sent to you, the number or whatever similar address. Be sure when you're entering this, you're entering it without any spaces before, after, between:
    Once you have that taken care of, click "Connect." If all goes well, you should see this:

    [ Note: If you get this window without the "Connection confirmed" message, then the connection was not successful. Sometimes, for the first time you use Nestopia, Windows Firewall will prompt you on whether or not you'd like to allow Nestopia to communicate across the network. You may have to allow it, then close the chat window, and try again. If problem persists, you may have other programs installed that are interfering with the connection, or you may not have a problem at all, and it could be your opponent's issue. ]
    At this point, the person who wants to be "Player 1" hits the "change game" button and loads the game ROM. After the ROM is loaded, both players have to click the "ready" button, and then gameplay begins. Good luck!
    Step 5:  (OPTIONAL)                                                              
    Recording the Game
    Recording your game is optional.  It is primarily used for league games or tournaments.  This isnt necessary for playing so as a beginner, its best to skip this until you gain some experience with online play.
    Recording your game | Part 1 -- Recording your games is a good habit to get in to, especially if you are interested in online Tournament play or League play. Having a video file allows for stats to be extracted in league games in the event of a disconnect, and is also the ultimate evidence if any disputes ever come up. Fortunately, this is easy to do. Once Nestopia is open, navigate to File -> Movie Player -> File... Doing so will open up a window where you can simply insert a file name and click "OK." I usually just type "v" and hit okay, as it takes a whole 3-seconds to write. That's all you have to worry about for now!
    Recording your game | Part 2 -- Another place to begin recording your game is when you reach the TSB coin toss screen, go to File -> Movie Player -> Record. This will begin the recording of the match-up. (Some players claim that you also have to stop the video file once the game is over in order to have it successfully record, but this has never been the case for me.)
    Step 6:  (OPTIONAL)                                                              
    Setting up TPC account (No longer supported!)
    One of the places to start your online Tecmo career is the Tecmo Players Circuit (TPC). This is the place to upload your pickup game results. The site is located here.
    First, you'll need to register an account on the TPC website. Simply click "Register" located on the left side of the website, and then enter a Username and E-mail Address. A password will be e-mailed to that address, so please be sure to use a real one! 
    After you get the e-mailed password to your TPC account, head back to the main TPC page and log-in. On the left, you will see something that says "MyTPC." That's where you want to go. In that page, you'll see the default black Tecmo silhouette player portrait, and a summary of your profile. Go ahead and click "Edit Profile." Feel free to edit your profile as you like. Also, it's probably a good idea to change your password to something you'll remember.
    Once you're done with that, your registration and profile setup for TPC is complete. Be sure to read the rules for TPC before you begin a game. These rules are pretty standard for all online play. Once you're done with that, you can head back to the Discord to begin looking for an opponent.
    According to TPC rules, the winner of the game is responsible for uploading the results of the game. In order to upload the results, you will need to save a state of the game when TSB is at the blue stat summary screen. This is achieved by pressing both "SHIFT" and "1" at the same time. Doing so will save a file named tpc_original.ns1 within a folder called "states," which is located in your "NES" folder. You can save multiple states at a time (in the event you win more than one game against someone before getting around to uploading the results). Each number in the name of the save state file represents a different save state slot, so you can simply save a different state by pressing Shift + 2, Shift + 3, Shift + 4, and so forth. All of these files can be uploaded without any problems.
    But where do you do this on TPC website? Go back to the MyTPC page, and you'll notice that there is a link that says "Upload NES Stats." Click the "Choose File" button and locate your save state file. You will then be asked to indicate whether you were "home," or "away." You'll then need to find your opponent in the long drop-down list of player names. After you select your opponent, you'll be prompted on what type of ROM the game was played on. Typically, this is going to be the Original NES ROM. After you've completed these steps, click "Submit."
    Doing so will bring you to a stat overview page. This page is just a quick review for you to make sure everything looks correct. Verify that the stats are correct, and that the proper players have the proper teams, and that you didn't flip-flop them. Once you've confirmed that everything is correct, go ahead and submit!
    [ Note: If you're seeing ridiculous stats like 52,000 yards rushing or 300 Interceptions, then you did not uncheck the "Use Internal Compression" box. Refer back to Step 2 on how to do that. Do not upload this state, it will get deleted, and you'll just wind up wasting your time. ]
    Once completed, you can then leave feedback for your opponent, which can also be accessed through the "MyTPC" page. General etiquette is to give someone "Good" feedback unless they were a complete asshole.
    In Conclusion   
    If you've made it all the way to this section of the guide, then congrats! You've now joined the ranks of the online Tecmo community. Eventually, you'll want to set yourself up with the ability to host games, which can be a slightly difficult process based on how your connection is setup. Once again, for help on hosting online Tecmo Super Bowl games, please reference "Bruddog's Guide to Port Forwarding", which can be found immediately below this guide in this same thread.

    Good luck and see you on the field!
    (If anyone has any questions, feel free to post in the #help section of the tecmo discord.
    Frequently Asked Questions                            
    "I'm getting an error when opening Nestopia, saying a file isn't found! Help?" -- Download and install this.
    "I uploaded a game wrong/someone uploaded a wrong game against me on TPC! What do I do?" -- All TPC related requests should be posted in the TPC subforum found here.
    "Why do I keep lagging and/or getting disconnected during games?" -- The connection between you and your opponent is bad. This might be your fault, but it might not be. Try to avoid playing on wireless connections if you find yourself experiencing lag or disconnects. If you do play on wireless on like a laptop, move as close to the router as you can so that there's less to interrupt the connection. Also, make sure you're not in the process of downloading anything, or streaming movies or something along those lines, and that no one else in the household is either. Try to eliminate anything that could be taxing on the Internet connection.
    "I'm on a Mac! Can I play?" -- Yes
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    Neerrm got a reaction from DFM in GUIDE: Port Forwarding - Walkthrough & Tips   
    Whatever happened to our mission to get everyone hosting by the end of the year? There are still too many people who haven't taken the time to figure out how to host...

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    Neerrm got a reaction from OL' Dirty Tecmo in GUIDE: Live Streaming Tecmo   
    New and improved version of the guide here
    So, you have (or haven't) seen Tecmo live. You're intrigued. You want to try it!


    Here are some things you should know right off the bat:

    1. You have to have a good connection to do this. I cannot emphasize this enough. If you generally lag in your games, then this is not for you.

    2. Your computer needs to be decent. If you've got a computer that's getting up there in years, then I wouldn't bother trying.

    That being said, here's the guide.

    First things first, you'll need to head on over to http://twitch.tv and hit sign up. Pretty simple.

    Once you've signed up successfully, go to http://twitch.tv/broadcast . This gives you a list of programs to use to broadcast. I use XSplit, which is what this guide will be for. Download it.

    You'll also need to sign up for an XSplit account. Kind of a pain in the ass, right? That can be done here: http://www.xsplit.com/

    Install XSplit, then login with your Xsplit credentials. At this point, you should see something like this (after an advertisement):

    Your next step is to go to Broadcast -> Edit Channels. From that menu you'll want to click Add... and then Justin/TwitchTV.

    Here, enter your TwitchTV username and password. Make sure channel is not empty (I had an issue with it once), it should say either Default or whatever your username is. Down near the bottom of the window, in the Audio Encoding box, change the Audio Codec to Speex. (It sounds better, imo.) After that, click OK. You should now see your channel in the window. Click OK again, and it should say "Settings have been successfully saved." or something similar.

    Now, to set up recording. First, go to View -> Resolution. Your selection here is very important as this is the primary deciding factor on what causes you to lag while broadcasting. I personally have it set to 480x384, which has caused me no lag problems. It's basically a question of stream video quality over connection. I can probably go higher without lagging, but erring on the side of lag-free is better, in my opinion. In any case, this should resize your Xsplit window.

    Now, open up Nestopia, and get it sized to whatever size you want. Now, in the XSplit program, go to File -> Add Screen Region . Double click on Nestopia in the background and XSplit will create a broadcast window that will show whatever within the Nestopia window. (This includes IMs, secret passwords, whatever you put there! Be careful!) You should now see the Nestopia window within the black box of XSplit. Resize the Nestopia window to be the full size of XSplit; this will basically show your game in full screen.

    Now, you're basically ready to go! In my opinion, it's now best to minimize XSplit and get your game setup. Once you get to the coin toss (or whenever you want to start recording) go to Broadcast -> Justin/TwitchTV (yourusername). This will start your recording, which can be seen live by everyone at http://twitch.tv/yourusername .

    I am by no means an expert on this, so, I can only encourage people to play with settings and find what works best for them!

    UPDATE: I've noticed a lot of people are using microphones and such to record their sound. This isn't necessary, unless you want to be talking during your broadcasts, which is totally fine if you want to do that.

    Within the Xsplit settings (Tools -> General Settings), under the Audio section, you'll see a dropdown box that has whatever sound device that Xsplit records from.

    To record directly from your computer, you're looking for an option called Stereo Mix or something similar (there are other names for it, but they escape me right now...). If you have this option, then you're good to go! Just be sure to check your volume so you're not killing your listeners with loud sound. Chances are you don't have that; as Windows by default disables this features in an attempt to prevent people from recording copyright material.

    So, to circumvent this, you'll need to install the sound drivers from whoever manufactured your sound card. I can't provide a specific guide for this, but I can give you a general one.

    Right click your volume settings on the taskbar, then select Playback Devices. This will bring back a list of playback devices that you have on your computer. Whatever one has the green checkmark by it is what's currently playing sound on your computer. This is generally "Speakers" or something along the lines. This is what mine looks like:

    That red arrow you see above points to whatever sound device you have. For me, as you can see, it's VIA High Definition Audio. Take that and slap it into google, along with the word driver after it. This should (hopefully) bring up your sound drivers for you to install, which should (hopefully) give you the option to record directly from your computer.

    Once you've got a handle on the whole thing and want to start streaming to Tecmo Channel, just hit me up on AIM, and I'll get you hooked up!

    Feel free to reply with questions and I'll try to help as best I can.
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    Neerrm got a reaction from War Machine in Thunderdome IX Game Recaps: Round of 20 (PHI-RAI, DET-RAMS, TB-DEN, JETS-NO)   
    Round 20 Neerrm wins toss DEN/TB purplehaze chooses DEN  

    Denver opens with a solid drive, and TB lucks out with an INT fumble->recovery->first down to extend their first drive. Elway is throwing lasers, but he's never heard of Haddix, so he's just zipping it right past him. Fortunately in the 2nd half the TB D not named Haddix steps up and Reynolds and Hamilton both end up with an INT and TB is just barely able to squeak out a win. gg purplehaze

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    Neerrm got a reaction from War Machine in Thunderdome IX: Bracket Pool Madness (Cash Prize!)   
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    Neerrm got a reaction from War Machine in Thunderdome IX Game Recaps: Group Play (KC-MIA, MIN-RAMS, DEN-SD, PHX-DAL, ATL-NO)   
    Group J Loser's bracket game
     Neerrm 31
    gamehigh 14

    I called matchup, gamehigh chose Cowboys.

    Game was closer than score indicated, close first half with Cardinals up 14-7 and kicking to start the 2nd, but McDonald snagged an INT and Dallas could never really get the momentum going after that.


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    Neerrm got a reaction from DFM in Regular Weekly TPC Streams   
    From scratch, I've already written one that auto-lists streams for FF4 in a different discord server, so it's really a minor change to add that functionality for TSB and then just write the tourney code.
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    Neerrm got a reaction from bruddog in Nintendo Switch Reveal   
    I haven't seen anything official stating there will be online play for NES and SNES titles. I've seen a lot of people misinterpreting what was said in regards to free NES/SNES titles being available to play if you pay for their subscription service. Nintendo does not have the best (or any, really) track record of supporting any amount of halfway decent online play, so I don't see why they would start now.
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    Neerrm got a reaction from stalltalk in Nintendo Switch Reveal   
    I haven't seen anything official stating there will be online play for NES and SNES titles. I've seen a lot of people misinterpreting what was said in regards to free NES/SNES titles being available to play if you pay for their subscription service. Nintendo does not have the best (or any, really) track record of supporting any amount of halfway decent online play, so I don't see why they would start now.
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    Neerrm got a reaction from War Machine in Thunderdome IX Game Recaps: Group Play (KC-MIA, MIN-RAMS, DEN-SD, PHX-DAL, ATL-NO)   
    Group J
    Round 1
    gamehigh calls matchup of KC/MIA
    I take KC
    BOX: http://tecmoworld.com/twpc/?page_id=180&game=75746

    MIA jumps out to an early 21-7 lead thanks to a DeBerg bad throw INT, but KC fights back in the 2nd half to get within a TD. Dolphins elect to not kick a FG in KC territory and go for it on 4th down TWICE, both ending in 4 and outs. Nick Lowery comes in at the end and shows why you kick the FG.
    Tough game, I should be in the loser's bracket, but here I am. gg gamehigh
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    Neerrm got a reaction from duecel00se in Thunderdome IX: Sign Up Thread   
    I'm in. Can host, same name on Discord.
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    Neerrm got a reaction from War Machine in Thunderdome IX: Sign Up Thread   
    I'm in. Can host, same name on Discord.
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    Neerrm got a reaction from vikingmoe02 in Let's play: Which Team Would You Pick?   
    And again....

    Loading poll...
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    Neerrm got a reaction from vikingmoe02 in Let's play: Which Team Would You Pick?   
    Bring it back again.

    Who you got? Vote here!
    Loading poll...
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    Neerrm got a reaction from buck in Lakewood, Ohio - 11/30/16 - Tourney at 16 Bit Bar in   
    Randomly assigned teams? Yikes...
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    Neerrm got a reaction from bruddog in Lakewood, Ohio - 11/30/16 - Tourney at 16 Bit Bar in   
    Randomly assigned teams? Yikes...
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    Neerrm got a reaction from vikingmoe02 in Let's play: Which Team Would You Pick?   
    Let's revive this shit.

    Who you got?
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    Neerrm got a reaction from moulds33 in Madison, WI - 02/20/16 - Tecmo XII: There's Something About Barry   
    Chicks dig the curls, man.
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    Neerrm got a reaction from brookstonfowler in bills need assistance   
    Back from vacation, was able to register.
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    Neerrm got a reaction from brookstonfowler in bills need assistance   
    i'm your huckleberry (except I'm on vacation all next week, so if you need someone more immediate then don't pick me)
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