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  1. Game 1 Props: 1. Who will win the coin toss for the matchup call? Essentially who will be player 1. (2 points) rico 2. Who will win the coin toss for the actual game to determine who gets ball first? (2 points) rico 3. Will halftime show be skipped? This is determined if "B" is pressed at any point. (3 points) Yes 4. Over/Under (0.5) on # of JJ TD's 50 yards+. No CC's! If you say over, there needs to be at least 1 or more. Under is basically saying none (3 points) Over 5. Total points scored in game 1. If you expect a final score of 21-14, then your answer is 35. If you are within 6 points of the total you earn the points. (6 points) 31 Game 2 Props: 6. Who will win the coin toss for the actual game to determine who gets ball first? (2 points) rico 7. Over/under (1.5) how many TOTAL fumbles there will be. This is lost and recovered so TOTAL. If you say under, you are saying 1 or less. (3 points) Under 8. Total points scored in game 2. If you expect a final score of 21-14, then your answer is 35. If you are within 6 points of the total you earn the points. (6 points) 52 General Props: 9. Who will win Thunderdome? (10 points) Stalltalk 10. How many games will the series last 2 or 3 games (7 points) 2 games
  2. Round 20 Neerrm wins toss DEN/TB purplehaze chooses DEN FINAL: 17 14 Denver opens with a solid drive, and TB lucks out with an INT fumble->recovery->first down to extend their first drive. Elway is throwing lasers, but he's never heard of Haddix, so he's just zipping it right past him. Fortunately in the 2nd half the TB D not named Haddix steps up and Reynolds and Hamilton both end up with an INT and TB is just barely able to squeak out a win. gg purplehaze https://www.twitch.tv/videos/119070771
  3. Group J Loser's bracket game Neerrm 31 gamehigh 14 I called matchup, gamehigh chose Cowboys. Game was closer than score indicated, close first half with Cardinals up 14-7 and kicking to start the 2nd, but McDonald snagged an INT and Dallas could never really get the momentum going after that. http://tecmoworld.com/twpc/?page_id=180&game=75790 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/117639432
  4. From scratch, I've already written one that auto-lists streams for FF4 in a different discord server, so it's really a minor change to add that functionality for TSB and then just write the tourney code.
  5. I like the idea. I've actually had the thought of making an automated tournament every xxxxday evening, but haven't gotten around to writing the Discord bot yet. It's something I want to do in the next couple of weeks. It'd essentially be really simple...people would sign up, it'd randomly assign matches, you'd report matchup choice and win/loss...whole process would be automated.
  6. I haven't seen anything official stating there will be online play for NES and SNES titles. I've seen a lot of people misinterpreting what was said in regards to free NES/SNES titles being available to play if you pay for their subscription service. Nintendo does not have the best (or any, really) track record of supporting any amount of halfway decent online play, so I don't see why they would start now.
  7. Group J Round 1 gamehigh calls matchup of KC/MIA I take KC 24 21 https://www.twitch.tv/neerrm/v/115769985 BOX: http://tecmoworld.com/twpc/?page_id=180&game=75746 MIA jumps out to an early 21-7 lead thanks to a DeBerg bad throw INT, but KC fights back in the 2nd half to get within a TD. Dolphins elect to not kick a FG in KC territory and go for it on 4th down TWICE, both ending in 4 and outs. Nick Lowery comes in at the end and shows why you kick the FG. Tough game, I should be in the loser's bracket, but here I am. gg gamehigh
  8. If you're into online leagues, there are a number of progression leagues that follow this very concept. Many of them have come and gone, but currently for example World Tecmo Federation follows what you described to a T. A bit of a different implementation with who is available to draft each season seeing as previous iterations of the league have gone up to about 2025 and stopped. There are also other progression leagues out there if you go digging. If online play isn't your thing, then you can always edit attributes and players manually.
  9. I'm in. Can host, same name on Discord.
  10. I dunno. Prior to making this poll, I would've thought that the Steelers would be the favorite.
  11. Bring it back again. Who you got? Vote here! Loading poll...
  12. Would probably take TB in the MIN/TB matchup. Haddix too good. I'd say KC over MIA.
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