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  1. Not enough State Farm commercials.
  2. I did a column on this awhile back for tecmobowlers.com. I think it was called Tecmo Wimps; the article included a rom where one team was made of the worst players by position.
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/nes/comments/8xwo7n/gift_from_a_friends_dad_back_in_the_90s_that/ Its a reddit thread, guy claims to have 4 tecmo prototype carts. One of them is TSB. In the accompanying imgur album, it looks like the CHR chip has a later date (8/29) than the version of the prototype that was already dumped (8/17). Wonder what CHR changes Tecmo made between 8/17 and 8/29?
  4. May be able to get my hands on the run from '88 - '95. I'll post updates as I hear more.
  5. Just go ahead and PM me

    I can answer question for you

  6. Version 1.0


    This is an update to the 32-team Tecmo Bowl rom, updating the title, opening crawl, and team select screen graphics. I've also inserted various other graphics in the rom file in case an enterprising hacker would like to further change the rom. This rom is meant to be a base for future OG Tecmo hacks.
  7. Wow. Your logo game is on point. My only critique--and maybe this has more to do with the limitations of the nes--is you're using an old Xavier logo: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/list_by_team/919/Xavier_Musketeers/
  8. How I missed that is beyond me, but as usual, Brud, you da real MVP.
  9. Any existing documentation on how the Password system in Tecmo Bowl works? After a few minutes messing around with it, looks like the password manipulates $0084-0089 in RAM, with $0084 and $0085 being the most dynamic. Just guessing, but it would seem with 6 bytes, the password generates 3 pointers to fetch 1)your team, 2)your opponent, 3)which week of the season. However, I'm unable to crack it as yet. Just wondering if there was any existing documentation before I start digging into it.
  10. Amusing, because when I first saw the gold shield/50-yard marks, I thought, "oh man, someone must have accidentally changed the hex for the field palettes."
  11. Just hopping in to let you know about another LoZ hack called Legend of Link. It is perhaps the most technically impressive game ever made for NES. Tons of fun. Light /Dark work mechanics like Link to the Past, all built from the original NES Legend of Zelda. Check it out. http://acmlm.kafuka.org/board/thread.php?id=7308&page=1
  12. Man, this is another weird one. He was cut before the 89 season but put on Denver's practice squad. Due to injury, Denver only activated him for one game - Super Bowl XXIV. He didn't get into the game and Denver cut him again prior to the 1990 season. http://articles.latimes.com/1990-01-26/sports/sp-858_1_denver-broncos It seems Tecmo set their rosters sometime in August of 1990, before teams made final cuts on Sep 4.
  13. Hot damn, you're right. I was looking through 1990 season logs, hadn't even thought to check 1989. Well now I wonder if there wasn't someone else who went out earlier? Did a little digging on Wayne Walker and it looks like, even though he last played NFL ball in 1989, he was still in the league in 1990. He didn't make San Diego's roster (and therefore lacks 1990 stats at pro-football-reference and nfl.com) because he tore up his knee in training camp prior to the 1990 season. He was, however, placed on injured reserve by the Chargers. So although he didn't roster or play, he was still technically in the Chargers organization, and therefore, still in the NFL. He went to Minnesota's training camp in 1991, but was waived on August 27th, 1991. Same thing with Buffalo in 1992. Incidentally, he went on to have a hell of a good run in the CFL. So for the moment, it's still Jessie Clark. I might dig through 1989 rosters, though, to see if maybe there wasn't someone who played in 1989 but got cut at the end of Training camp after Tecmo set its rosters.
  14. aaaand now I've got it. Jessie Clark last played for the Minnesota Vikings in week 5 of 1990, Grogan in week 8 and Laufenberg in week 16. Jessie Clark is our man, the first TSB player out of the league. There are a few others, incidentally, who went out before Grogan.
  15. edit to redact incorrect information. Thought id found someone else but had my years wrong
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