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    Applying SIM data

    See the attachment. Here's how it works: 1. "Save Data" in TSB tool from your rom as a .csv file 2. Open the .csv file in Excel and copy everything (easiest just to click on a cell far away from the data, like O6 or something, and Ctrl-A to select all cells) 3. Select cell A1 on the "Paste_Edit Here" sheet of my workbook and paste 4. For players on offense, change only the attributes on the "Paste_Edit Here" page. It will automatically apply the sim value on the "Output" page 5. Copy rows 25-1003 on "Sheet 2" 6. In TSB tool, highlight everything from the "TEAM = bills..." line to the last line of the falcons roster, and paste over it 7. Apply to rom and you're done I didn't touch the defense ratings because they aren't based on the players' attributes. You'll have to change these manually to determine the amount of sacks/interceptions players will get relative to others on the team. Any changes made to the "Paste_Edit Here" page update on the "Output" page, which will in turn update "Sheet 2". Also, any team ratings need to be changed in TSB tool, and it will only work on rom with 28 teams or fewer. One cool feature is that duplicate numbers on the same team will highlight red. Lastly, for some reason all the formations are set to 2rb,2wr,1te even though I included data from the original rom. I'm not sure what's going on with that, but just keep in mind that my forumlas differ for RBs, WRs, and TEs. You may have to account for this or else you can end up with cells having errors or inaccurate sim ratings if you change the formations. Fixing it is as simple as a copy/paste, though. Like I said, it's not necessarily finished or perfect, but you'll get the idea. The formulas are very simplistic and really account for only one attribute (except for the QBs). I simmed a few seasons on the original rom and the results seemed relatively close to the original so it's good enough for me. Feedback is welcome, or you can take it and change it to suit your own needs. Book1.xlsx
  2. adscl84

    Applying SIM data

    No worries. I was hoping to see the basic idea behind setting up the formulas because it looks pretty complex, but my main desire was to be able to copy/paste data from TSBtool into excel and back again. I've gone and devised my own system for sim ratings based on patterns I found in the original rom. I wouldn't say it's perfect, but it's good enough for me. The only thing not automated is the defense, because that isn't based on attributes anyway but rather the percentage of sacks/interceptions a player would be expected to get on their team. I'm still tweaking it, but I'll upload it here for others to mess around with when I'm finished.
  3. adscl84

    Applying SIM data

    Thanks. I have no idea how the calculations work and it's heavily protected; but, at the very least, I see the formula that takes the data from excel and formats it for use in TSB Tool. That is the biggest help to me.
  4. adscl84

    FG Accuracy Mechanics

    The first chart in this post -- the one with the green area that gets narrower as it goes to the right -- is exactly what I was referring to. How would I go about expanding the green/yellow areas in the code? Basically, I want to play around with making it less likely that a field goal will be missed without changing how far the arrow moves.
  5. Does anyone know if code exists that determines the relationship between a kickers distance, the alignment of the arrow, and the super suspenseful overhead cut scene playing? Iirc correctly, some really low ability kickers can get that scene to show up as close as extra points if the arrow is far enough away from "center". What id ultimately like to know is the closest a kicker can be for that cut scene to trigger (based on their ability), so that i can either tweak that code or adjust the arrow distance to my liking.
  6. adscl84

    Applying SIM data

    What i find most interesting about this is that the Steelers have the best defense in the game by player rating, but have a rather mediocre run defense rating for skipped games. Meanwhile the 49ers, who do have a pretty good defense, are rated 15 for both.
  7. adscl84

    Applying SIM data

    Good to know. Thanks.
  8. adscl84

    Applying SIM data

    Oh wow. So I assume there is code for rush offense and pass offense then. Where can that be found?
  9. adscl84

    Applying SIM data

    Are you willing to share the spreadsheet? I'd like to try it out.
  10. adscl84

    Can I pay someone?

    Editing the end zone and midfield logo isn't terribly difficult, but it is quite time consuming. Someone who has never done it will take a lot of trial and error to make sure the new tiles are laid properly, and it can be a pain. You might be able to get the XFL logo in red since the original NFL logo has red in the letters, but IIRC, you can get red only to appear in the same tiles that the NFL logo had them. I may be wrong, it's been years since I messed with that. You should also be able to get them in the end zone because you'd just have to redraw the big TECMO letters that are there now. I'm pretty sure your com v com coverage issues have been addressed by other hacks, but I think the game plays rather well without the receivers being covered all the time in that the final score is usually pretty reasonable. Check out this thread and find the hacks you want to apply. Some of the threads linked from that page have the hack buried within the discussion so you'll have to read through the posts. I'd help you out, but I'm trying to nail down the last few issues on my own rom I quit working on two years ago. Plus, you're looking at many hours of work. I'm surprised no one has done an XFL rom with the graphics fixes you want that you could use as a base for your other changes. Upload what you've got and maybe some kind soul will take you up on your offer.
  11. I've been messing with this because I'm trying to eliminate selecting the pro bowl teams altogether, but I can't figure out how to get the cursor to show up properly and have everything work. I figured out how to get the cursor to show up, but when I selected the first team, it opens up the all stars. Maybe if I can learn how the game accesses the all stars screens, I can figure out what I want. In a stripped rom, I found the following at x22c31: AABD26AC6000050901060A02070B03080C04000D0E13000F141810151911161A12171B We already know this is the area that tells the game which team to display on the team data screen. The first option is BUF (x00). The bit of code before that must have to do with loading the team data screens, as setting it to xff crashes the game if you try to select any team...except the all stars. I tried putting other values in place of x00, with undesirable (but sometimes amusing) results. So, where is the code related to opening the all stars screens?? x23b49 begins the cursor positioning for the team data screen. The first two bytes are for the appearance of the cursor. The next two (x2020) are the position of the afc all stars. Then, we have xffff because the next two columns do not exist on that row. The x3020ffff is for the nfc all stars row. After that is the rest of the league. Interestingly, we can change the position of the cursor, but it will still load the team that used to be there. For example, if we change x23b4d (where the cursor points to the afc all stars) to x4820 (where the cursor points to BUF), it will still load the afc all stars. If you move the cursor, it will go to the nfc all stars and then back to BUF. At this point, it will correctly load BUF's team data. Somewhere in the code the game is saying the cursor must appear next to whatever is entered at x23b4d. I made two stripped roms: one in which I opened the afc all stars, and one in which I opened the nfc all stars. I opened the hex editor to compare for differences. This is what I found: afc rom: at x1fc48 there is x60bd64 nfc rom: at x1fc4a there is x64bd68 (this has to do with the red/white/blue stars at the top of the all-star team data screens) afc rom: has x2e bytes of code starting at x20ef0 nfc rom: has x2e bytes of code starting at x20f1e nfc rom: at 20fb7 there is x18693c (there is nothing here in the afc rom and I can't find a corresponding set of code elsewhere)
  12. adscl84

    Removing Menu Options

    It should be noted that the addresses you gave are for the 32 team rom only. I had to go to x239f2 (rather than x3f9f4) to change the number of options on the original rom. To get the former pro bowl option to go to the team data screen was at the same place, though (x200f3). At x1fa63 there is a huge block of xff, and I can't seem to find it using the code logger. I compared the two roms and found the following: x1e110 and x1e114 are what should be changed to x07. x1e121 and x1e124 are what should be changed to x04 and x12 respectively x1e117 is what should be changed to x05 To change the "pro bowl" to "team data", enter the following at x1e14a: 5445414D20444154418F000000000000000000 This is needed because "team data" is longer than "pro bowl" so you have to tell it to put the line for the box somewhere else, and then remove the word "team data" from where it was originally. Also, when you return from the team data screen, you have to hit up twice to move the cursor. Probably because we put "70" in there twice, but if you get rid of the last one, the cursor is gone altogether. Very strange... At x239ef we have x000028 The first byte is the image used for the cursor. The third byte is the horizontal position of the cursor on the screen. You would think the 2nd byte would be the vertical position, but changing it does nothing or causes the cursor to be mirror-imaged. Now, if only I could figure out how to make the cursor show up on the team data screen after removing the all star options... Edit: I almost figured it out... I realized the x0c03 at x23b4b probably referred to the number of rows and columns on the screen. I changed the x0c03 to x0802 (my rom has only 16 teams: 8 in each conference, four in each division) and then immediately placed the cursor positions for each team. The screen loads with the cursor on the first team and it can immediately be moved in any direction. However, this messes with which team loads when you select the option...
  13. adscl84

    Applying SIM data

    I just started messing with TSB Tool to mess with the sim stats and it seems the auto updater takes only speed into account for the last two, as it considered them to be kick and punt return ability. I had a high skill RB with awful hands (think Okoye or Bo) getting 60+ catches in a season while a speedy, sure-handed receiver on the same team (think Jerry Rice) got nothing (the 32 points were used up before it got to him due to his spot on the roster). If you want a "quick" fix: what I did for RBs, was to use the same number for the reception skills (2nd) in the 4th number and then halved the 3rd number so they wouldn't get a huge yards per catch. These numbers actually ended up being pretty close to what you'll see for RBs in the original rom. For WRs, I averaged the 2nd and 3rd numbers to come up with their 4th. This resulted in very good WRs generally having a value of 12-13 and mediocre receivers being about 7-8. Teams with crap receivers will randomize many catches, which makes sense because there isn't any dominant receiver the QB would be focusing on. This resulted in the best WRs in the league generally leading the league in receptions over many simmed seasons. My trouble comes with the defense ratings. Bruce Smith in the original rom is at 127 (IIRC) for pass rush. From my understanding, the entire team cannot go above 255. This means Bruce Smith should get about half of his team's sacks. It seems that the auto updater will equally spread the pass rush numbers out based on speed. The fastest guys will have the highest value, but they won't be significantly higher than slow guys. I don't have any advice right now for quickly editing these. Is there a way to export data from TSB Tool into a spreadsheet and then import it back? I feel like there probably is, and I could edit my stuff a lot faster in Excel.
  14. Go to "View" from the toolbar and select "Show Colors". They will show up underneath the playbook info for each team. Double click anywhere within the color info.
  15. adscl84

    Change Jersey Colors

    You can use an editor such as TSB Tool Supreme. I prefer the "General Manager" (v.09) because I feel like I can visualize the changes I'm making a little better. If you hate yourself and want to do it by hand, look at the last two posts on the page linked below for advice:
  16. adscl84

    Quickness Pass Incompletions Hack Issues

    You'll want to have the second part 2b070, or you can change the first part to 4c60bf. The reason the original hack location seems "off" is because the first byte after the 4c is f0. If you add x10 to that, its like going from 90 to 100. Since in hex you get only two digits, you have to carry the third digit into the rest of the address. Thats why the bf becomes c0. If you've ever messed with the large helmet graphics that should make sense, or if you understand that you should easily be able to edit them if you so desire.
  17. adscl84

    Quickness Pass Incompletions Hack Issues

    If it's glitching, it's possible you have another hack in the same area and now the code is messed up. It may also be that using the PA/PC switch hack along with this is causing issues, but I don't think that's as likely. All this hack was meant to do was give a use to the quickness attribute. The PA/PC switch just uses the PA attribute number for determining completions and interceptions instead of PC. If you record a movie with your emulator, you'll see that the game can get out of sync when you play if back after messing with relevant player's attributes, so the hack must do something.
  18. adscl84

    Use Quickness For Pass Incompletions

    It is. You just have to change the hex after the jmp (4c) commands to go somewhere else in the rom. Find somewhere in the rom that is a big bunch of xff because there's no data there. It has to be in the same bank though (e.g. x20000 to x2ffff). For example, the first one is "4C BA BF EA". This says to jump (4c) to location x2bfca. I forget how the pointers work exactly, but there is a pattern to it. I think bf refers to 2bf??, bceause we're in in the 20000-2ffff bank. ba = ca for some reason. "ea" is the code for "no-op", which i think just tells the processor to do nothing. (Edit: Forgot perhaps the most important part. It's probably easier to move the no fumbles after td hack because it takes up less space than this one.) I don't know what the no fumble after td command was originally, but I went with this: 28698: 4C60BFEAEAEA 2BF70: A5732920D00BA5712910C910F0034C8E864CE886 That moves it to just before this hack, but you'll have to make sure an existing hack you use isn't in that spot. As you can see after the 4c, we have 60bf, which is why the rest of it starts at 2bf70.
  19. I don't know how good you are with 6502, but here is a stripped ROM. All you can do without glitching is get to the AFC All Stars screen. When the ROM loads, immediately get to the main menu. You'll have to press "up" to get to the team data screen (pressing down glitches the screen and the cursor can't move). You can select AFC all stars, but can't do anything else. If you try moving the cursor, the screen glitches. If you try to select any all stars, it boots you out to the team select screen. I stripped the ROM so it would be easier to sift through the code (everything not involved with starting the game and navigating the AFC all stars screen should be x00) I tried running the code logger in fceux while doing nothing but selecting the AFC all stars to see what part of the ROM file is being used to do that in hopes I could figure out where the command to load the all stars screen is, but there is too much code highlighting and I simply don't know what's what. Tecmo Super Bowl (USA) stripped.nes
  20. adscl84

    Mini-Helmet Designs

    Just found something else. "There are 4 palettes: 00 = pink, silver-blue, and white 01 = grey, orange, and black 02 = white, dark blue, and yellow 03 = green, aqua, and white" Starting at x1a150 is what determines these colors. Each string of four bytes starts with "11" and it seems changing that does nothing. However, the three bytes after that are where the colors come from. So, you could change the four main palettes to suit your tastes. I imagine the special palettes are nearby as well, and I'll edit this post if I find it. I'm not even looking for this stuff, but rather stumbling upon it while using the code logger in trying to help TheRaja with his question here:
  21. adscl84

    Mini-Helmet Designs

    I found some interesting stuff at x1a840. I searched the forums for that address and saw that jstout mentioned this area in this thread, but I didn't see any explanation about it. Anyway, these change the colors of the following: 1a840 - background color 1a841 - eagles wing/facemask 1a842 - green in sehawks logo 1a843 - vikings helmet 1a845 - redskins helmet 1a846 - jets facemask 1a847 - orange in dolphins/bears logo 1a849 - yellow in steelers stripe and packers/49ers/saints helmets 1a84a - red in steelers logo 1a84d - white in browns stripe and buccaneers helmet 1a84e - falcons logo 1a84f - browns facemask and rear corner of helmet Whatever hex code you put at these addresses directly corresponds to a color if you're looking at a hex chart of colors (0F is black, 30 is white, etc.). What's strange is that 1a840 = 11, which changes the background color. Every 5th byte is 11 as well, but changing those other ones does nothing as far as I can tell. I'm not sure where in the other mini helmet code this stuff gets accessed, but maybe someone smarter than me can figure it out...if it's even significant. At the very least, if you design custom logos, you could replace the stuff mentioned here with particular things and then be able to modify the colors of those without having to worry about what palette you used for other stuff.
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    Edit Pro Bowl Conference Logos

    Correct. Sorry to dig up an old thread. I got busy with life and stopped tinkering with ROMs for a while. I'm casually getting back into it for now, but forgot most of what I learned two years ago. I just hate to leave a question unanswered.
  23. I searched for this, but couldn't find it. I just learned how to use the code logger to find graphics, so I figured I'd add this. If it does already exist somewhere, then disregard. This isn't comprehensive, as there may be a way to give more tiles for the NFC logo. Currently, the AFC logo can have up to 48 tiles, while the NFC gets only 16. I doubt there's enough free tiles to use that many, however. The pro bowl conference logos (what you see when you pick the pro bowl option from the main menu) start at x169a0. The first byte is for the palette and the next 16 place tiles. x00 will give all black (background). The tiles are arranged in columns of four tiles before moving to the next row (up to four rows); then it moves to the next section of four columns and four rows, etc. The NFC logo starts at x169d3. Again, the first byte is for the palette and the next 16 place the tiles. The default AFC palette is x55, which gives gray, dark red, and light red. The default NFC palette is xAA, which gives gray, white, and blue. Using x00 for a palette gives blue, red, and white. I don't have a good understanding of what number provides what palette and found x00 by random chance. Using TileED, the tiles for these logos are around 381968. As far as I can tell, the following tiles are used: CB, CE-CF, D0-DF, E0-E1, E4-E5, E7, F0-F7. E6 and E8 appear to be blank, so they could maybe be used, but I don't know if they're used elsewhere in the game. Also, to get the AFC logo aligned like the NFC logo (if you're only using 16 tiles each), start at x169b1 to choose your palette. Then, x169b2 will be 00. Every 4th byte from there will be x00 as well. The rest will place your tiles. At x169c2, you'll set your palette again. x169c3 and every 4th byte will be other tiles and the rest will be x00. Don't forget to x00 out the bytes starting at x169a1.
  24. I'm working on a 20 team rom based off a 16 team rom I made, which was based off of jstouts CIFL rom. I copy/pasted most of the code for making the 8 team playoff, and it works just fine on the 16 team rom. For some reason, having the extra four teams causes the wild cards to be chosen improperly. Often times, a team with a higher record will be left out in lieu of a team with a crappy record. Also, sometimes, it will pick more than four teams in a conference. I'm not sure why this is happening since I haven't made any changes to the code regarding the playoffs (except for the byte that determines the first NFC team), but if someone could take a look and tell me what I screwed up I would really appreciate it. 20.nes
  25. adscl84

    Colors for Numbers at Midfield

    If you use fceux, go into the ppu viewer under the debug menu before a snap. It will show you the tiles used to draw the field. The number tiles include part of the yard lines, so if you make the number yellow by editing the palette, that part of the yard line will also be yellow. To do what you'd want, you'll have to use a tile editor. Even then you'll have a hard time since you only get three colors. One is for the field, one for the numbers, the other for the blue stripe. You'd probably eliminate the blue stripe (you'd lose them at the 20s as well) and use that color for the numbers only. Not only that, but half of the 0 is shared among all of the other numbered lines so you'd have to find a way around that as well. Even doing this, you'd have to make a palette to use for those specific tiles only. It's probably not impossible, but would be a lot of work.