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  1. I found a text file of my notes. They're incomplete, as there is no entry for figuring out the wild card and I reference x20e92f for some reason (and it's clear I didn't even know why back then). But a lot of this stuff is essentially the same as what jstout put in his post (you'll have to search for this) about how the code works. Maybe it'll help you somehow... 8TEAMPLAYOFFNOTES.txt
  2. I haven't messed with this stuff in particular since back then, so I'm not really sure. I can tell I never posted all my notes and the stuff I wrote down by hand is probably long gone as I didn't find it in my computer desk. I think all that's missing is the bracket that illustrated the hex code that corresponded to the positions on the bracket. I assume the general process for how the playoff teams gets determined is the same in booth ROMs, but I have no experience with the 32 team ROM. I know a lot of code got moved around to make room for the extra teams, but have no idea if that affected where the playoff stuff is located. You could compare the code in the two ROMs and see if everything in those addresses is the same. I wish I could be more help, but other than occasional roster changes and tile editing, I've done very little in the last 5 years.
  3. I made a thread about 5-6 years ago documenting my journey through trying to figure out this part of the code. I eventually figured it out, but I'm not sure I posted everything I learned. I've long since forgotten what I did, but you can probably find that thread and reference it with the others to get an idea of what needs to be done. I think jstout made a bracket that shows the hex codes at each position a team can occupy in one of them, which helped me big time. I was specifically trying to make a simple 8 team playoff, which I ended up doing.
  4. Sorry I took so long to respond; I was going through some shit this summer and just forgot about pretty much everything. Try this ROM. This is one I was working on when trying to figure out the playoff code about 4 years ago. That is pretty much the only changes I made, except for some reason I have teams that aren't supposed to be in the ROM scheduled each week. You know how to eliminate teams and whatnot, so that's all that needs to be done I think. AFC should be CLE-SEA and NFC should be WAS-GB. There's an old thread from pambazos88 that explains how to fix the team control screen, so search for that and you'll be all set. I'll try to be more responsive, but I haven't touched TSB editing since early last Spring so it'll take some time for me to get back up to speed. Tecmo Super Bowl (U).nes
  5. According to my notes, the code at x2328e tells the game where the NFC starts in terms of figuring playoff teams. The default is x0E, but since your NFC starts with the Steelers, you'd want this to be x08. That didn't fix your specific problem here, but it was one issue I noticed in your code and there must be a lot more. I'll try my best to help you out, but my notes -- which seem to be incomplete -- are from 2015 when I finally figured this stuff out. I haven't messed around with this aspect of the game since then so my notes don't make as much sense to me as I'm sure they did back then. Anyway, I attached them so you can see what I was able to grasp from all the posts made by people who know infinitely more than I ever will. I'll say this though: you clearly know enough to make a 16 team rom. It will be a lot of work because I know how tedious it is to make a new rom with fewer teams and switch the divisions and conferences and whatnot; but, if you're able to make a rom with the AFC set to be CLE-SEA and the NFC set to be WAS-GB, I can probably fix your playoffs in about an hour. 8TEAMPLAYOFFNOTES.txt
  6. I took a look at the rom and there may be bigger issues than the playoff structure. I don't know how you set the league up, but the standings screens don't show the proper teams. I can't immediately tell if this is an issue with the code related to displaying the divisions you choose from the standings submenu or the way you determined which teams are in which conference/division and I don't have time to dig around the code to find out, let alone fix it. But if you can figure that out -- personally I'd have the AFC be the last 8 AFC teams (CLE-SEA) and have the NFC be the first 8 NFC teams (WAS-GB) -- I can probably just copy/paste the hex code from my 8 team playoff notes and see if that helps.
  7. I created a thread several years ago that documented my quest to figure out what you're trying to do. I don't think it will give you everything you need, but it might help you see what's going on by looking at the cifl rom, which is what i looked at to see the differences in code. I think jstout made an excellent thread that explains what all of the code is doing, so you should try to find that one as well.
  8. I have no experience with hacking anything but the NES version, so I can answer only #1: Yes. And you can even have PC and PA control whichever variable (completion vs. on target) you prefer. Details are in this thread:
  9. @bruddog Here's one from jstout that he said you were pretty involved with, in which quickness is used as "coverage". Assuming this one works, the quickness attribute is being accessed somewhere in this hack...so is it just a matter of telling it to correlate with the hex code related to pursuit angles/dive animations rather than the completion check, or is it more complicated than that? Edit: I found another hack that uses quickness for int returns and that one is as simple as changing one byte to x87. I see in this one that there is an x87 with a note that the game is to then use quickness as well. So x87 must have something to do with quickness, but given how much other code there is and all the jumps, I assume it's rather complicated.
  10. Well that's legitimately disappointing. It's weird to me that it's so messed up but doesn't cause any problems when playing the game. Oh well. Thanks for saving me the trouble of digging deeper, especially since I don't really know what I'm doing.
  11. I ran the code logger in fceux while running a few plays to see which code is/isn't being used: So it seems that the hack may be jumping to the right area, but not all of the code there is being used for some reason. I don't know how to find this using the debugger, so I can't confirm, but I think the first piece of hex in black "A9" is an LDA command...and for some reason this isn't happening. Also, though the hack initially says to jump to x3e340 and x3e374, it is not jumping to x3e374 for some reason. What I find most interesting is that the code that I think is meant to set the reaction speed of the defenders (the stuff in blue) is being accessed, but the stuff meant to change the dive animation time (the descending numbers starting with 080807...) is not. So maybe the hack at least does something, even if it doesn't do everything it set out to do. I also noticed that if you apply the standalone defense dive animation based on quickness hack... Dive Animation Timing Based on Quicknessx2aaa8=20 50 E4x3e460=A0 08 B1 AE AA 8A 45 70 30 06 A9 07 18 69 20 CB DA 60 8A 20 8D DD A0 87 20 AA DD B9 74 E4 18 69 20 CB DA 60 0B 0B 0A 0A 08 08 07 07 05 05 04 04 02 02 01 01 ...it will at least begin to access some of the code at x3e460, but not all of it; and, it doesn't seem to utilize the code meant to correlate to the quickness attributes. I tried putting the code from this hack in place of the stuff that goes at x3e374 to no effect. @bruddog: am I looking at the right stuff here? I really want this hack to work as intended.
  12. I fixed the standings menu...sorta. It at least shows only four divisions and the cursor is good. The NFC isn't right based on how you've got the teams arranged in the team data screen. I'm having hard time finding my notes, so I couldn't fix that. There is a thread somewhere that explains how to change that. @pambazos88 has made several incredibly detailed and helpful posts about doing this sort of thing, so I'd search through his content. The thread below may help. Tecmo Super Bowl 16 Team.nes
  13. I think it uses the sim target value as a reference and checks that against a random number. If the check fails, it goes onto the next eligible receiver until someone gets the catch. I think this hack makes it more likely that the check fails for rbs before moving onto the wrs, giving the wrs more catches. The same can probably be accomplished by having rbs with lower sim values but i haven't ever messed with this to see if it gives finer control over simmed stats. It doesn't lock teams into the same distribution per se, just the probability. That is, if everyone on the offense had the same sim target value, you could expect them to roughly follow this distribution. If you wanted to have a rb get a ton of catches with this hack, you'd have to bump up their sim target value to be a lot higher.
  14. Right off the bat, I'm pretty sure the error has to be in the bold portion because the other four addresses just tell the rom to go these addresses (or do they?), and the unbolded parts are meant to correlate to the attribute value for the defender. I don't remember much of the 6502 stuff I read about, but I see some x20 and x60, which I think is taking us to another place and coming back ( i put these in red), but then I see some x20 without an x60 so I'm not totally sure. One question I have is that the initial commands are at x28ddd, but then the other code is in the x30000's. I thought you had to stay within the same area as the first number, so now I'm wondering if those parts should start at x38ddd or if we're telling the hack to jump to x2e340 and x2e374. x3e340=A0 08 B1 AE AA 8A 45 70 30 08 A9 1E 18 69 20 CB DA 60 8A 20 8D DD A0 87 20 AA DD B9 54 E3 18 69 20 CB DA 60 24 22 20 1E 1C 19 16 13 10 0D 0A 07 05 03 02 01x3e374=A0 08 B1 AE AA 8A 45 70 30 08 A9 05 18 69 20 CB DA 60 8A 20 8D DD A0 87 20 AA DD B9 88 E3 18 69 20 CB DA 60 08 08 07 07 06 06 05 05 04 04 03 03 02 02 01 01
  15. I would like to know as well. I knew there was a reason I had note for myself to not use this hack, but I couldn't remember why. @bruddog must know since he recognized there was bad code. Is this hack even viable? I remember seeing one that causes any up/down movement to reset running speed, and I know there's one that gives the defense better pursuit regardless of any attribute, so I assume it is. I don't know much, but I'll see if I can make heads or tails of any of it because there isn't a ton of code to look at.
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