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  1. I have no experience with hacking anything but the NES version, so I can answer only #1: Yes. And you can even have PC and PA control whichever variable (completion vs. on target) you prefer. Details are in this thread:
  2. @bruddog Here's one from jstout that he said you were pretty involved with, in which quickness is used as "coverage". Assuming this one works, the quickness attribute is being accessed somewhere in this hack...so is it just a matter of telling it to correlate with the hex code related to pursuit angles/dive animations rather than the completion check, or is it more complicated than that? Edit: I found another hack that uses quickness for int returns and that one is as simple as changing one byte to x87. I see in this one that there is an x87 with a note that the game is to then use quickness as well. So x87 must have something to do with quickness, but given how much other code there is and all the jumps, I assume it's rather complicated.
  3. Well that's legitimately disappointing. It's weird to me that it's so messed up but doesn't cause any problems when playing the game. Oh well. Thanks for saving me the trouble of digging deeper, especially since I don't really know what I'm doing.
  4. I ran the code logger in fceux while running a few plays to see which code is/isn't being used: So it seems that the hack may be jumping to the right area, but not all of the code there is being used for some reason. I don't know how to find this using the debugger, so I can't confirm, but I think the first piece of hex in black "A9" is an LDA command...and for some reason this isn't happening. Also, though the hack initially says to jump to x3e340 and x3e374, it is not jumping to x3e374 for some reason. What I find most interesting is that the code that I think is meant to set the reaction speed of the defenders (the stuff in blue) is being accessed, but the stuff meant to change the dive animation time (the descending numbers starting with 080807...) is not. So maybe the hack at least does something, even if it doesn't do everything it set out to do. I also noticed that if you apply the standalone defense dive animation based on quickness hack... Dive Animation Timing Based on Quickness x2aaa8=20 50 E4 x3e460=A0 08 B1 AE AA 8A 45 70 30 06 A9 07 18 69 20 CB DA 60 8A 20 8D DD A0 87 20 AA DD B9 74 E4 18 69 20 CB DA 60 0B 0B 0A 0A 08 08 07 07 05 05 04 04 02 02 01 01 ...it will at least begin to access some of the code at x3e460, but not all of it; and, it doesn't seem to utilize the code meant to correlate to the quickness attributes. I tried putting the code from this hack in place of the stuff that goes at x3e374 to no effect. @bruddog: am I looking at the right stuff here? I really want this hack to work as intended.
  5. I fixed the standings menu...sorta. It at least shows only four divisions and the cursor is good. The NFC isn't right based on how you've got the teams arranged in the team data screen. I'm having hard time finding my notes, so I couldn't fix that. There is a thread somewhere that explains how to change that. @pambazos88 has made several incredibly detailed and helpful posts about doing this sort of thing, so I'd search through his content. The thread below may help. Tecmo Super Bowl 16 Team.nes
  6. I think it uses the sim target value as a reference and checks that against a random number. If the check fails, it goes onto the next eligible receiver until someone gets the catch. I think this hack makes it more likely that the check fails for rbs before moving onto the wrs, giving the wrs more catches. The same can probably be accomplished by having rbs with lower sim values but i haven't ever messed with this to see if it gives finer control over simmed stats. It doesn't lock teams into the same distribution per se, just the probability. That is, if everyone on the offense had the same sim target value, you could expect them to roughly follow this distribution. If you wanted to have a rb get a ton of catches with this hack, you'd have to bump up their sim target value to be a lot higher.
  7. Right off the bat, I'm pretty sure the error has to be in the bold portion because the other four addresses just tell the rom to go these addresses (or do they?), and the unbolded parts are meant to correlate to the attribute value for the defender. I don't remember much of the 6502 stuff I read about, but I see some x20 and x60, which I think is taking us to another place and coming back ( i put these in red), but then I see some x20 without an x60 so I'm not totally sure. One question I have is that the initial commands are at x28ddd, but then the other code is in the x30000's. I thought you had to stay within the same area as the first number, so now I'm wondering if those parts should start at x38ddd or if we're telling the hack to jump to x2e340 and x2e374. x3e340=A0 08 B1 AE AA 8A 45 70 30 08 A9 1E 18 69 20 CB DA 60 8A 20 8D DD A0 87 20 AA DD B9 54 E3 18 69 20 CB DA 60 24 22 20 1E 1C 19 16 13 10 0D 0A 07 05 03 02 01 x3e374=A0 08 B1 AE AA 8A 45 70 30 08 A9 05 18 69 20 CB DA 60 8A 20 8D DD A0 87 20 AA DD B9 88 E3 18 69 20 CB DA 60 08 08 07 07 06 06 05 05 04 04 03 03 02 02 01 01
  8. I would like to know as well. I knew there was a reason I had note for myself to not use this hack, but I couldn't remember why. @bruddog must know since he recognized there was bad code. Is this hack even viable? I remember seeing one that causes any up/down movement to reset running speed, and I know there's one that gives the defense better pursuit regardless of any attribute, so I assume it is. I don't know much, but I'll see if I can make heads or tails of any of it because there isn't a ton of code to look at.
  9. I should have a 16 team rom somewhere that would have the standings menu you're looking for. The only big change in it is the playoffs have 8 teams instead of 12. I don't know how far along you are, so if that's what you're looking for, I'll upload it if i can find it. Otherwise, changing the standings screens aren't too hard. You might find a thread on here that explains how to do it, or else I'm sure I have the notes somewhere. As far as the pro bowl goes, it should be possible, but I got stuck one step away from perfecting it. I kept having issues with the cursor on the team data screen when i tried to remove the all star teams from there.
  10. I'll put all of the threads I find in this post. The only one I couldn't find is for the "end of game field goal". I can personally verify that one, and what it does it dictate at what point the COM player automatically kicks a field goal (under the right conditions) toward the end of a half/game. IIRC, the default was x30. Strangely, the game doesn't seem to convert the time in seconds to/from hex (x30 = 48, but COM will automatically kick a FG at anything under 30 seconds), so now I'm curious what would happen if you set it so something like x2A.
  11. I don't know how I missed this thread when I was poking around last spring. So much good stuff in here!! I just want to point out that every hack you attributed to my text file as unverified did come from somewhere in these forums, so there should be a post to link to somewhere. I've never learned enough to develop my own and I just don't have the free time to learn any more than (what I consider to be) the most basic stuff, unfortunately. I get the itch every now and again, but just can't keep up. Anyway, the only difference in the command you would find between the original post and what was in my file is that I had to relocate some hacks to different parts of the ROM file due to other hacks already being in that spot. I'll try to dig up some of the posts of the unverified ones.
  12. I've done some more work on my spreadsheet lately. Using least squares regression models, I determined which attribute(s) had the strongest correlations to each sim value. I then fudged the formulas a bit to ensure a wider range of values, which was necessary for the sim values that may not have had a strong correlation with any attribute(s). This one will now set defensive sim values based on their attributes and also adjusts for position (e.g. ILBs generally have much lower sim sack values than OLBs). It currently adjusts sim catch values for the five starters to always add up to 32 for all teams, but I may change it to do that only if the calculated total would exceed 32 (e.g. team has many great WR, such as HOU). It also does this for the sack and interception totals (they'll auto-adjust to equal 255). I wouldn't call it perfect, but given how easy it makes it to apply sim data, it works quite well in that the end of year stat leaders are generally who you would expect. See the post above for how to apply the data to a rom. Book1(2).xlsx
  13. FG mechanics are the last thing I'm hoping to change in my ROMs as it's frustrating how often the COM misses what should be easy kicks. Correct me if I'm wrong on any of these points: 1. Based on the values in column AP, I understand this to mean someone with 06-13KA can have the arrow travel 14 notches in either direction, whereas the arrow for someone with 94-100KA will go only 7. 2. The random modifier dictates how far from the center the arrow starts? That is, sometimes it starts dead center, and other times it starts at the far end of the kicker's range. Or, is the modifier just saying that even though the arrow is dead center, it acts as if it's a few notches off? If I've got that stuff right, can someone please explain the following? I have code at x2A7A0 that changes the arrow speed/distance: 98908880787068605850484038302820 0C0C0B0B0A0A09090808070706060505 So the bottom line of code is the arrow distance and I changed it from a range of 7-14 to a range of 5-12 notches? I suppose I can play with the range using the table to find a happy medium for me... But, I remember there being a value that determines whether a kick is clearly good, bounces in, bounces out, or misses entirely, as illustrated in this post: I think changing the green/yellow/pink/red areas is preferred, as it allows for more customization over simply saying how far the arrow moves, but is this possible and where is the hex code? Is it possible to remove the random modifier, or is there a way to apply it to those with 50KA? I'd rather everyone have it, or no one have it. Edit: I found the hex location for the image bruddog posted in the link I included about how the arrow distance works (x294df), but I don't know if that will ultimately help me.
  14. See the attachment. Here's how it works: 1. "Save Data" in TSB tool from your rom as a .csv file 2. Open the .csv file in Excel and copy everything (easiest just to click on a cell far away from the data, like O6 or something, and Ctrl-A to select all cells) 3. Select cell A1 on the "Paste_Edit Here" sheet of my workbook and paste 4. For players on offense, change only the attributes on the "Paste_Edit Here" page. It will automatically apply the sim value on the "Output" page 5. Copy rows 25-1003 on "Sheet 2" 6. In TSB tool, highlight everything from the "TEAM = bills..." line to the last line of the falcons roster, and paste over it 7. Apply to rom and you're done I didn't touch the defense ratings because they aren't based on the players' attributes. You'll have to change these manually to determine the amount of sacks/interceptions players will get relative to others on the team. Any changes made to the "Paste_Edit Here" page update on the "Output" page, which will in turn update "Sheet 2". Also, any team ratings need to be changed in TSB tool, and it will only work on rom with 28 teams or fewer. One cool feature is that duplicate numbers on the same team will highlight red. Lastly, for some reason all the formations are set to 2rb,2wr,1te even though I included data from the original rom. I'm not sure what's going on with that, but just keep in mind that my forumlas differ for RBs, WRs, and TEs. You may have to account for this or else you can end up with cells having errors or inaccurate sim ratings if you change the formations. Fixing it is as simple as a copy/paste, though. Like I said, it's not necessarily finished or perfect, but you'll get the idea. The formulas are very simplistic and really account for only one attribute (except for the QBs). I simmed a few seasons on the original rom and the results seemed relatively close to the original so it's good enough for me. Feedback is welcome, or you can take it and change it to suit your own needs. Book1.xlsx
  15. No worries. I was hoping to see the basic idea behind setting up the formulas because it looks pretty complex, but my main desire was to be able to copy/paste data from TSBtool into excel and back again. I've gone and devised my own system for sim ratings based on patterns I found in the original rom. I wouldn't say it's perfect, but it's good enough for me. The only thing not automated is the defense, because that isn't based on attributes anyway but rather the percentage of sacks/interceptions a player would be expected to get on their team. I'm still tweaking it, but I'll upload it here for others to mess around with when I'm finished.
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