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  1. Awesome work. I had to do a password recovery just so I could post this. Thank you for sharing this. I'm really enjoying your effort. I just wish I could help some way, but I have no skills with modifying logos or anything like that.
  2. lol I might suck covering the run but those dicks on the Titans didn't even try to run one pass play
  3. Love the work on this ROM but I have one issue I’m in a season with the Colts and I lost to the Titans both times. I don’t really care that I lost but during both games the Titans called a grand total of ZERO pass plays. I picked run plays every time and attempted to defend against it but I still got my ass handed to me. Is this just part of the deal with a juiced ROM or is there something wrong with me?
  4. Yes, I create new players and we do either a draft or just add them. Attributes and ratings go up from year to year depending on how they play. I know some of the Sega roms TSB2 and/or TSB3 had off-season trading, cutting, signing but it was NFL. I'm guessing we are talking about using a program or just going into the HEX to edit attributes. There isn't a ROM that has been hacked that does this on it's own, is there?
  5. thanks for the tip but that is still a huge list of ROMS
  6. Hey everyone Just wanted to say this is a great site and it’s awesome that this game is still alive today. I hope this isn’t obnoxious but I wanted to ask a few quick questions about the various ROMS. I tried the search function but I didn’t have any luck. Any opinions would be much appreciated. 1) What is the best hacked version of the original game? I love the original TSB but it would be great to play it with some of the game play hacks. 2) Are there any good mid 90’s hacks? I’m mostly interested in 1993-1995 or 6. 3) What is the best 2009 or 2010 ROM hack? 4) Any hacks of Tecmo NBA Basketball floating around this place?
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