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  1. I'm using xvi32 and I cannot find this hex string 0x2224B. I'm trying to find it in the original 28 team rom with the juiced hacks etc...Help please?
  2. tsbtool won't even open the game...I have it open in XVi32 I'm havin a blast goin through all that code there. I'm not finding the quarter set time though...I'll have to read up on this editor some more.
  3. I think I know where the location is...I found it with a search in here but I can't find the proper hex editor to find the locations. I have tsbtool and the playbook and helmet editors but that's it.
  4. I've been lookin for this for awhile now and this is awesome. Only thing I would ask for is to extend the time in quarter from 5 min's to 7? Is that easily done? I only know how to do player stats, I'm unsure of how to add all these in game play hacks etc...still learning.
  5. Just did a season on your updated rom with the Browns. Hillis is great, recievers...eh..I never threw so many int's in my life. And at times, this rom made me want to rage. I won the super bowl but lost 3 or 4 games during the reg. season. Div. title came down to THE very last game of the season between myself, the ravens and steelers. Sim stats don't seem to be very good for the Patriots but everything else seemed to be ok. Overall, A+++ and stuffs.
  6. lol drummer my stepdaughters grandparents have a relation to someone on the browns. I forget who though, I didn't think they were serious till one of the last times they stopped by. I'll find out who and see about gettin some autograph stuff if you're interested. Btw, I'm plying the original rom with the browns...Kosar for the win lol.
  7. Hmm...could I try it using bucks rom instead of the original? Or would that not work because of the 32 team rom hack? I could just swap over the players and stats manually, would take about 15 min's or so probably but still....I think the 32 team hack will be an issue.
  8. I tried this but got none of the hacks. It was basically like playing the original game. No juice or anything. Did I do something wrong? I copied bucks rom into a separate folder. Then I renamed it. And then opened TSB and applied it to bucks rom. Did I miss something?
  9. Wasn't sure if this was the right place for this or not but I'll find out. I was playing some of the new hacked roms, which have been bad ass fun for the past couple weeks. And then I decided to do a season with the Cheifs with the original rom. I got to thinking and this is my question, has anyone made an original rom with all of the new hacks to date implemented into the game but still using the 1991 players and stats? Play Time, plays book feature, etc..How challenging could the original get with these new hacks?
  10. Sounds like good stuff to me. I'd help out but I'm still learning how to do all of these things. It's alot to process, and time consuming. I'll get it down someday.
  11. I thought this was a great rom except for the player stats. Will there be an update for player stats?
  12. These are all great posts! I'm curious though, what is this talk about building a team from nothing? I don't have any roms (or have seen any) where you can do things like that. I'm assuming you're talking about trading players, creating new ones, etc..???
  13. Do I have to register each league separately? Each one, as soon as I submit my info I get the cannot display page.
  14. Decided to go from lurker to member on these boards and the repository board. Long time player, and have enjoyed the hacked roms as well. I signed up for the tecmo players circuit but I'm waiting for my info to be put up so I can start playing. Hit me up for a game sometime!
  15. Yea I do some of the same things there now. I used to just rack up all the yardage with the starting players but when the lead is rediculously large I'll bench my players and run the clock out with scrubs. I'm looking to get into the online tourney's or leagues so I've tried to stay away from the hacked roms. (which is difficult because some of them are pretty adictive) Any other strategies or tendancies? Anyone?
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