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  1. TecmoBowl.org Base ROM (32-Team Original TSB Gameplay)

    "TecmoBowl.org Base ROM" This is cx_rom's 32-team v1.05 with only the following changes:
    1. NFC West "Offense Preference" Bug (when playing live, heavy pass does heavy rush)
    x273B4 change to x20 xB6 x9F
    SET(0x273b4, 0x20b69f)   2. NFC West "SIM" Bugs x27479 to x2747B should be x20 xB6 x9F (this goes to cx_rom's written code for Team 1) x27481 to x27483 should be x20 xB6 x9F (this goes to cx_rom's written code for Team 2) SET(0x27479, 0x20b69f)  
    SET(0x27481, 0x20b69f) x27FCE should be xE0 (this makes it compare team value correctly)   SET(0x27fce, 0xe0)   3. Player-2 Condition Fix
    SET(0x30e55, 0x20809f) SET(0x31f90, 0xa66ee46df00218603860)  
    *regarding offense SIM and SIM calculations, for the TE to be calculated properly with SIM values (changed the byte at x175CB from 04 to 05, see http://tecmobowl.org...ata/#entry90243)   4. Large Helmet Graphics   Keithisgood's graphics updates found here: http://tecmobowl.org/topic/53374-new-helmet-logos/   5. Mini Helmet Graphics   Keithisgood's graphics updates found here: http://tecmobowl.org/topic/53631-new-mini-helmets-logos/ (special thanks to Adam5000, & Jstout)   6. NFL Player Association Graphic   Keithisgood's graphic updates found in the above link.   7. AFC / NFC Pro Bowl Logo Graphics   Keithisgood ditto above.   8. Intro Scrolling Text "NFL Super Pro Football" = "NFL Tecmo Super Bowl"
    Buck did this.
    9. "1991 Roster" = "Team Roster" Text
    Buck did this.
    10. Large Helmet Graphics
    Keith did this.
    11. 3 NFL Logos
    Keith did this.
    12. Options Screen Fix
    Keith did this.



  2. Tecmo Super App - Android

    View the NFL(TM) Players from Tecmo Super Bowl(TM) video game for the NES(TM) from the 1991 NFL(TM) football season. This application allows you to see valuable attributes for each team’s players, as well as a formula-based rating for each player on a 100 point scale according to their position. Offense, defense, and overall team ratings are calculated by the averages of the player attributes.
    This application is a useful reference for those who are new to Tecmo Super Bowl(TM), or who haven’t played in some time but would like a guide to show the teams’ best players to help you adjust your depth chart. This is a must for anyone who is interested in going to any tournaments



  3. Tecmo Super Bowl 2014 Presented By TecmoBowl.org

    -= Play Tecmo 2014 in your browser=-
    Tecmo Super Bowl is the greatest sports video game of all time. Now, 22 years after TSB made 8-Bit legends of Bo Jackson and Lawrence Taylor, TecmoBowl.org proudly announces the release of Tecmo Super Bowl 2014. This 7th yearly iteration updates Tecmo's NES classic with up-to-date rosters, graphics, schedules and play books for all 32 NFL squads.

    Playable on multiple platforms and operating systems via NES emulation software, Tecmo Super Bowl 2014 brings Nintendo's bone-crunching classic to today's computers and handheld devices.

    Can J.J. Watt create the chaos Derrick Thomas did in '91? Can Adrian Peterson match the legendary Bo Jackson? Who is the more deadly play-caller: Colin Kaepernick or QB Eagles? Loaded into an NES Emulator, Tecmo Super Bowl 2014 will make legends for the next 22 years.

    Tecmo Super Bowl 2014

    Table of Contents
    A. How This Works
    B. How To Play - PC/Mac
    C. How to Play Online - Windows
    D. Tecmo Super Bowl 2013 Notes
    E. Credits

    A. How This Works
    If you're new to emulation:
    ROM = Game or Cartridge (.nes file)
    Emulator = NES System

    B. How To Play - PC/Mac
    Download Nestopia for your platform and also the .nes ROM. Open Nestopia. From Nestopia, File > Open and find your .nes ROM. C. How to Play Online - Windows
    Setup for online play using our guide - http://tecmobowl.org/topic/53066-guide-get-started-playing-tsb-online-for-dummies/. We then recommend starting out at the TPC - http://www.tecmoplayers.com.

    Most TPC players use the original Tecmo Super Bowl ROM, but you might be able to find some people playing TSB 2013. Remember that the versions of the game must be exactly the same or you will not be able to connect.

    If you’re looking for an online league, we recommend TecmoBowl.org's Online Tecmo Leagues.

    D. Tecmo Super Bowl 2014 notes
    32-Team ROM Rosters current as of 9/2/13 Adjustable quarter length Playbook editing in-game Player 2 attributes now display correctly Halftime stats Passing Accuracy now works. Passing Accuracy determines if a pass will be completed. Pass Control determines if the ball will be on target Quickness now works. This will be the maximum speed of a defender if they pick up a fumble or make an interception In order to get the proper Pro Bowl players, you will need to reset the season from the Schedule menu E. Credits
    Graphics - Keithisgood Rosters/Attributes/Sim - Buck Additional Rosters - Bodom & Knobbe Cover Art - Tecmo Psycho Promo - davefmurray QA/Merge - Knobbe Project Coordinator - Maynard_G_Krebs Thanks to:
    Jstout, Bruddog, Cxrom, Bad-Al & Buck for the hacking knowledge and tools. Members of TecmoBowl.org for helping to beta test and for making this all worthwhile.  
    Operation Sports - http://www.operationsports.com/news/657813/tecmo-super-bowl-2014-available-now/ Kotaku - http://kotaku.com/play-the-2013-nfl-season-with-22-year-old-tecmo-super-b-1253536207 CBS Sports - http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/23509252/tecmo-bowl-2014-features-jj-watt-modern-rosters GameSurfer - http://www.gamesurfer.net/news/play-the-2013-nfl-season-with-22-year-old-tecmo-super-bowl Addicted Gamer - http://www.addictedgamer.net/p/Play-the-2013-NFL-Season-with-22yearold-Tecmo-Super-Bowl-by-Kotaku GoNintendo - http://www.gonintendo.com/?mode=viewstory&id=211534 Digibutter - http://digibutter.nerr.biz/topics/294504/tecmo-super-bowl-gets-fan-made-2013-roster-update The Warp Pipe - http://thewarppipe.com/09/04/2013/tecmo-super-bowl-gets-fan-made-2013-roster-update/ Treon's Realm - http://treonsrealm.blogspot.com/2013/09/go-for-end-zone-with-tecmo-super-bowl.html Retro Collect - http://www.retrocollect.com/News/tecmo-super-bowl-2014-nintendo-nes-classic-updated-22-years-later-with-new-rosters-a-graphics.html Retro Game Network - http://www.retrogamenetwork.com/2013/09/05/are-you-ready-for-some-football-tecmo-super-bowl-2014-updates-classic-8-bit-nes-sports-title-with-current-national-football-league-roster/



  4. Tecmo Super Bowl Manager 2000

    This edits all original ROM versions of Tecmo Super Bowl, but NOT expanded ROMs like 32 Team NES, etc.



  5. RBI Baseball Manager

    Update the players and teams for RBI Baseball for NES. This is another release from Emuware.



  6. Tecmo Super Bowl Manager 3

    Here is Flash EmuWare’s third manager, and its better than ever. To be used for Tecmo Super Bowl 3 for SNES. Check it out, we are sure that you will find it useful!



    Can Edit All Teams, Including Free Agents and Great Players
    Team Name
    Default Playbooks
    Starting Returners
    Can Edit Players
    Skin Color
    Manager Options
    Trade Players
    Adjust the Free Agency Points
    Scramble Players
    Edit the Schedule
    New features

    Can Individual Leaders
    Sort by any Attribute
    Sort by Multiple Attributes
    Can Export to Other Games
    Tecmo Bowl (NES) - Team Names, Team Rosters, Player Names
    Tecmo Super Bowl (NES) - Team Names, Team Rosters, Player Names, Player Attributes



  7. Tecmo Super Bowl III - Gen

    Tecmo Super Bowl III - Final Edition for Genesis



  8. Tecmo Super Bowl III - SNES

    Tecmo Super Bowl III - Final Edition for SNES



  9. Tecmo Super Bowl II - Gen

    Tecmo Super Bowl II - Special Edition for Genesis



  10. Tecmo Super Bowl II - SNES

    Tecmo Super Bowl II - Special Edition for SNES



  11. Tecmo Bowl

    Tecmo Bowl for NES



  12. Tecmo Super Bowl - Gen

    Tecmo Super Bowl for Genesis



  13. Tecmo Super Bowl - SNES

    Tecmo Super Bowl for SNES



  14. TSB Playmaker by BAD_AL

    Here is the first beta release of TSBPlaymaker.
    It requires the .NET framework in order to run. 

    The one posted here works with cxrom's 32 team ROM.http://www.tecmobowl...t&sd=a&start=20

    I felt I would release it at this stage because I feel that it will be useful for casual playbook hacking.

    The hardcore play hackers will have to wait a while for the final version (because they aren't going to be satisfied with this release).

    Major features missing:
    1. Play pattern modification (on both offense & defense).

    Supported Features:
    1. Change pattern for an offensive player (to something already in the ROM).
    2. Change pattern for a defensive player (to something already in the ROM).
    3. Change offensive play numbers associated with a 'play'.
    4. Change defensive reaction numbers associated with a 'play'.
    5. Copy Playbook from another ROM.
    6. Copy playbook to another ROM.
    7. Play graphic modification.

    I should also add that not very much testing has been done (so you will likely come across bugs). I honestly don't time to sufficiently test a program like this.

    If you do come across bugs, please post them in this thread.
    If you have usability suggestions, please post your ideas.

    When you use this program to modify a play, you need to playtest your play to ensure that it works correctly.

    Also there are some offensive patterns that are not named correctly, or could be named better.
    I give you the ability to re-name the patterns by editing the 'DataFiles\OffensivePatternNames.csv'. Feel free to upload your file if you feel that is better than the one it comes with.

    Please read Instructions.txt (Help->Guide/How-to) before using.

    I would like to thank my partner on this project (jstout) for all his help answering my questions and for getting this project going.



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