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  1. Version 1.0.0


    View the NFL(TM) Players from Tecmo Super Bowl(TM) video game for the NES(TM) from the 1991 NFL(TM) football season. This application allows you to see valuable attributes for each team’s players, as well as a formula-based rating for each player on a 100 point scale according to their position. Offense, defense, and overall team ratings are calculated by the averages of the player attributes. This application is a useful reference for those who are new to Tecmo Super Bowl(TM), or who haven’t played in some time but would like a guide to show the teams’ best players to help you adjust your d
  2. Hey Dave what was that Pepno Bismil stuff you gave Gats at Tecmo 12 I may have to keep this guy stable


  3. Tecmo Madison XIII Powered by Hyperkin By Chris Vogt Tecmo Writer MADISON, Wisc. — New director. New venue. Same result. In its inaugural year under fresh management, Tecmo Madison XIII on April 8, 2017, provided its usual spectacle of 8-bit magic. Amidst the shoulder-to-shoulder spectator crowd in a packed High Noon Saloon, joeygats (Joseph Chiltowsky) marched through a gauntlet of 292 competitors — including Regulator (Kyle Miller) in the finale — to capture his second Tecmo Super Bowl world championship title in a row. Joeygats (left) & Regulat
  4. Version v2017-pre


    "TecmoBowl.org Base ROM" This is cx_rom's 32-team v1.05 with only the following changes: 1. NFC West "Offense Preference" Bug (when playing live, heavy pass does heavy rush) x273B4 change to x20 xB6 x9F SET(0x273b4, 0x20b69f) 2. NFC West "SIM" Bugs x27479 to x2747B should be x20 xB6 x9F (this goes to cx_rom's written code for Team 1) x27481 to x27483 should be x20 xB6 x9F (this goes to cx_rom's written code for Team 2) SET(0x27479, 0x20b69f) SET(0x27481, 0x20b69f) x27FCE should be xE0 (this makes it compare team value correctly)
  5. I see your a Tecmo expert around here.  I have been trying to find a link for the NCAA 2016 ROM if it's available .  Could you help me find one or is it only on cartridge.


    Thanks , Josh

  6. 459 downloads

    Update the players and teams for RBI Baseball for NES. This is another release from Emuware.
  7. Version .71


    This edits all original ROM versions of Tecmo Super Bowl, but NOT expanded ROMs like 32 Team NES, etc.
  8. 1,929 downloads

    Here is Flash EmuWare’s third manager, and its better than ever. To be used for Tecmo Super Bowl 3 for SNES. Check it out, we are sure that you will find it useful! Features Can Edit All Teams, Including Free Agents and Great Players City Team Name Default Playbooks Starting Returners Rosters Can Edit Players Name Attributes Skin Color Manager Options Trade Players Adjust the Free Agency Points Scramble Players Edit the Schedule New features Can Individual Leaders Sort by any Attribute Sort by Multiple Attributes Can Export to Other Games Tecmo Bowl (NES) - Team Names, Team Rosters, Play
  9. Guys, For many years you have asked to make a Knobbe.org/TecmoBowl.org shirt. Well, guess what?! It finally happened! This is a ringspun cotton shirt with a soft ink print. It is super comfy. 100% of all shirt proceeds go to T-Borg. This is important because there is a big site upgrade coming and with that comes added expenses. The goal of this is to offset its cost and to help paying for all server costs moving forward. We have big plans for the Borg coming up. Let's do this! You can scoop the shirt here: tecmobowl.co/TborgTee $22+shipping $24 for 2XL & 3XL.
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