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  1. 6 hours ago, red98sethuthut said:

    The online beefing is got to stop. 


    Nothing has changed in these parts. We're all still buds here. A group of people have developed a hive-mind and sequestered themselves to their own corner. No one here has any issues with anyone. One guy isn't allowed on Discord because of some shady crap and now look where we are. There's no beef to stop here because there is no beef. We all wish that everyone felt this way but friendships are going up in flames over a single platform ban (Discord) of one person. 


    Hope to see you at Tecmo XV and hug like usual. No need to do your Tecmo Madison burial because Tecmo Madison isn't over yet.

  2. Tecmo Super App - Android

    View the NFL(TM) Players from Tecmo Super Bowl(TM) video game for the NES(TM) from the 1991 NFL(TM) football season. This application allows you to see valuable attributes for each team’s players, as well as a formula-based rating for each player on a 100 point scale according to their position. Offense, defense, and overall team ratings are calculated by the averages of the player attributes.
    This application is a useful reference for those who are new to Tecmo Super Bowl(TM), or who haven’t played in some time but would like a guide to show the teams’ best players to help you adjust your depth chart. This is a must for anyone who is interested in going to any tournaments


  3. 20 minutes ago, oklahoma said:

    Can we get a shard out on the Madison FB feed maybe get a little local hype going for this... Look at that cup, its worthy.. @davefmurray



    For sure. Gotta get through Madison and then we can start the hype train.


    Having a tourney super close before/after Madison is definitely going to hurt any hype train from my end. We'll have a good 3 weeks though.

  4. 6 hours ago, allamerican1569 said:

    I feel like Deberg is a slice of the same pie, and he is similar enough to Marino to negate a strong QB advantage for the Dolphins.  



    I typically like your dissimilar strategy or analysis. However, I must this say that this is total nonsense. ??


    81/69 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 50/63. 


    This is a massive, massive QB advantage. Burn routes for days. Marino is a drone's worst nightmare.

  5. 6 minutes ago, allamerican1569 said:

    Yes that's me.  As soon as I get another willing party, I'll give some feedback on this emulator.  Having only a MAC for 5 or 6 years really put a halt to my online Tecmo career.  I know @Green Majik has a MAC.  Maybe he will test this with me one day?


    This is not for Mac vs Mac. You can play anyone. Head to Discord and find any opponent PC or Mac.

  6. 2 hours ago, Knobbe said:

    Anyone tried this?


    2 hours ago, allamerican1569 said:

    I'll try this.  Didn't know this existed until I saw your twitter post.  If there is any other willing party, let me know.


    It works great. I run it on OS 10.13.3 without issue. I never really got feedback so not sure if all the flags work for everyone else. I'm definitely curious to know.

  7. 15 minutes ago, Yak said:

    This is such trash.


    1. 18 Patriots players were on IR for the Super Bowl, with notable depth at defense being chief among them, including Defensive Team Captain, Hightower. Philadelphia had 12 on IR, and most of them were trash, excluding Wentz and (maybe) Sproles.
    2. Tom Brady takes better care of himself as a Quarterback than any QB in league history. He'll make 41 seem like 38. That's a 'pubes bet.

    3. I LOOOOOOVE that you give the Eagles a line about shoulda-coula-woulda had Wentz been around, but don't do the same for key Patriots players on IR.

    4. There is no reason to believe that Nick Foles wasn't the reincarnation of Matt Flynn. Literally, very little difference between the two leading up to the Super Bowl. That you're using hindsight to give Foles credit as a "good QB" is pathetic.

    Your analysis is trash, as it has been all year long. That you spend the time to write it all doesn't make it is any less trash.


    The salt is real with this one. But, yes, N.E. at full strength slaughters PHI at full strength. No question.

  8. After the first round of grudge match games, I'll set up the bracket.


    The bracket is not random draw.

    You will not choose your next opponent.

    Point differential matters. Madison rules.

    All matches are best of 3.

    Each series needs a series needs an NSV per game.


    Once games are done, the winner is to submit all info via this form: https://goo.gl/forms/xkzP5GtvPpvRDldI3 - It does require a Google account. If you don't have one, get one. It is 2018

  9. 22 hours ago, hoffnasty9 said:



    I have some questions:


    1. Are we nsv’ing every game or can some be broadcasted live? If they can be live, does obs stream to fb?


    2. Can some games include audio/video from the players like your original idea? Assuming video is harder, at least audio?


    3. Would screen capture be a viable sub for nsv?


    4. Are you having an announcer do every game like Thunderdome, which would put a kabash on any live stream?



    Forum > Discord when it comes to organizing. You taught me that! =)


    1) NSVs only.


    2) No.


    3) No.


    4) Yes.

  10. Here are the official rules from http://www.twingalaxies.com/game_detail.php?gameid=4329&platformid=23&scores=198088

    No season can be started. Must be Man vs CPU, Preseason mode. You may adjust BOTH teams rosters and playbook as you see fit. Must play the entire game and win. No restrictions during game play.


    5 hours ago, thaquestion said:

    My biggest questions are surrounding the random status checks and substitutions done in the middle of the game.  My thought is that this somehow affects the play selected by the com as the player never has his plays "picked". Is anyone out there familiar with this strategy/glitch ?



    It isn't a glitch. Not sure where you are getting that. You want optimum blockers in at all times. The changes aren't random but strategic to make sure that you have the proper players on the field.

  11. FYI I am going to delete all the attachments in this thread. This is download thread for the file revisions.


    To suggest edits, you need to submit the files/ROMs to mods or admins to be previewed. We do that to specifically prevent the above. I'll admit I got behind and let it slide but randomly applying set commands is a dangerous way to edit a base ROM. 


    I'll get with the rest of the forum staff to find the proper old revision and then I'll purge the rest.

  12. @JonValjean



    1) http://www.retrousb.com/product_info.php?cPath=21&products_id=28 - Bruddog's suggestion is probably best for the experience and the connectors are actually $8 now when they are typically $22. Usually, when that happens they are discontinuing a product. I'd recommend grabbing one. You will need to get an OEM NES controller. EBay is your friend.




    2) http://amzn.to/2AtpvBH - The Buffalo iBuffalo controller is pretty good.  I have a few and like them.




    http://amzn.to/2jM1v4N - The Hyperkin Cadet is my go to. I like the hand contour and the buttons feel as close to anything I've found to be a real NES. (Disclaimer: I am sponsored by Hyperkin but my opinion is genuine. I have many of these and truly enjoy using this over the others.)

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