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  1. TITLE CHANGE - I will now be posting what I am listening to on Fridays at work or when being awesome. I encourage you to do the same. I'm always curious to know what everyone listens to. Hurricane55 is jamming Jay-Z. TDO is probably listening to Boy George. What about the rest of you? I've been cranking Young Widows, Young Widows – Old Wounds , and Thrice, Thrice – The Artist In The Ambulance , today.
  2. davefmurray

    Irving, TX - July 28, 2018 - Tecmo Dallas

    The misguided self importance here is comical. Since I’ve seen nearly the same “numbers” since before Madison, at least we know the source of accusation now. (Not Hal? Maybe he was given that spreadsheet? Just saying I am seeing it in full now and it is coming from this “camp”.) Storage this year was ~3100 You can’t manage an AWS site with RDS, Elasticache and etc for less than 90/mo. You forgot travel/lodging/food for 5 staff. You forgot travel/lodging/food for multiple trips per year to madison. You forgot advertising. You forgot email services. (before you complain, you can’t use free email services for a list of 30k people.) You forgot box truck rentals. You forgot all the donation entries. You forgot free flight travel and hotels for multiple less fortunate players per year. Who knows what else. I’m on my phone and really don’t care. The assumption here is amazing. Hal, post your P&L for 16, 17 and 18ytd then I’ll post mine. I promise you my losses are far greater. Adios, Tecmo. P.S. I have the IP of the person who submitted the takedown as of yesterday. That person has multiple accounts on multiple sites and services. They are posting in this thread. I’m not disclosing who it is because the more they visit our forum from different locations, the more dots I can connect back to them in regards to other drama and accusations. Multiple Discord accounts, twitter accounts, TPC profiles, you name it. I will post it all in full in due time. Maybe I’ll pull a RWS and announce it the weekend of this person’s Upcoming event. It wasn’t Hal, however, It is an associate of Hal.
  3. Do you live stream? I need your Twitch username! TecmoBowl.org has a live stream section! Please reply with just your username and I will make sure you are in! twitch.tv/davefmurray <----- All I need is in red. The URLs are CASE-SENSITIVE. Please make sure to give the exact username. Lastly, you need to complete ONE task. Yes, ONE! Log into Twitch.tv > Head to http://www.twitch.tv/settings/profile Scroll to Time Zone > Select your time zone > Save Those entered so far: gatstecmoboys davefmurray tecmochannel tecmobowl pixelrampage tecmomanyo red98sethuthut 513boy hawkeye98 kamphuna8 brookstonfowler vogtcd11 eight_bitt the_tecmo_psycho mwtecmo johny_mx bruddogtecmo
  4. davefmurray

    Update: Where I've Been

    Sorry for not being more responsive. I was waiting to make a huge announcement involving our tournament manager with customizable data points where you can literally make a reactive database for ANY title you wish, but, then the unthinkable happened. In the last 8 weeks, I bought a business and moved to Jacksonville from Tampa to run said business. In addition, my Tecmo Madison partner and best friend (Casey) took his own life. Tecmo has been a bit of a sore spot since and I've pretty much checked out on it since that happened. A lot of you met and got to know Casey. He was a super happy, creative and talented man. He really enjoyed building the new Tecmo Madison, the new responsive database and our esports tournament manager which we were about to roll out. I hope this feeling passes but as of now, every time I look at what we built, I tear up a bit. Going from talking to someone nearly every day to then trying to understand what they did is super, super heavy. If you're a praying man, say prayers for his family and also mine. There is a lot of hurt and confusion going around. As of now, I have zero Tecmo plans in the near future. I am swamped with work but also have a heavy heart. If you are hurting, reach out. You know me. I love all of you and would give you my all and have in many cases. Let this be a lesson to us all and let's not bury anyone else anytime soon.
  5. Tickets on sale now!Sign-up ➡️➡️ http://tecmo.cc/XIVreg WHAT: Tecmo Madison XIV WHEN: April 7th, 2018. Doors at 09:30AM WHERE: The Red Zone Madison -- 1212 Regent St, Madison, WI 53715 BUY-IN: $55, includes tournament entry, T-Shirt, event grab bag, and one charity raffle entry. REGISTRATION: Registration will go live Friday, January 5th, 2018 at 7:30PM EST on TecmoMadison.com. RULES: tecmomadison.com/rules FORMAT: 4 Regions, 22 groups per Region, 3 players per group. Round Robin opening rounds. Round 2 we have a gold bracket, silver bracket, and bronze bracket, each Region producing 22 Gold players, 22 Silver players, 22 Bronze players. Gold Bracket competes for the cash prize and Tecmo immortality. The Silver & Bronze brackets compete for consolation prizes. Opening bracket is single elimination. Final bracket stage TBD. Tiebreakers: Bracket seeds are determined by record and then point differential. If at the end of the round there is a two-way tie, a deathmatch will be played. If a three-way tie, a 3-man single elimination tourney will be played, where the top seed of the group gets a bye round. PRIZES: Going to place in the money? We applaud your enthusiasm! Tecmo Madison awards cash prizes to the Top 8 places proportional to the number of attendees. 30% of the registration fee of each participant will go into a tournament prize pool, which will be awarded to the top finishers at a 60/20/10/4/2/2/1/1 split. For example, if 300 people enter a tournament at $50 registration, the total prize pool for that tournament will be $4500 (300 x $15 (30% of total)), paying out $2700 to first place (60% of $4500), $900 to second place (20%), and $450 to third place (10%), and etc. Players may not share or split prizes with other contestants. LIVE STREAM: facebook.com/tecmosuperbowl / twitch.tv/tecmobowl WEBSITE: TecmoMadison.com Where people are staying document
  6. I find that the best part. Authentic threat.
  7. One XL for me, please. Thanks.
  8. davefmurray

    Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    For sure. Gotta get through Madison and then we can start the hype train. Having a tourney super close before/after Madison is definitely going to hurt any hype train from my end. We'll have a good 3 weeks though.
  9. You can dive. This whole post is a lie.
  10. Heck yea man! Have you signed up yet?
  11. I nominate someone else. Freaking slammed right now. @segathonsov?
  12. I've been working on a player/tournament manager for Tecmo tournaments for awhile. Last year, was v1 and I learned a lot. This year v2 will be in use. Having you all add players and submit results will be a piece of cake. If you have a WordPress site, you can install it and run your own as well. He is a quick snippet of the player manager tool.
  13. davefmurray

    TecmoPress - Live Tournament Manager

    Double elim starting to take shape.
  14. Right on! Tenn is beautiful. I love it there. We'd love to have you come out. If you have any questions or need any help signing up, you can text us at (608) 572-7857.
  15. I think nearly everyone is at the BW Inntowner listed on the site --> https://tecmomadison.com/tecmo-madison-xiv/hotels/ The block sold out but I have a call tomorrow to try and get more spots.
  16. davefmurray

    TecmoPress - Live Tournament Manager

    An update was pushed live today: You can now set a round robin format which can output to the next round: more round robin, double elim, single elim, etc. This basically makes Challonge look likes child's play in addition to it being tied specifically to the Tecmo tournament database. You will also be able to add your own game (e.g. NHL94, Street Fighter) and parameters then also submit results.
  17. So, what the heck, right? Yea, Tecmo Madison (TM) is back from the dead. Well, never really died. After receiving numerous emails, PMs, tweets, and etc from you all, we sat down to discuss where do we go from here. In a nutshell, Chet's and Josh's families + commitments outside of Tecmo have needed more attention and rightfully so. Without being able to give TM the time it deserves and needs, they decided it would be better to walk away then put out a half-baked effort. *Enter davefmurray* I am taking over the overall directing and promoting of the tournament. I have a team of awesome dudes helping out -- @Knobbe, @qb_browns, @tecmoaz & my bud Casey. qb_browns has been the tournament event director for many years and will continue to do so. Your tournament day will be just as smooth (if not smoother) as it has always been. Knobbe is helping out on the tech side. We are going to sync the TM site and T-Borg. Your records, profiles, and stats will be brought into the T-Borg world. TecmoAZ is a stream & broadcast professional in the college sports world. He will help take our media offerings up a few notches. You will see a few more cameras floating around. Casey is an event coordinator and marketing professional in the Tampa area as well as a personal friend of mine. He will be helping me with all higher level decisions and be making sure all of our offerings are top notch. Chet & Josh will still be involved. Josh will still be your MC. The book of LT is not going anywhere. All the familiar faces you've come to know will still be around. There is just a change of hands behind the scenes so we can carry the TM torch. There are lots more updates to come. As we finalize things, we will announce them. For those that want the information first, we have an email list that you can sign up for on TecmoMadison.com. Those on the list will get updates first and will get hit up directly with sign-up info when the time arrives. #TecmoXIII is going to be awesome. Let's celebrate Return of the Mack. -davefmurray Let's all be bros and talk on FB. I made a group for those interested. Join here and let's riff about the greatest tourney on Earth -- https://www.facebook.com/groups/tecmomadison
  18. It is the corrections log and will get corrected. There are bigger issues to sort through first. The ones and twos missing games will be last.
  19. The passive aggression is real. I'll look. My PM backlog is longggggg.
  20. Hey, man! Welcome! Are you in Wisconsin? To register for Madison, go here: http://tecmo.cc/XIVreg If you have any questions, fire away!
  21. davefmurray

    Detroit, MI - 03/03/2018 - Detroit Tecmo Kumite VI

    I typically like your dissimilar strategy or analysis. However, I must this say that this is total nonsense. 😂😂 81/69 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 50/63. This is a massive, massive QB advantage. Burn routes for days. Marino is a drone's worst nightmare.
  22. I made a Mac app to run Brudtopia with online play capabilities. Mac users can finally play vs PC players! Audio is a bit buggy but it does not affect performance that I've noticed. Port setup and everything is the same. Reply here with any issues. It is a 300mb download and it is 645mb unzipped. You've been warned. I'll work on getting this reduced as time goes on and if people actually use this. Grab it here. In its present state, the file is too large for our Downloads section.
  23. davefmurray

    (Emulator) Brudtopia - MAC - v0.1

    This is not for Mac vs Mac. You can play anyone. Head to Discord and find any opponent PC or Mac.
  24. davefmurray

    (Emulator) Brudtopia - MAC - v0.1

    It works great. I run it on OS 10.13.3 without issue. I never really got feedback so not sure if all the flags work for everyone else. I'm definitely curious to know.