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  1. File Name: Tecmo Super Bowl Manager 3 File Submitter: davefmurray File Submitted: 10 Sep 2015 File Category: Editors, Tools & Misc Here is Flash EmuWare’s third manager, and its better than ever. To be used for Tecmo Super Bowl 3 for SNES. Check it out, we are sure that you will find it useful! Features Can Edit All Teams, Including Free Agents and Great PlayersCityTeam NameDefault PlaybooksStarting ReturnersRostersCan Edit PlayersNameAttributesSkin ColorManager OptionsTrade PlayersAdjust the Free Agency PointsScramble PlayersEdit the ScheduleNew features Can Individual LeadersSort by any AttributeSort by Multiple AttributesCan Export to Other GamesTecmo Bowl (NES) - Team Names, Team Rosters, Player NamesTecmo Super Bowl (NES) - Team Names, Team Rosters, Player Names, Player Attributes Click here to download this file
  2. davefmurray

    The Reply

    Hello Everyone, There have been several requests over the past few months for evidence regarding the current issues plaguing the Tecmo Community. While the Community as a whole is strong, we understand that the time has come to fully inform the Community of the issues that have led us to this point. April 7, 2018 During the stream of Tecmo Madison XIV, the Facebook stream was hit with consistent requests to terminate the stream due to various claims the stream violated Facebook terms of service which caused consistent interruptions. Also during the stream of Tecmo Madison XIV there was a user named “TecmoTapper” on the Twitch stream who notes his ability to tap at 17-18. This was not screenshot and the Twitch video has expired. April 8, 2018 A twitter account is created called TecmoTapper. TecmoTapper makes two posts the day after Tecmo Madison XIV. As of 10/1/2018, these are the only tweets from the TecmoTapper account. July 5, 2018 During the week of July 5, 2018, a pre-existing Tecmo Dallas Facebook page was suspended on Facebook. The owner of the page was concerned over the apparent oddity of the page being suspended almost a year later. The only way to permanently suspend the page was to make a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) claim against trademarks or copyrights on the page. Facebook has a form that is required for submission. The form specifically mentions that an account is needed to make the claim, and that the claimant is subject to potential ramifications for making a false claim against a page. As an additional security precaution, the Facebook submission form requires you to submit an email address associated with the claim – that email address would be handed over to the page owner for record keeping and dispute resolution. The email address of the claimant was: [email protected] Obviously, [email protected] is not a business account related to Koei-Tecmo America. Today Obviously, the largest issue given the above facts is that a person, using the [email protected] address has engaged in harassing behavior toward Tecmo Madison and affiliated events. Discovering who was behind the TecmoTapper account was of importance for the community. The first step was to determine if TecmoTapper the twitter account was affiliated with [email protected] A simple password reset request on TecmoTapper twitter revealed that [email protected] was the account tied to the TecmoTapper twitter page. Knobbe created a false link and emailed it to the TecmoTapper email address ([email protected]) – the purpose of the link was to have the user click on it and potentially reveal their location through IP address. Knobbe intentionally used inflammatory language in the link to derive a click and was successful. The user clicked on the link – the first person to click on the link, clicked on the link from the IP address: Again, the only person who would have access to the link is [email protected] – that is the first and only location the error link was sent. The first login was under the IP address TecmoBowl.org keeps records of IP addresses for user security as well as owner security. There is an existing record of that IP address in the TecmoBowl.org records for a current member. This IP address points to Trojan1979 as the user who had initial access to the TecmoTapper email address. However, first access is not enough on its own – it could be a shared account. However, an attempt to confirm that Trojan1979 was TecmoTapper using information that he keeps on his Facebook page was performed. This video shows that [email protected] uses the same phone number as Trojan1979. It is the same person who created, accessed, and has use of the account. We leave this in the hands of the community – a user is knowingly attempting to subvert tournaments for his own end and engage in underhanded behavior that affects us all. Thank you.
  3. davefmurray

    Status of Tecmo Madison?

    Nothing has changed in these parts. We're all still buds here. A group of people have developed a hive-mind and sequestered themselves to their own corner. No one here has any issues with anyone. One guy isn't allowed on Discord because of some shady crap and now look where we are. There's no beef to stop here because there is no beef. We all wish that everyone felt this way but friendships are going up in flames over a single platform ban (Discord) of one person. Hope to see you at Tecmo XV and hug like usual. No need to do your Tecmo Madison burial because Tecmo Madison isn't over yet.
  4. davefmurray

    Tourney SubForum Update

    We are going to make some changes to the tournaments forum. Mainly, we aren't going to pin threads any longer. New, active threads are already at the top of the forum anyways. (We'd prefer you still use the thread title format so people can quickly find tournament posts.) We are going to move the subforum as a whole to its own forum+subforum right above the leagues forum. This will be executed throughout this week. 👊
  5. TITLE CHANGE - I will now be posting what I am listening to on Fridays at work or when being awesome. I encourage you to do the same. I'm always curious to know what everyone listens to. Hurricane55 is jamming Jay-Z. TDO is probably listening to Boy George. What about the rest of you? I've been cranking Young Widows, Young Widows – Old Wounds , and Thrice, Thrice – The Artist In The Ambulance , today.
  6. View File Tecmo Super App - Android View the NFL(TM) Players from Tecmo Super Bowl(TM) video game for the NES(TM) from the 1991 NFL(TM) football season. This application allows you to see valuable attributes for each team’s players, as well as a formula-based rating for each player on a 100 point scale according to their position. Offense, defense, and overall team ratings are calculated by the averages of the player attributes. This application is a useful reference for those who are new to Tecmo Super Bowl(TM), or who haven’t played in some time but would like a guide to show the teams’ best players to help you adjust your depth chart. This is a must for anyone who is interested in going to any tournaments Submitter davefmurray Submitted 10/09/2018 Category Editors, Tools & Misc  
  7. Version 1.0.0


    View the NFL(TM) Players from Tecmo Super Bowl(TM) video game for the NES(TM) from the 1991 NFL(TM) football season. This application allows you to see valuable attributes for each team’s players, as well as a formula-based rating for each player on a 100 point scale according to their position. Offense, defense, and overall team ratings are calculated by the averages of the player attributes. This application is a useful reference for those who are new to Tecmo Super Bowl(TM), or who haven’t played in some time but would like a guide to show the teams’ best players to help you adjust your depth chart. This is a must for anyone who is interested in going to any tournaments
  8. davefmurray

    The Reply

    Sure thing. See the attached email referencing the page. I haven't created a page since the format changes last year. If there is something different now, I most likely won't have it. When I found out who it was I hit the brakes. I apologize for not telling you directly I was pausing for a later date.
  9. Tickets on sale now!Sign-up ➡️➡️ http://tecmo.cc/XIVreg WHAT: Tecmo Madison XIV WHEN: April 7th, 2018. Doors at 09:30AM WHERE: The Red Zone Madison -- 1212 Regent St, Madison, WI 53715 BUY-IN: $55, includes tournament entry, T-Shirt, event grab bag, and one charity raffle entry. REGISTRATION: Registration will go live Friday, January 5th, 2018 at 7:30PM EST on TecmoMadison.com. RULES: tecmomadison.com/rules FORMAT: 4 Regions, 22 groups per Region, 3 players per group. Round Robin opening rounds. Round 2 we have a gold bracket, silver bracket, and bronze bracket, each Region producing 22 Gold players, 22 Silver players, 22 Bronze players. Gold Bracket competes for the cash prize and Tecmo immortality. The Silver & Bronze brackets compete for consolation prizes. Opening bracket is single elimination. Final bracket stage TBD. Tiebreakers: Bracket seeds are determined by record and then point differential. If at the end of the round there is a two-way tie, a deathmatch will be played. If a three-way tie, a 3-man single elimination tourney will be played, where the top seed of the group gets a bye round. PRIZES: Going to place in the money? We applaud your enthusiasm! Tecmo Madison awards cash prizes to the Top 8 places proportional to the number of attendees. 30% of the registration fee of each participant will go into a tournament prize pool, which will be awarded to the top finishers at a 60/20/10/4/2/2/1/1 split. For example, if 300 people enter a tournament at $50 registration, the total prize pool for that tournament will be $4500 (300 x $15 (30% of total)), paying out $2700 to first place (60% of $4500), $900 to second place (20%), and $450 to third place (10%), and etc. Players may not share or split prizes with other contestants. LIVE STREAM: facebook.com/tecmosuperbowl / twitch.tv/tecmobowl WEBSITE: TecmoMadison.com Where people are staying document
  10. I'll post the IP stuff, the Discord stuff, the Tecmo Tapper stuff and the DMCA stuff tonight/tomorrow. You know, I'm at work and have spent a chunk of my day engaging in this nonsense. Yikes. Mort, you complained that I insulted you for saying you are making assumptions. I will refrain with telling you how I really feel about this comment as to not further insult you.
  11. Who is talking behind whose backs? lol Why are you calling out Knobbe? I don't get it. I sent you some texts. It ends there. Post them. I literally don't care at all. People can connect their own dots if you post all that and it will all go down in flames. You asked me to NOT post the stuff about Troy because he takes offense to it for "being out of context." So, now, respecting your friend's and your request is not enough for you and you want more? Sorry, buddy. Keep crying wolf. The story and "facts" are going to keep changing until you get the answer you think is right, not what is actually right. Is Troy gonna talk about his own grievances or is he gonna hide in plain sight posting memes? See you at Madison or nah?
  12. davefmurray

    Tecmo Madison

    Sorry, I lied. One reply. I didn't "start" losing money. I knew I would lose money. I spent a fortune on Madison and its subsidiaries before I took it over. I don't (didn't) care about losing money. You guys care wayyyyyyy more about money than I ever did. I never even thought about that shit until last year when it became some people's mission to unearth the tens of thousands I made from it. In closing, be careful what you wish for. Be careful with whom you place trust. Ask before you flip the eff out. <-- These life tips were never a worry until Tecmo XIII. A wise monk once said, "If something is a problem in the room and something is a problem out of the room, what is the actual problem?"
  13. davefmurray

    Tecmo Madison

    Do you know the daily TecmoMadison.com traffic in the offseason? Probably not. It isn't for sale. It isn't gone. Have patience. This is a classic overreaction from the SAME CREW of people. Ok, you lost faith in me. I have lost faith in a lot of this and a lot of these people. There is no manipulation. This isn't your tournament to decide. "I also want to keep it as part of the Tecmo community . I've done a lot of brain storming and I feel Tecmo Madison is a vital part of this community." Yup. Funny that the abusive actions by some suddenly have ramifications, huh? You guys are getting what you wanted. I'm not replying to this thread again so don't bother engaging me with questions. An announcement is forthcoming.
  14. Version v2017-pre


    "TecmoBowl.org Base ROM" This is cx_rom's 32-team v1.05 with only the following changes: 1. NFC West "Offense Preference" Bug (when playing live, heavy pass does heavy rush) x273B4 change to x20 xB6 x9F SET(0x273b4, 0x20b69f) 2. NFC West "SIM" Bugs x27479 to x2747B should be x20 xB6 x9F (this goes to cx_rom's written code for Team 1) x27481 to x27483 should be x20 xB6 x9F (this goes to cx_rom's written code for Team 2) SET(0x27479, 0x20b69f) SET(0x27481, 0x20b69f) x27FCE should be xE0 (this makes it compare team value correctly) SET(0x27fce, 0xe0) 3. Player-2 Condition Fix SET(0x30e55, 0x20809f) SET(0x31f90, 0xa66ee46df00218603860) *regarding offense SIM and SIM calculations, for the TE to be calculated properly with SIM values (changed the byte at x175CB from 04 to 05, see http://tecmobowl.org...ata/#entry90243) 4. Large Helmet Graphics Keithisgood's graphics updates found here: http://tecmobowl.org/topic/53374-new-helmet-logos/ 5. Mini Helmet Graphics Keithisgood's graphics updates found here: http://tecmobowl.org/topic/53631-new-mini-helmets-logos/ (special thanks to Adam5000, & Jstout) 6. NFL Player Association Graphic Keithisgood's graphic updates found in the above link. 7. AFC / NFC Pro Bowl Logo Graphics Keithisgood ditto above. 8. Intro Scrolling Text "NFL Super Pro Football" = "NFL Tecmo Super Bowl" Buck did this. 9. "1991 Roster" = "Team Roster" Text Buck did this. 10. Large Helmet Graphics Keith did this. 11. 3 NFL Logos Keith did this. 12. Options Screen Fix Keith did this.
  15. davefmurray

    Update: Where I've Been

    Sorry for not being more responsive. I was waiting to make a huge announcement involving our tournament manager with customizable data points where you can literally make a reactive database for ANY title you wish, but, then the unthinkable happened. In the last 8 weeks, I bought a business and moved to Jacksonville from Tampa to run said business. In addition, my Tecmo Madison partner and best friend (Casey) took his own life. Tecmo has been a bit of a sore spot since and I've pretty much checked out on it since that happened. A lot of you met and got to know Casey. He was a super happy, creative and talented man. He really enjoyed building the new Tecmo Madison, the new responsive database and our esports tournament manager which we were about to roll out. I hope this feeling passes but as of now, every time I look at what we built, I tear up a bit. Going from talking to someone nearly every day to then trying to understand what they did is super, super heavy. If you're a praying man, say prayers for his family and also mine. There is a lot of hurt and confusion going around. As of now, I have zero Tecmo plans in the near future. I am swamped with work but also have a heavy heart. If you are hurting, reach out. You know me. I love all of you and would give you my all and have in many cases. Let this be a lesson to us all and let's not bury anyone else anytime soon.
  16. Do you live stream? I need your Twitch username! TecmoBowl.org has a live stream section! Please reply with just your username and I will make sure you are in! twitch.tv/davefmurray <----- All I need is in red. The URLs are CASE-SENSITIVE. Please make sure to give the exact username. Lastly, you need to complete ONE task. Yes, ONE! Log into Twitch.tv > Head to http://www.twitch.tv/settings/profile Scroll to Time Zone > Select your time zone > Save Those entered so far: gatstecmoboys davefmurray tecmochannel tecmobowl pixelrampage tecmomanyo red98sethuthut 513boy hawkeye98 kamphuna8 brookstonfowler vogtcd11 eight_bitt the_tecmo_psycho mwtecmo johny_mx bruddogtecmo
  17. I find that the best part. Authentic threat.
  18. One XL for me, please. Thanks.
  19. davefmurray

    Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    For sure. Gotta get through Madison and then we can start the hype train. Having a tourney super close before/after Madison is definitely going to hurt any hype train from my end. We'll have a good 3 weeks though.
  20. You can dive. This whole post is a lie.
  21. Heck yea man! Have you signed up yet?
  22. I nominate someone else. Freaking slammed right now. @segathonsov?
  23. davefmurray

    TecmoPress - Live Tournament Manager

    Double elim starting to take shape.