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  1. Rd 7: RB 2: John Stephens/ WR 2: Hart Lee Dykes Rd. 8 QB: Bubby Brister
  2. Rd. 5: KC Backups Rd. 6: DL, Wilks/ LB, Mills/ DB, Atkins
  3. Rd. 3: RB1, Heyward/ WR, Martin Rd. 4: Cleveland OL/Johnnson/Minnifield
  4. Rd 1: DB, McMillian/ LB, Byrd/ DT, Stallworth Rd 2: DB, Sinson/ LB, Rivera/ DT, Dent
  5. Team: Showboats Team location: Show Me State Discord name: Mattgt37
  6. Discord name: mattgt37 I can host Whatever team is available to get me into the league In HSTL D league, and USFL
  7. Discord name: mattgt37 I can host Any team is fine, what ever is available to get Into the league.
  8. Colts, DT: Armstrong, LB: Young, and DB: Goode
  9. DB Blades/ LB Gibson, and DT Owens of Detroit
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